Sunday, October 20, 2013

The Revolutionary War Began on Less Than 2% (Tax)

Hello friends, it is Sunday.  Today is the day that I blog on whatever happens to be on my mind.  That is actually what it says on my updated Blog Schedule.

I also just posted my weekly blog on TV Junction Function.  It was about Fox's new show Sleepy Hollow.  In my quest to find YouTube footage for that blog, I came across this short scene, which is one of my favorites thus far from this show.  I ABSOLUTELY HAD TO SHARE it with YOU.

Of course, you must understand that Ichabod Crane through crazy supernatural events awoke in present-day Sleepy Hollow (along with The Headless Horseman) and is frequently incensed over things like taxation that modern day Americans have come to accept as "necessary."  If we had more participants of the American Revolution alive and well today there WOULD be people flocking in the street.  I can't wait until he hears about our country's 16 trillion dollar debt and our President, Senate, and House of Representatives failing the people again and RAISING the debt ceiling.  That episode will rock the house.  Maybe just my house.  But, still.

I know that the Government Shutdown has been on many people's minds ever since it shut down.  So, I am going to give a bit of information on what I think and ask you what you think.  There were two issues that were on the table: defunding/delaying the Affordable Care Act and NOT raising the debt ceiling.

I am disappointed in ALL of our representatives for signing the ACA into law without reading it.  I am even more disgusted that after they got a handle on it they took a vote and exempted themselves from it.  Laws should NOT work that way.  You shouldn't be able to sign a bill into law for EVERYONE ELSE and then say, "But it's not good enough for us, so we are exempting ourselves."  That goes for any law... not just the ACA.  So, the time to duke it out over the ACA was BEFORE it was signed into law.  And shame on Nancy Pelosi for telling everyone "not to read it, just sign it."  These people are signing something into LAW FOR THE COUNTRY.  Of course they should read it.  Thoroughly.  It is a HUGE decision.  Instead, it was pushed through the Senate and Congress.  No one had time to read it.  Everyone who voted for it should be summarily thrown out. Democrats and Republicans.  They failed to do their job.

So, here we are now and people are getting wind of all the "kinks" in the ACA and not liking it.  So, the Republicans decided to show that they were supporting the wishes of their constituents and did battle now.  Well, folks that was too little, too late.  Every Republican who got on the soapbox knew it was a losing battle.  The Senate wasn't going to budge and allow for even a delay of the roll-out.  They made it clear that they were "not negotiating."  So why do it?  I have tons of my own ideas, but I am interested in yours.

Now, the debt ceiling.... does anyone, party aside, really think that raising the debt ceiling is a good idea???  When Bush was doing it, Obama said this on March 16, 2006 on the Senate floor:  “The fact that we are here today to debate raising America’s debt limit is a sign of leadership failure. It is a sign that the U.S. government can’t pay its own bills. ... I therefore intend to oppose the effort to increase America’s debt limit.”  Well, okay.  I agree with you Senator.  Of course, now President Obama says that it is imperative to raise the debt ceiling so that we meet our financial obligations.

Let's step back and look at this money thing like it's a budget.  Even though Congress hasn't passed one in years.  Let's try to imagine.  To best do this, let's make it smaller and something to which everyone can relate.  Let's make it a budget for a household of four.  Let's say that there is $100,000.00 coming in annually after taxes.  Let's say that 25% of is spent on a mortgage payment.  ($25,000.00)  So, now we have $75,000.00 to spend.  Let's say that $20,000.00 of that is spent on car payments and insurance.  We are down to $55,000.00.  Let's say that $8,000.00 is spent on utility and cell phone bills annually.  Now, we are down $47,000.00.  Let's say that $11,000.00 is spent on grocery bills and eating out.  That makes it $36,000.00  $10,000.00 was spent on vacation(s).  That makes it $26,000.00.  The teenager turned 16 and needed a car.  The parents paid $7,000.00 for a used model.  That leaves $19,000.00.  With three cars and a teenage driver their insurance went up and that cost another $1,500 annually.  That leaves $17,500.00.  Entertainment for family, kids, and allowance comes to $6,000.00 annually.  That leaves $11,500.00.  Gas for all vehicles costs $7,500.00 annually.  That leaves $4,000.00.  And this couple has four credit cards that are maxed out.  Just to make the minimum payments on all four of them costs $12,000.00 annually... and that leaves no chance of paying them off.  That is merely covering the interest.  They are now $-6,000.00.  So, to solve this problem they have applied and will receive a new credit card which they will use to shift the balances around until they spend so much on it that it, too, hits the limit.

