Monday, November 25, 2013

Bait and Switch

Yesterday I turned on the TV while eating and caught a segment of Face The Nation.  That is the Sunday "news" show with host Bob Schieffer.  In this segment, he interviewed a Democrat and then a Republican about the sanctions on Iran and Obamacare.   It was the way that the Obamacare part of this interview rolled out that left me wondering this: What is going on????

Here is the commentary from the Face The Nation transcripts.  I have removed the commentary on Iran and any bold or italics are mine.  It helps you hit the highlights when you skim:)

SCHIEFFER: Well, if it works, it will be some needed good news on the political front for the White House, because with every day there just seems to be some new mind boggling development about the problems with Obamacare.  Just this week, administration officials testified the computer system still had about 40 percent to go before its done. There's now evidence that people in the White House, including the president, were briefed months before the program started that there were some flaws here.  What happens here? Are they going to have to just take this thing down and start over?

HOYER (Democrat, Majority Leader): The process has been terrible. And we're all very disappointed, those of us who support the Affordable Care Act. But the Affordable Care Act, Bob, the majority of the American public says, look, we need to fix it, not repeal it. And what they mean by that is, they know they need affordable quality health care access. And as a result, the necessity is that we fix this access to it. And I think over time the American public are going to see it works well.  I had woman who talked to me the other day whose son was involved in an automobile accident some two-and-a-half years ago, very serious automobile accident. He was on her policy because of the Affordable Care Act. He's now over 26 with a preexisting condition and the only reason he can get health care is because of the Affordable Care Act. She came up to me and thanked me.  So I think millions of people have already been helped -- seniors, young people. people who went over their annual limit.

SCHIEFFER: But still 61 percent of Americans now oppose it. You know, I've got to say after the government shut down I thought the Republicans had dug themselves into such a hole they would never get out of it. But that seems to be washed away now by this failure of Obamacare.

HOYER: I don't think Obamacare has failed. Access to Obamacare has been a failure at this point in time. And it needs to be fixed.  So from that standpoint, the substance of Obamacare is yet to be tested. And to the extent it has been tested, it's been a success for millions of people.

SCHIEFFER: Would you at this point, if there was nothing else to do would you just be willing to shut the thing down and start over?

HOYER: No, not at this point in time. We don't need to start over. And Bob, I don't think the American people want to start over. They want a system that works. We all do. And the Republicans have offered no alternative at this point in time simply repeal. And with all due respect to your figure I don't think the American public and a number of recent polls support that objective.

SCHIEFFER: All right. Well, Mr. Majority Leader, thanks for being with us.
Let's get the other side of this now from the assistant House majority leader, the Republican, Kevin McCarthy. He is in his district in Bakersfield, California, this morning. 

(Iran stuff redacted.) 

SCHIEFFER: Let me shift to the other big news, and that is the Republican strategy now on Obamacare. What will you all do now? A Republican that I was talking to on one of these airplane trips this weekend said, you know what our talking points are now? Our talking points are don't talk, just let this thing continue to roll out.  What is your advice now on what to do about this?

MCCARTHY: Well, first, you have got to see how this is rolling out. It's coming in three different failed waves. The first waves was the website. The president, it failed from the very beginning. They knew that it would fail and they rolled forward. And it's supposed to be fixed by less than a week from now. And you know that will not happen.  The second wave started where it says if you have your healthcare and you like it you can keep it. Well, we know that is not true. Now for every one person who signed up for Obamacare, 44 Americans have gotten a letter saying they can't keep their health care.  Then the third most powerful wave is going to hit January 1: the cost. You know what, on average, the latest report says 41 percent premium increase throughout the nation. And in five states, the premiums have gone up 100 percent.  Then you won't even -- the deductibles. And then whether you can keep your doctor. I do not believe you can fix this law to lower the cost and increase access. We have to scrap it and start anew and get a bipartisan consensus that actually puts the patient first and lowers the premiums. Now Republicans have had many ideas on this.

SCHIEFFER: But what would you do to get bipartisan approach? I must say, haven't seen many bipartisan approaches so far in all of this.

MCCARTHY: Well, I think what the latest polling that you've even shown, where more than 60 percent of Americans are opposed to this, I think it would move both parties to come together. And one thing I would see is a couple of different things. The number one raising cost of health care is the lack of tort reform, malpractice reform, the studies have shown that. Going across state lines for insurance. You can do that with car insurance, but you can't do it with health insurance? The idea of small business able to pool together to get greater costs, greater ability to lower the costs.  These have all been scored by the Congressional Budget Office, ideas from Republicans, and it  That it lowers the premiums from 10 to 8 percent.s a direction different than what Obamacare in raising your cost.
 *** end of interview

When the media stops supporting everything the President does and actually appears to practice the long-forgotten art of journalism, my skeptical eyebrow raises.  Even though the polls indicate that the people are unhappy with Obamacare (to the tune of over 60%), the little guy is getting a notice that his insurance has been cancelled, and the website is so glitchy that it is nigh near impossible to get the Exchange to work for you, why would the press do an about-face??? 

