Monday, December 27, 2010


I had a moment of revelation that I haven't had a picture taken of myself since something like fall of 2008. Maybe there were Christmas pictures last year, but I don't have them. If any exist, they are on my mom's computer, and I haven't seen them. Hmmmm. Now, I am kinda sorta wondering about that. In any event, I decided THIS Christmas that I would actually make an effort to look good for Christmas. I really needed to have some sort of halfway decent looking picture of myself. In other words, try to look as good as possible. That meant doing something with my hair. I knew that my blowdryer worked only because my stepdad's grand-daughter visited for the holidays about a week ago and asked to borrow it. Yep. It worked. So, that meant that the least I could was blow out my hair and try to do something with the ends. Put on a dab of make-up (just so that I don't look dead) and see what happens.

Can you tell that my expectations weren't rolling real high here? Well, it was a bit frustrating. All of my pants were too big. I mentioned this on yesterday's post (for those of you who didn't read it) and all of my clothes are dated. That is what happens when you don't work for an extended period of time. And my hair hasn't been cut in almost two years, so there was not really any part of the whole that is me that I was excited about "showcasing." Of course, it didn't help that my mother pointed out that the black shirt I chose made me look washed out and pasty against all of our white walls. Washed out and pasty wasn't really the look I was going for to update my facebook picture and punctuate the 2010 photo album as "me" in the appropriate slot.

This one is me by the Christmas tree. Turns out it wasn't so bad. What is amazing is that I have horrible red eye in every picture. I look like the devil. Thank the powers that be that someone invented red eye removal. Unfortunately, there are some pictures that I still was unable to get it punched out.

For instance, this one of me and my dog, Shelby. There is still a hint of red eye.

And this is me opening a gift that totally cracked me up. Again, I tried to completely remove the red eye, but no such luck. However, this is what I look like when I laugh. So, I kept it in. Just without the red eye.

Then, I told you that I went shopping for pants yesterday. If you want more on that story, you will have to read yesterday's post. Boy, that was an experience. This is the full length shot of the pants that I was trying to describe. The pattern in the pants is so fine that you can't even really see it. Figures. However, I think that Stacy and Clinton from What Not To Wear would be very proud. I barely own any clothes, but the pants that I do own follow the instructions about the line of the leg and all that to a Tee. However, before I can put Phase II of my Big Idea into action I am going to have to go on What Not To Wear, and be fitted out with a new wardrobe. I am completely unprepared for serious fundraising with the pitiful clothing that I currently own. I had a terrible time with this outfit. I have no nice blouses. And finding a wide belt was a nightmare. One that fit. Ugggh. So, this was a making do with what we had outfit.

I do like this picture better because I am actually smiling. If you are wondering about the necklace, I bought it from a girl who walked into the little part-time job I worked in Florida. That seems like forever ago. I was doing a lot better then. Anyway, she made her own jewelry and she was so sweet. As a salesperson, I am a sucker for other salespeople. I have the worst time saying "no." So, she was telling me about each piece, what it was made of, what it stood for, and I was nodding and trying to figure out how to say "no." Then she got to the one I am wearing. It means harmony. At that point in my life I needed harmony. A lot. I was going through some rough times. So, without being able to stop myself, I said, "I'll take it." And that is how I bought myself harmony.

You may have noticed that my hair on Christmas was straight and it is curly today. Well, I dug out my curling iron and curled it. It took me a while to find it. I haven't used it in... I honestly don't know how long. I just wondered what it would feel like to feel pretty again. Turns out it feels pretty good. Well, not on the hands while you are curling the hair. That hurts. All of that spinning hurts the joints like crazy. But the after part feels good. And I remembered what it was like to curl your hair. What it used to be like. Back when I did it all the time... that was the time I had practice conversations with myself. In high school, it was the time that I had hundreds of conversations with the boy that I had a crush on. Not one of those conversations ever took place. When I went to work, it was when I had practice conversations about how to do my job better. Those conversations actually happened. I practiced my demos as a salesperson. Sometimes I practiced arguing when I was married. Those always went better in my bathroom than they did in real

So, what do you think about while you are fixing your hair?


  1. Girl - you are gorgeous!! Everyone gets red eye, especially us pale girls. But you are beautiful - especially your smile. I'm sorry about the shopping hell you went through (from both your earlier post and the conversation we had today) and hey, at least you didn't get parachute pants. Hah!