So, what did they put on the cards?  A new boat and the annual insurance, membership to the local country club, three golf courses (they love to golf), charitable gifts to the "best" and most "noteworthy" charities, new furniture, a spa for their house, and the list goes on.

Using the plan of just raising the debt ceiling to pay those bills is THE SAME as getting a fifth credit card.  This management plan by our government suggests that this is EXACTLY WHAT YOU SHOULD DO.  (And many people do.)  That fifth card raises the family's personal debt ceiling.  Our government tells us that this is the responsible way of handling your finances.  It is how the government handles theirs.  But, I ask you, does this seem like the responsible way of handling debt?  Or does your Bullshit Meter tell you that this family needs to cut back and find a way to live within their income AND get rid of some bills so that they can pay down those credit cards???  That means if their kids don't have the newest IPhone, IPad, and IPod the world isn't going to stop turning.

When you are on the verge of filing Bankruptcy (whether you choose to believe it or not), you get rid of everything extra.  Believe me, the taxes of the average citizen pay for a lot of Extra.  That doesn't mean tampering with people's social security or withholding help from people who really need it.  If you would like a small list of the garbage your taxes pay for (to the tune of wildly outrageous sums) you can look over this list my friend JJ, The Disconnected Writer, found and posted in a bit aptly titled "As Rome Burned" on his blog.

If you can justify continuing to spend money on that junk (and lots more like it) than I guess it's worth opening that new line of credit for 16 trillion plus dollars.  But, I just don't see it.  I think we can start to get rid of some of the idiocy and save future generations a lot of pain.

So, where do you stand on raising the debt ceiling and why??? And what about the ACA??? Bring it on.  This is your opportunity to tell me what you really think.


  1. Touchy issues. I had a med bill tab of OVER $123,000 for a completed unexpected major surgery (the possibility of cancer was looming). Thankfully, I'm in the clear and in good health. I'm also thankful to "only" have to pay about 5-6,000 of the total because I have the best health care plan my company (social services) could afford. I don't understand how so many reasonable people could oppose national health coverage. When they talk about specifics, they aren't citing actual facts from the Act - which is thousands of pages. They just hate it because they hate Obama.

    To not meet the debt ceiling would've put the world in worse financial chaos, so that was the best step Obama could take for now.

    You're a brave woman for opening up this can of worms, Robin. I appreciate it.


  2. I don't discuss politics online, but I agree. We need to vote them all out. We really should be rioting in the streets at the amount of taxes we're paying.

  3. ROBIN ~
    I just woke up (working graveyard shifts now and simply lovin' my home life!) so I will need to pass, at least for now. (Haven't the time at the moment for one of my usual long, drawn-out raging rants.) I still haven't even found the time to reply to CW Martin on my own recent blog bit... and he definitely needs some replying to.

    Perhaps I will return later to add my $20.02 cents worth (what with inflation, ya know?) But I applaud you for opening this can of worms. Now let's see if you can get through to the socialists with facts and logic.