Is it possible that they are preparing to throw Obamacare under the bus in the media?  If so, what do you think will happen from there?  Is a repeal of this law in our future OR do you think that this is just precursor to rolling out a single payer system run by the government?   The Huffington Post published an article on the benefits of the single payer system three days ago.  Here is a quote: "None of these single-payer advocates has given up hope that their goal will one day be achieved, despite the struggles of Obamacare. Sanders's home state of Vermont is using authority created by the Affordable Care Act to enact its own single-payer program, which is slated to be in place in 2017."

Who was for the single payer system back in 2008?  Hillary Clinton.

Chances are Mrs. Clinton will run on the single payer system again in 2016.  If Obamacare is broken and MOST people don't have insurance (thanks to Obamacare), will this government-run solution now be embraced by a hurting public?  People with full-time jobs are getting cancellation notices because their company comes out ahead paying the fine rather than providing insurance for their employees. 

With that in mind... was the single payer system the goal all along?  Is Obamacare simply the mechanism of pain chosen to push everyone where The Powers That Be wanted them all along?  Answer: Government-controlled single payer system.

The government has been so good at running the country.  I know I want them making my health decisions, too.  And I definitely want them deciding who qualifies for an operation and who doesn't.  I am sure the elderly will benefit immensely in this deal.  And there will be millions crying when the government says mom or grandma is just "too old" to qualify for a life-saving operation.  Having looked at the Cost-Benefits, elderly people just aren't worth saving.  Or the sick for that matter.  Bring on the single payer system... the plan that makes all of the animals on the farm equal.  Of course, some will always be "more equal than others."


  1. Very good post on the issue! I feel it has to pretty bad when the stars in Hollywood are even making jokes about it and I have too a time or two or three. I think they need to cut the spending. I make $10/hr but bring home the equivalent of making $7.25/hr after Uncy Sam digs his hand into it.

  2. Now we know why Bill Clinton opposes it - they are trying to open the door for Hilary.
    I've never been for it, but the sticking point is the government deciding whether someone's plan is adequate or not. I've already done the math should I lose my insurance in a year because it isn't acceptable - I'll go from paying $2500 to over $8000 a year for Obamacare and with zero tax breaks.

  3. Some animals are more equal than others.

  4. Now you're catching on...

    ' Is Obamacare simply the mechanism of pain chosen to push everyone where The Powers That Be wanted them all along? Answer: Government-controlled single payer system.'

    This government is all about having you ask, no beg, for exactly what they want you to have .

  5. Gossip Girl ~ Nothing they pass seems to actually benefit the people, does it? Makes you wonder...

    Alex ~ Yes. That is insane. With premium hikes like that people will BEG the government to take over health care. Please make our health care decisions for us because this is financially breaking us!!!

    cube ~ Clearly.

    farawayeyes ~ Yes. It is hard to believe that the government is so diabolical that they would roll out a health care system that they KNOW will fail all so that they can push on the public something that they NEVER would have considered prior to this fiasco. It won't even be a push. As you say, they will make it so that you beg for something that want you to have. Diabolical genius.

  6. I'm just sitting here, nodding, with a knowing smile on my face. You've come a long way, baby!

    Now I'll propose another question:

    After reading the Tenth Amendment (which will require a person to read the U.S. Constitution in its entirety in order to answer the question), will someone please tell me WHERE in the "Supreme Law Of The Land" the Federal Government has been granted ANY AUTHORITY WHATSOEVER to dictate a single thing about the health insurance of individual citizens?

    Obviously, according to the Bill Of Rights, health insurance is a matter left up entirely to the people and the states. ANY form of National Healthcare Insurance law is strictly ILLEGAL according to "The Supreme Law Of The Land" (i.e., The Constitution). Doesn't anyone care about THAT?!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. Hello there, Sunshine... as Mr. McCarthy above stated, 'you've come a long way...'

    I have thought all along that this would move us towards the single-payer system...

    What strikes me as being funny, however, is that the only thing Obama has to show for 5 years of being president is the most fucked up piece of legislation ever!!

    ... and then they announce they have an agreement with Iran?? The same people who put this train wreck of legislation together???