    I think your new clothes are very nice and your hair curls quite well. When I'm curling my hair, I'm literally thinking, "Don't burn your forehead, don't burn your forehead, don't burn your forehead... don't burn your ears, don't burn your ears, don't burn your ears..."

    It's hard to be super uncoordinated and have hot things in your hand. Just saying.


  2. I agree I love the picture of you taken on the sofa. You have a beautiful smile. I think about the same things you do when I curl my hair...remembering when it was part of my everyday life, now not so much. My hair is very straight. And yeah, I say the same thing ...don't burn your forehead..i've done that a time or two.

    I guess everyone has conversations with themselves, sometimes outloud sometimes just internally. Today mine has been, you can do it, you are a strong woman, you can do it. Now...let's see if I can.



  3. Hi Robin- Beautiful hair and nice smile. Glad you are doing some experimenting with new clothes. You deserve them. It's nice to get a bit dolled up now and again. I found my girlie side later than most and I do enjoy it.
    When I'm fixing my hair I'm usually thinking about the steps it takes to make it appear thicker. Thankfully it has gotten a lot better in recent years as I've gotten better hair cuts and have been a lot less stressed.

  4. Robin you are really so very beautiful. Just so you know. I hope that your Christmas was a really happy one for you and that this coming year holds some really good surprises for you.

  5. Robin: Wow! H is for Harmony.

  6. It's so wonderful to see new pictures of you, and to see you SMILE!!! Truly, it makes me smile to see them. I spend very little time on my hair, so I'll have to pay attention in a few minutes to see if I can come up with a speed-dating version of a conversation with myself. Either I straighten my bangs and let my hair curl, or I straighten my bangs and beat my hair into submission by yanking it back with a clip. But straightening the bangs doesn't take too long, so mostly I think my morning brain is just vapor ....

  7. What an absolutely beautiful post! I love the photo with you and Shelby and I love the last photo as well! Totally beautiful ... inside and out!

  8. Hey Sunshine!! GREAT Photos!!!

    Hmmm... what do I think about when I am fixing my hair???

    It's along the lines of... 'Thank God I still have some hair!'... or... 'I hope I never get the itching to buy a hair piece!!'... or shiznit like that...

    Happy New Year to you, Ms Robin!!!



  9. Love the pics! Thanks for stopping by my blog. I can't reply to your comment because you don't have an email addy on your profile.

    YES, I went in the Jack in the Box with my hubby in my fleece jammies...we live in a pissant town anyway...LOL I was better dressed in my jammies than half the people in there.

  10. What a beautiful smile you have! I love your new photos and your new clothes. I literally read a book or magazine while blow drying my hair....and if I'm curling it too. Maybe I should pay better attention to what I'm doing. :)

    Hope you have a wonderful 2011,

  11. I bet you had no idea that if you posted photos of yourself, that you'd get so many "you're beautiful!" comments. It's nice to put a person to your writing. We're all rooting for you.


  12. Thank you everyone for the lovely comments. I was seriously just shooting for not looking like "death warmed over," so big hugs to all of you.

  13. Hi, I thought I commented on the last one? But I guess I didn't or it didn't go through. I like all your pictures...and you kind of look like sandra bullock, especially if you went and got a tan.
    And I don't really think while I curl my hair, or if I do I am thinking "that last haircut was crap...all the bulk is at the bottom." It's probably time to get a new haircut.
    I'm a thinker.
    Love your pictures.

  14. Fixing my hair? I haven't done that since college--back in the late 70s, early 80s!

    I really like your pictures! Especially the ones that show your lovely smile!

  15. You look so PRETTY! Thank you for sharing the pic's of yourself!
    Have a PRETTY day!

  16. The first thing I thought was wow I wish I had a figure and hair like that. Then I read your post and thought I have red eye even when there is no camera what are you on about? You look gorgeous! Very nice new pants too.
    I came by not only to say hello but to thank you for following my blog. I really enjoy blogging and sharing my world but it is made so much more pleasurable by sharing my thoughts and experiences with super people such as yourself. When I first started this I had no idea that I would meet such wonderful people who I feel have become Blogworld 'friends'. So thank you for all your visits and your kind comments, all of which have served to encourage me further.
    I am looking forward to coming back time and time again here... (am I a blogoholic?)
    So I'll take this opportunity to say thank you once again and to wish you the happiest of new years. May 2011 be a fabulous year for you- you don't need any makeover at all.
    My sincerest wishes.

  17. LOVE the photos!!! Thanks for sharing! Your hair is beautiful and you look GREAT!!

    Hope you had a nice Christmas and have a Happy New Year!!!



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