    An A-list blog bit, Sister!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Robyn ~ I hate to say this, but I have yet to read about any positive outcomes for the ACA Legislation. I am not saying that people don't deserve health insurance at reasonable rates (because I believe that they do), but the ACA is a disaster. The website isn't functioning correctly, many people who had health insurance have lost it, most people's premiums are rising and their benefits are decreasing. The goal, if I understood it, was to make it possible for EVERYONE to have access to reasonably priced health care. If that was the goal, it is a failure. However, people who didn't have coverage before, and still don't, will now be penalized with a tax. And some people who had coverage before, and now don't - thanks to the ACA act - will pay more or be taxed... and still not have coverage. Not a win. And the failure of anyone in Congress to provide a plan with reasonable spending cuts is an atrocity. If that had happened six months ago we might not be talking about the necessity of raising the debt ceiling now. In fact, if that conversation had happened thirty years ago (or anytime in the meantime) we wouldn't be in debt to the tune of 16 trillion dollars. This failure began long before Obama, but he isn't helping turn things around. And if you're not part of the solution, then you're part of the problem. Democrats. Republicans. Both are the problem because they aren't creating a solution. This isn't a Democrat vs Republican issue. They have both failed miserably. We need a party that actually is the voice of the people. We don't have one right now and THAT is the biggest problem of all.

    Susan ~ You mean you don't enjoy getting bloodied in the political arena?

    Stephen ~ I find your $20.02 to be fascinating, so I am looking forward to it.

  5. I really need to watch Sleepy Hollow :)
    (Being an Aussie, I won't put in my 2c on the financial/political issues)

  6. It's tough to get anywhere on things like this- tougher than it used to be I think. After all, we now have people trying to criminalize anyone who thinks other than they do. And we're supposed to believe that none of this crap has any communistic leanings to it? Yeah right. So anyway, moving on...
    Bad laws get repealed all the time. It happens for real every day and I do not believe in giving up. I always ask people who shove the old 'it's the law of the land and we have to live with it' line out there why they're not happy to live with the laws that are on the books about immigration and why should they even try to change those either.
    I try to think of losing battles within the course of history. Often a skirmish is lost, but then a battle is won. The Alamo is a perfect example of this. Sure they lost at the Alamo, but then that battle raged on long enough to weaken other elements. Without that 'loss' at the Alamo, there would be no Texas.
    There is a sticker on my car's back window that reads: We live within our means, please tell the president. That's what I think about raising the debt ceiling.

  7. The exemption was ridiculous but expected. Hubby and I both predicted it before it happened (sad, but true).

    How funny (not haha) that you found that quote from Obama on the debt ceiling. I hadn't heard or read it, but way to open mouth and insert future foot. Too bad it won't be a wake up call. When we lost our credit rating I felt like crying. Dumb, I know, but 100% true. I feel really bad for the next generation coming in after us (my kids).

  8. Lynda ~ I understand you not wanting to comment on U.S. politics. I can honestly say that I don't know much about the political goings on in Australia.

    Jasmine ~ That is true. Bad laws have been repealed. If not, blacks would still be slaves. It was a bad law and people continued to fight against it until it changed. So, yes, "the law of the land" argument sticks in my claw, too. I like your reminder about losing battles to win the war. I hope that is the case this time. Love your optimism!!!

    mail4rosey ~ I don't think the exemption surprises anyone, but I think it is unconstitutional. Not what the Founding Fathers had in mind AT ALL. Yes, I feel terrible for future generations. I hope that they do better at turning this around than we did.

  9. I'm not sure what to make about Sleepy Hollow yet.

    Our government has reduced us to a banana republic. It's so corrupt, it's disgusting. I want them all to give their salaries back.

  10. I absolutely love Sleepy Hollow and I cracked up when I was watching the scene you posted....mainly because it was very true. People from that time would be calling for everyone's head in Congress.

    I think we need term limits after we clean house. Familiarity breeds corruption. Yes, I know the saying is 'Familiarity breeds contempt', but my version is more apropos :)

    We're definitely on the same wavelength when it comes to politics, Robin, and I read -everyday- about how Obamacare is going to put people into financial binds. I refuse to call it the "affordable care act" because Obama and every Democrat who voted for it now -own- it......and, its yet to prove "affordable" to anyone besides people who wouldn't be paying, anyway.

    I guess we'll muddle through and only by sending the message to Washington that we do not want this "law" (via voting people out) will any changes be made.

    Anyway, great post and I agree with you 100%.

    I also wanted to thank you deeply for the comment you left on my blog. I truly appreciate it and it's so great to know that some people (heck, anyone :) ) would be interested in what I'd have to say and miss it if it weren't there.

    Thank you!