    Poor bastards....

    Happy Thanksgiving, sweetie...


  8. The only problem with the theory that Obamacare is some sort of governmental ploy to get people to go along with the plan they secretly wanted all along, is that it gives too much credit to government and assumes that they are capable of pulling off that detailed a ruse.

    The core and fundamental properties underlying government are inefficiency and incompetence. Government is a bureaucracy and all bureaucracies are lumbering, bumbling masses of conflicting pockets of self-centered ineptitude. The only thing government does well is grow more government, and that's more like an infestation of expanding weeds than a precision increase in cultivation. That's the problem with all conspiracy theories -- There's just no way government can pull off any intricate conspiracy, including a "bait and switch" regarding health care.

    Obamacare is not working because it is a government program. It's "fix", "enhancement," or replacement will also not work because it will be another government program.

    1. Oh, and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your holiday is wonderful!

    2. Happy Thanksgiving to you, too!

  9. I'm not touching this one. Well, yeah, I am: Gulp - I like Obama and the Clintons, and you and my blog friends. We need national health coverage. I don't understand how anyone with compassion could oppose it. This is the best Obama could do with a Republican House. He's not a computer guru. That was never part of his platform. I think he deserves a break. I haven't seen anything positive in the media about him. So how is it slanted in his favor? Oy, okay, I'll stop.

    Proudly liberal and herein opening myself up to hate. Thank goodness this blog community is so caring.
    PS To reiterate, I really like you and the blog community, Robin. I'm all for Hillary in 2016 too.

  10. Stephen ~ I think that we stopped abiding by the Constitution a long time ago. If not, how would The Federal Reserve even exist?

    Shoes ~ Iran only makes sense when you factor in our need to protect our oil interests. I am not saying that anything we have done in the Middle East is good FOR A VERY LONG TIME. This is just another play out of the same book.

    Chris ~ Yes it is a huge bumbling machine. That didn't happen by accident. I am not saying that I am right... just that I think the "suggested save" is going to be the single payer system. Not many would have even considered that option before Obamacare.

    Robyn ~ You might find this difficult to believe, but I have come to a place in my political ideology that there is not much difference between Dems and Republicans. I think we are living under a single party system. And it is all this big political game wherein the Conservatives pretend to be Conservative and the Dems pretend to care about the welfare of the people. And all that government actually cares about is government. Once you get in the political game, the goals change from helping your constituents to lining your pockets. That is ALL politicians. Democrats and Republicans. I don't think the people have ANY representation from either party. They both play their parts until the people feel enough pain that we beg for what they wanted us to have in the first place. Let's face it... the insurance companies were making too much profit. Why should they get it when the government can have that money and power instead? Who is going to say "no" to everyone's entitlement to health care? No one. I believe in it. So, they roll out this nightmare of thousands of pages of legislation (destined to fail) and when it works out as intended (fails miserably) the single payer system that the government runs looks pretty good.

    All of that said, I really like you, too. And I know that you choose your candidates based on a belief that they have your best interest in mind. I used to believe that, too. I don't anymore. However, a difference of opinion about that or health care or Iran or any other political issue isn't going to make one whit of difference regarding how I feel about YOU.

  11. A hidden agenda from our leaders? Perish the thought.

    To answer Stephen's question-no, nobody cares about the tenth amendment.

    Most Americans have not read the amendment, half of those that do did not understand it, and everybody in between and outside the lines was successfully bull-shat by Pelosi's claim of "insterstate commerce."

    So bring on that single payor system!


  12. >>... I haven't seen anything positive in the media about him [Obama].

    A media outlet does not necessarily need to say something positive about a person in order to support him / her.

    Every time the mainstream media declined to investigate and report the facts about the 'Fast And Furious Gunrunning Scandal', 'The Benghazi Fiasco', the 'IRS Abuse Of Conservative Organizations', the 'NSA Spying Program', 'The Forged Birth Certificate and Selective Service Forms', and the 'Fraudulent Social Security Number' ...every time the mainstream media refused to fully inform you about those scandals, the mainstream media was giving its support to Barack Obama.

    And I hope America does get another Clinton in the White House, because that's exactly what America collectively deserves.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  13. Don't believe the propaganda! Bacon is good for you. Eat more bacon!

    Tossing It Out

  14. LC ~ You hit the nail precisely on the head.

    Stephen ~ It's funny, but I am right there with you. I knew that there was a quote about every country getting the government they deserve, so I looked it up online. I found this: H.L. Mencken said it best. "People deserve the government they get, and they deserve to get it good and hard."

