Sunday, December 5, 2010


I decided to go ahead and do my Saturday post today. I am still sick, so you might actually benefit by reading a shorter than usual post. lol. Colds are just nasty. Unless they actually turn into an infection, there really is not much you can do. Soup, rest, water, over the counter medicine, blah blah blah. Mostly it is just letting the darn thing run its course. Or wait for it to turn into something bacterial that requires an antibiotic, so that you can actually get better. It is enough to make you crazy. In my case, crazier. I have my appt with the regular doctor that social security assigned me to see on Tuesday. I am fairly certain that I will still be sick as a dog. That will be lovely. Well, there is no point in worrying about what you cannot control.

Yesterday, I spent some time thinking about song for Inspirational song day and cruising around Youtube. I found a few things and saved them into my favorites. As I was contemplating this post, I thought about the jingle for Alka Seltzer. Right now, that is really about the only thing resonating with me, and that is not my over-the-counter brand of choice. I take Nyquil every six hours. Dayquil sucks. However, I like the song for Alka Seltzer. It made me realize that I miss jingles. They don't do jingles so much anymore for commercials. It is pretty much talking with music in the background. That is kind of sad. More commentary on how we are changing as a society.

Anyway, I didn't have a hard time coming up with my Inspirational To Me song at all. I have liked it for a long time. I had not watched the video until yesterday and I LOVED IT. I had to watch it a couple of times. I hope that you like it, too.

Sometimes, the answer is just showing up. You don't have to have any of the answers. Anyway, great song and great video.

When I decided to feature The Cars this week I had no idea what I would find on Youtube. I was surprised that so many of their songs were available. In fact, a lot of their songs from the late 70s are now on video and called Classics. I had their Greatest Hits on cassette tape and it was one of my favorites. When I went to college, it was about a seven hour drive home. That meant a lot of music shuffled in and out of my cassette deck. I loved that Greatest Hits tape by The Cars. The first track was JUST WHAT I NEEDED and was probably my favorite. In fact, I liked their earlier stuff best. However, for the sake of showcasing what was playing on MTV in the early 80s I should stick with what was actually playing then.

Before I started looking anything up, I did a mental review to see what I could remember. The song that came immediately to mind was the one where the lead singer was walking on the water in the pool. I couldn't think of the name of the song. This could be old age or my migraine issues... not sure which. I remember watching that video intently whenever it came on to figure out how they did that. I finally decided that there must have been panels of glass that he was standing on. I don't know with any degree of certainty how they actually did it, but that is what my teenage brain deduced. Turns out that the song is called MAGIC. So, the concept of a guy walking on water is actually pretty cool. I could continue to tell you about it or just let you watch it...

Also in keeping with their stuff that was playing about the same time period is this one. What I like about both of these videos is that they aren't concert vids. They understood what MTV was all about as a forum and used it. This makes me want to go digging through all of my old cassette tapes to find The Cars Greatest Hits. I have just been hit by nostalgia. Well, while I am thinking about that, we can watch this...

Well, I have thought about it. That is a lot of work. And I have youtube. I think I will just watch more Cars videos. It will be just what I needed.


  1. I was hoping you'd pick "Magic!" I remember being up at like 1 a.m. one morning; some Canadian t.v. station was playing videos that, for the most part, weren't shown here. But in the midst of it, there was Ric Ocasek walking on the pool ... very cool stuff back then, when so many were still lip synching and pretending to play instruments in the lifeless, blank equivalent of a padded cell ....

  2. Take 2 bowl's of home made chicken soup and call me in the morning. Hope you are feeling better. As you said not much you can about a cold except take care of it

  3. Great music my friend...feel better soon! Sending hugs your way...

  4. I loved the cars...rick o kasic sp? died of aids a few years back. Good band. We need better bands...or just bands period. whatever happened to the band? Now we just have prepubescent boys who look like girls and get manicures. It's depressing.

  5. Sorry you're sick. I'm too old for the Cars and too young for Lawrence Welk. But, I love that you love music.

  6. Great music, Robin! I especially love The Fray tune, and I like that you spend time and thought coming up with a song to share.

    I hope you're feeling better! :)

  7. Hope all is well! missed your post. You are a daily read for me. get well soon.

  8. Robin: I miss your posts. Be well, my friend.

  9. Wow... Christine scared me there for a moment. I knew Ben Orr died a few years ago.. Ric Ocasek is very much still alive...

    I love the music they did, and I really like Elliot Easton's guitar work for the band.

    I hope you get to feeling better!!!




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