  11. Greetings human, Robin,

    Now, you've completely lost me with your American politics. All I can say and I stated it in simplistic terms on a recent post, is that certain political issues in America are a worrying echo of what's happening in Britain.

    What I can say is that Universal healthcare, mostly, works very well in Britain. Healthcare being a right and not a privilege.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and next Paw Minister of Britain!

  12. MPax ~ I think people are becoming more and more disgusted. I hear lots of talk of Term Limits. Not a bad idea. And most people are in favor of reducing their "lifetime salary" to something more reasonable. Career military don't make after they retire what they did in service and often theirs is a dangerous job. People who do so disgustingly little for the people shouldn't get paid their working salary no matter how long they are in office. Crazy.

    Mark ~ Familiarity breeds corruption. Well said. Ah shucks, you're welcome!

    Gary ~ Yes, I think the politics in all of the countries is becoming disturbing to the people. The ACA isn't affordable. And thousands of people are losing their insurance EVERY DAY. One of the promises made before it rolled out was this: "If you have insurance and like your plan, you can keep it." Time is telling that the statement was patently untrue. Mostly people with pre-existing conditions and individuals are being dropped unceremoniously right now, but many businesses are getting the heave ho, too. Now, all of those people who used to have insurance, but received a cancellation notice, have to find insurance. The website that helps people into the exchange system (set up by the ACA) has so many glitches that people are having A VERY HARD TIME getting onto the site and finding a plan. Worse, when they do, most people are paying a higher premium for less coverage than they had before. And people who couldn't afford insurance before are certainly not going to be able to afford ONLY MORE EXPENSIVE PLANS than were previously available. Only now, instead of having just no insurance, they get fined for having no insurance. So, they are struggling with medical costs (and no insurance) and there is a fine they have to pay annually. I have heard $600/person, but that could be wrong. The trouble here is that you are comparing the universal health care that you have in Canada to what they have rolled out here... and it is not the same. And it doesn't even strive to help people who can't afford insurance; it just fines them. Not the same thing.

  13. The ACA ignored the 800 lb gorilla that nobody wants to deal with: the actual COST of healthcare. Obamacare just made reforms as to how to pay for a $10,000 medical bill for a broken arm. Instead, we should be asking why is that bill $10,000 in the first place? Lobbyists have control of our government, and that's why a $50 pill in the US only costs $10 in Germany.
    The health exchanges will FAIL because all the young, healthy people aren't jumping into the risk pool and buying policies. Only the sick with pre-existing conditions are. I think it's great for those with health issues can get insurance cheaper through the exchanges. Really, good for them. BUT, if the risk pool is only filled with high risk, that cheaper price will disappear. The way insurance works is very simple: the people put more money into the pot than they take out. If people are using their health insurance like crazy because of their health issues, there's not enough money from the healthy people not using their policies. It will collapse.

    1. I hope that you are right. I don't see how this can possibly work out. However, from the government's perspective, is it possible that the entire introduction of the ACA was REALLY just about being able to TAX PEOPLE FOR NOT HAVING MEDICAL INSURANCE? If the goal was to tax more people it could be considered a success even it is completely unworkable. In fact, it might be BETTER. More people uninsured (who used to be insured) who now endure the tax because it is cheaper than the insurance. The tax goes to the government. They don't see a dime of a premium payment. If the goal were to raise more revenue in taxes... the more people uninsured and paying the tax, the better. You don't think the government really gives a crap if people are healthy and have health insurance, do you????

  14. So many places to cut and where does one begin? Raising a debt ceiling is absurd unless you know how you will pay for things down the road and they keep kicking the proverbial can.

    My suggestion is to start by cutting salaries and expense accounts of every member of congress and then do massive staff cuts for same and reduce pay of those staffers. Then hire a few top notch non-government biased financial analysts to go through the federal budget and start slashing through unnecessary expenditures or at least get an acceptable explanation for them. Also, they would look at what government is currently overpaying for, find out why, and fix it. I start with the ObamaCare website--$647 Million for a crappy website that may end up costing 2 billion over the next few years? That's just the start of the overpayment problems. Something's not right with how money is being spent and I don't think the elected officials can be trusted to fix it right.

