Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where Are My Keys?

I see from your comments that many of you skipped on over to Unicorn Bell to check out the kissing scenes.  I told you in my last post that I submitted one of them.  For the curious, mine was #4 Out of Touch.  My novel is actually a Paranormal Mystery/Romance.  That was a bit of the romance.  All submissions won a copy of C.D. Coffet's novel Wilder Mage.  This week Unicorn Bell is critiquing 1,500 word submissions.  Yep.  I submitted again.  However this goes down it will be illuminating.  In other words, I need all of the help I can get!

I just posted a blog bit about Vampires, Zombies, Superheroes, and all things Supernatural over on my TV blog, TV Junction Function.  If you are into that sort of thing you may want to add your two cents.

In two days the next Battle of the Bands will be taking place.  I hope to see you here with your ears on and ready to vote!

No big news here.  I am about to start a gardening project despite the fact that my gardening experience borders on nil.  I figure there is no time like the present to learn.  Maybe I will post a picture when it is finished...

Remember that bridge I told you about that was hit by the large ship and is out of order?  Well, it's still out of order and making traffic miserable.

Just for the heck of it, we went to a car tent sale a few days ago.  I ended up test driving a few things.  I haven't bought a vehicle in a long time.  Honestly, we don't need another car yet.  But, I am hoping that soon we will.  Of course, we are looking for something used, compact, good gas mileage.  Blah blah blah.  As a former salesperson myself, it is always supremely interesting to watch another salesman at work.  I drove THREE vehicles and the guy was determined to sell me one of them.  I wasn't crazy about the price tag of any of them and I didn't immediately fall in love.  Yet, he was certain that I would buy.  I told him that I hadn't driven enough makes/models to know what I wanted and this was just investigation.  He asked me which of the three cars I liked best, so I told him.  He then used this analogy about keys.

Him: Have you ever misplaced your car keys?

Me: Yes.  (shakes head lost in the memory and frustration of said experience)

Him: Once you find them do you continue to look for them?

Me: Well, no.

He then hands me the keys of the "favorite" car.  ::light switch moment::  I laugh.  He is trying to sell me on the fact that I have found my "dream car" and don't need to keep looking.  It was pretty good IF I had actually found my dream car.  I hadn't.

However, I like the analogy.  It can be applied to many things other than buying a car.  Or buying anything.  Are there times in life when we have the answer but keep looking anyway?  Absolutely.  If we don't like the answer we are getting, we continue to prowl around seeking out another alternative.  I have done it to my detriment and to my well-being.  The key is knowing the difference.

On a side note, every so often I get a comment in a HERE'S TO YOU post about how great these posts are, but that no one ever posts anything for me... and that is wrong somehow.  To show you how my brain works, if I were to read this post on someone else's page, I would have gone looking for this and dedicated it to them in the HERE'S TO YOU post for next week:

Can you think of a time when you figuratively continued to "look for the key" when the answer was already yours?  Or a time when pressing on for another solution made the situation better? 


  1. I'm getting better at not looking for the 'keys' when I already found what I want. That is a great analogy. Paradise is a small town only about forty miles from me.

  2. >>... every so often I get a comment in a HERE'S TO YOU post about how great these posts are, but that no one ever posts anything for me...

    If that were true, you'd still be a Peppermill virgin, huh? (Your Peppermill post even went up on a Thursday, in conformity with the tradition. ...I'm a lover of the little details, don'tcha know?)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  3. lol, I imagine that car salesman used the key analogy a lot. I wonder if it ever worked.

  4. Sometimes I keep looking just to make sure the keys I found are really mine.

    BTW Robin, you have a unique talent for pulling together the video clips that match perfectly with our "media." Don't sell yourself short. There aren't many of us who have the insight or patience to conquer such a daunting task...and weekly too!

  5. Susan ~ How cool is that? Maybe I wrote this post just for you!

    Stephen ~ I probably should have phrased that better. I do get those sorts of comments, but folks like you have dedicated entire posts to me. I am not forgotten. A couple of years ago I had a fellow blogger dedicate YouTube footage to me since I was not feeling well and able to do the post that week. Yah, you guys are awesome!

    Lynda ~ I bet it does!

    Liza ~ Too funny. Lots of keys. Thank you, my friend.

  6. That's one clever salesman - though, not clever enough.


  7. Yup- I'm one who has dedicated YouTube footage to you on my blog, but I get what you're saying here. It's fun to see the process at work. It's funny when you have a mind that keeps linking one thing to another... the old double edged sword. Believe me, I know. You use it well for the positive!
    Oh the keys thing- I love that you appreciate a good sales pitch from the outside. Sometimes I get so annoyed with them that I'll have to remember to approach it with that attitude.
    Now here I am in a place of having found my key, but that particular 'car' is out of my reach at the moment. So I'm gonna' take another set of keys and make that work for a while. I mean, after all, a get away car is a get away car and when needed I sure don't think being picky about escape is so wise!

  8. I think we all keep looking sometimes, no worse for wear either. Sure beats giving up without a second thought or glance. Nice post!


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