    Arlee ~ Hahaha. Glad to see you've kept your sense of humor (and priorities) intact.

  15. This thing is a nightmare from beginning to end.

  16. Robin, agree completely. Thank you.

    'The Forged Birth Certificate and Selective Service Forms', and the 'Fraudulent Social Security Number' <--Really? What's the evidence of this? I'd suggest some paranoia here. The state of Hawaii and the FBI ran background checks, as per protocol. I recall reading and seeing several stories in the news asserting that, in fact, Obama is US born.

    Happy Thanksgiving, all.
    Ted Cruz is Canadian born, a dual citizen.

  17. PS I meant to add that nobody is questioning Cruz's ambitions for President.

  18. LD ~ Agreed.

    Robyn ~ The problem that people have with the birth certificate is that Obama went to college as a "Foreign Student." It either means he was actually born in another country (and was a foreign student) or he somehow manufactured evidence of being a Foreign student in order to get aid that he wasn't entitled to have. Either way, something is fishy there... which is why this issue is STILL controversial. Although I would guess that even the most ardent believers that there is a problem there (in some way, shape, or form) have given up on ANYTHING happening. (Kinda like your feelings about Ted Cruz's dual citizenship.)


    >>... 'The Forged Birth Certificate and Selective Service Forms', and the 'Fraudulent Social Security Number' <--Really? What's the evidence of this? I'd suggest some paranoia here.

    Yes, REALLY!

    And I'd rather be paranoid than entirely ignorant of the main facts and details when attempting to publicly debate someone.

    This is only the tip of the iceberg. I have tons more.

    [ROBIN ~
    This is your blog and not mine, so I am attempting to restrain myself. But you might want to take your friend aside and warn her about the gigantic can of 'Whoop-Ass' she's going to open up here if she persists in challenging me. You know it would not go well for your friend.]

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  20. Obama is a Marxist. At least Marx was honest about it.

    Happy Thanksgiving!!

  21. Stephen, you quoted me directly to challenge me. I am responding. I am done. I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.

  22. >>... I wish you a blessed Thanksgiving.

    Thank you, Robyn.
    And I sincerely wish the same for you.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  23. Oy, it's all a big headache. Insurance companies are no better than govt. They;re all so mixed up and greedy, I have faith in neither. At least some people who had no healthcare at all have gotten helped with Obamacare.

  24. All I can say is one big YUP, that's what was planned all along. But then I think you were just asking for others opinions, already knowing this full well for yourself.
    It was my husband who first pointed out to our friends that people would end up begging for exactly what none of us ever wanted because there would be nothing left of the American Health system which was never as bad as the socialized crap imported from Europe and Canada.
    I still can't believe there are still people who buy that this is really 'helping' anyone. How in the hell can it be helping people to take away their choices in life and then try to declare that it's the insurance companies who are all bad?! Insurance exists to create a pool of risk so that those with the worst health issues are not totally left out in the cold. If insurance companies are so evil, then why do they even bother getting into the business in the first place? I know there's lots of easier ways to make money here in America. Without the idea of people wanting to help each other out to mitigate personal risk, insurance never would have happened in the first place. I guess the overall history of insurance is just as easily bastardized as anything else.
    And besides, since when do non-capitalist places have better overall ways of doing business or life in general? Sorry, not your personal viewpoint I know. Just had to do more than shake my head at some of this...

  25. Stephen and Robyn ~ I am late to this party and am so happy to see that you agreed to disagree (more or less) and opted instead for wishing another well on this holiday!

    JJ ~ Yes, I do believe that the Marxist agenda is being implemented in every facet of government (and the decisions that they make).

    Pk ~ I am not convinced that the help-hurt ratio for the ACA is actually helping more than it is hurting. Right now the folks receiving notices are people who had to acquire their insurance independently. Someone I know just received a notice that his company is dropping insurance on all full-time employees because they would rather pay the fine. I doubt that his will be the ONLY company to make this decision. Will it still be a law that helps if half of the working population lose their insurance and have to pay anywhere from 40% to 100% more on the exchanges to receive worse coverage than they had before???

    Jasmine ~ The reason people are buying that this is helping is because proponents of the ACA go back to the "no one should be without health insurance." And there are some people who have been helped by the ACA (not many, but some). People tend to believe what they hear. The interesting thing is that what they are hearing is changing. Now the media is speaking out about the 60% not in favor. I wish that was good news...

  26. After reading this, I just have to say I'm thankful for the most part that my family is healthy. You've given us lots of food for thought this Thanksgiving Robin. Wishing you and your family a happy and healthy one!



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