    Tossing It Out

    1. I agree, Arlee. Here is JJ's list:
      $146 million in flight upgrades, so federal employees do not have to fly coach.

      $200 million for a reality show in India to advertise US cotton.

      $141,000 to fund a Chinese study on swine manure.

      $505,000 to promote specialty hair and beauty products for cats and dogs.

      $121 million to host Department of Justice conferences.

      $97,000 for floating outhouses for the convenience of Oregon fishermen.

      $11,700 for “Star Wars Day.”

      $520,000 to fix the Stevenson Road Covered Bridge in Green County, Ohio, which was last used in 2003. The bridge does not lead anywhere.

      $27 million for Moroccan Pottery Classes.

      $25 billion annually maintaining unused or vacant federal properties

      $3.3 million to bail out a failing Alaska tourist boat.

      $15 million to create private sector jobs in Russia for Russian scientists.

      $750,970 grant to Smuttynose Brewery (that made a $5 million dollar profit last year) to build new brew tanks.

      $639,884 to study new forms of beef jerky for our troops.

      $505,000 to Sergeant's Pet Care Products (that earned $140 million in revenue last year) to create pet toothpaste and shampoo.

      $450,000 to keep Lake Murray State Park Airport open. Planes do not land there, but the money was earmarked.

      $325,000 to San Diego State University to create a Robot Squirrel in order to study interactions between squirrels and rattlesnakes.

      $230,000 on Smokey the Bear balloons and statues for festivals.

      $35,000 to Fullerton Public Library in California to install library book lending machines in train stations.

      $25,000 for The Alabama Watermelon Queen promotional tour.

      $20,000 to teach students how to juggle, hula hoop, and perform circus tricks.

      $200,000 for a tattoo removal program in California.

      $190,000 for the Buffalo Bill Historical Center in Wyoming.

      $75,000 for the Totally Teen Zone in Georgia.

      $500,000 to Alaska Airlines to paint a Chinook salmon on a Boeing 737.

      $100 million of taxpayer money lost on unused flight tickets by federal employees. The tickets were refundable, but they did not bother to collect the refund.

      $1.8 million to help build a private golf course in Atlanta.

      $2 billion paid annually by The Federal Conservation Reserve program to farmers not to farm their land.

      Note how much of that spending is simply wastefulness on the part of Federal employees. It shows that they don't care about wasted money, so how can we count on THEM to make cut???? (Answer: We Can't)

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment to this post. We need more people actively thinking about a solution!

    2. I need to get in on that juggling program. I could be a teacher. And the Buffalo Bill place is kind of cool--I've been there--but $190,000 is a fairly large expenditure.

      I'd heard about a few of these but most were new and totally outrageous. Why, why, why? It's not their money, that's why. The dupes in congress are trying to please lobbyists and it sucks big time. The senators and representatives have put the real "con" in "Congress".

      I wonder how much they spent on the advertising campaign to encourage people to sign up for food stamps and EBT cards? Have you seen or heard any of those ads? It's kind of disturbing actually. They're merely advertising to grow government.

      Thanks for the interesting stats.

      A Faraway View

    3. I haven't seen these ads encouraging people to sign up for food stamps and EBT cards, but I am not surprised. As Stephen says in his comment below... the real goal is to lower the standard of living here. When people are accustomed to less they accept less and a One World Government that levels the entire world to lower middle class is more reasonable (if most of your population is already there). So, the goal is to get us there. Take away the incentive to work. Push food stamps, medicaid, welfare. When people believe there is no gain to working over accepting this pittance from the government they have succeeded. The plan is looking pretty darn successful to me. Frankly I'm surprised they need to advertise at this point...

  15. It's amazing to me... that the very things that liberals railed about in regard to Bush, Obama is doing to an even great level... and they LOVE that bastard!!!!


    All one really has to do is consider this... on average, Bush was spending $1.5 Billion per day... that includes wars and increased spending by Congress during the years that the Democrats controlled the House and the Senate.

    Obama is now spending on average $4.5 Billion per day!!!

    SO much of that is going to honest-to-God entitlements... don't include Social Security as an entitlement for those who actually paid into this fund. Once upon a time, you could only collect if you had indeed contributed... Thanks to the Democrats' mentality that anyone's money is everyone's money, just about anyone and everyone gets Social Security today... and we wonder why it's broken...


    My head hurts...


    1. Yes, there is a problem here. I feel like Will Robinson shouting, "Warning! Warning!" I also feel like it is a futile effort. Nothing will change until people get mad about it. Genuinely angry. And I am afraid that won't happen until we reach economic collapse. By then, it will be just too damn late.

  16. ROBIN ~
    I will simply repost some information that I published recently on my blog, perhaps 8 to 10 blog bits back. I think it bears repeating. The bottom line here though is simply this: Any reasonably intelligent person should be able to discern that the true intent of Uncle Sam in all this wasteful spending that has gone on for decades upon decades is not simply about redistributing the wealth; it is an actual attempt to siphon off the wealth, lower the individual’s standard of living, reward those elite players who are in on “the NWO agenda”, and ultimately to bankrupt the nation, making way for a new form of government – A GLOBAL TYRANNY.

    Now, here’s my information replay:

    This comes from the book ‘THE POLITICIAN’ by Robert Welch...

    Coupled with a shouting for ever larger appropriations “for defense” have gone such treasonous inefficiency and exorbitant waste in the spending of military billions as to make a deliberate “intention to squander” beyond question. In fairness it should be stated that this trend was already strongly in evidence, as the “rebuilding” of our armed strength got under way in the latter years of the Truman Administration.

    But it has gone so far now that the Navy’s having on hand a 72-year supply of canned chicken and a 60-year supply of ketchup doesn’t even surprise anybody. When a 60-year supply of hamburgers for the whole American Army was located in one depot in New Orleans, and reported to an Assistant Secretary of Defense, it turned out that the Army had lost all track of even having such a depot, and didn’t know it existed.

    In 1955, it was disclosed that the Defense Department was paying thirty-three million dollars per year in interest and storage charges on three billion dollars’ worth of excess clothing it could never use.

    There is no question but that the colossal wastefulness, of which these are but isolated examples, is far greater and more widespread, today. Nor is there any question in this writer’s mind that it was cleverly planned that way by some of the sinister forces behind our “great military President” [Eisenhower] – the same forces which were at work in this field before he ever became President.
    ~ Robert Welch
    ‘The Politician’ [1958]– page 113

    Does anyone chalk those up to simple bureaucratic snafus? Not according to G. Edward Griffin they’re not!

    The following comes from what I consider perhaps the single most essential political tome in print:


    "...This disdain for the American work force is partly because of corporate pursuit of maximum profit above all else and partly because decision makers consider themselves to be internationalists, with no special interest in America except as a cash cow to be milked as regularly and thoroughly as possible.

    "As will be illustrated in the following chapters of this book, some of these people, acting through organizations such as the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), are consciously pursuing policies designed to lower the economic stature of America so it can be more comfortably merged into global government. Taxing money from American workers to build up the economies of foreign countries has done much to advance that goal." ...


    "It has become the prime directive to weaken the United States both militarily and economically. And this directive has come from AMERICAN leaders, not those of other countries. CFR members sitting in the White House, the State Department, the Defense Department, and the Treasury are now working to finalize that part of the plan. ...

    "The American economy is being deliberately exhausted through foreign giveaways and domestic boondoggles. The object is not to help those in need or to preserve the environment, but to BRING THE SYSTEM DOWN."
    ~ G. Edward Griffin
    ‘THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND: A Second Look At The Federal Reserve’

    ~ Stephen

    1. I remember reading these bits when you posted them. I wish more people understood this information. I think it is just too hard to comprehend that it is deliberate. People want to believe that this is an accident, oversight, partisan politics... anything but the fact that both parties are in on this madness and the goal is bringing our economy to collapse. If everyone really understood that it was The People vs The Government revolution would obviously be the next step. So long as they are fooled by the party politics, we will continue to watch the decline.


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