Friday, October 18, 2013

HERE'S TO YOU... again... yep, I forgot one!

Peeps, I don't know where to put the blame for this boo boo.  Senility?  Insanity?  It's a day that ends in "Y"????

I happily published my HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY post yesterday and went off and ran all sorts of errands.... blah blah blah.  I came back and published some comments, but I still didn't notice that something was MISSING.

Missing?  Yep.  I totally forgot to dedicate some footage to someone.  I just realized it when I was going to stop in and leave a comment that there was something for this person on their blog when it hit me.... You didn't post that video, Robin.  You can't refer them to the Thursday post because you forgot.

Holy tomoly.  I have never done that before in the nearly three years I have been doing this feature.  Can you believe that?  Nearly three years?

I just deviated from the path.  Did you notice?  Anyway... this dedication should have been on yesterday's post, but isn't.  Please accept my humble apologies for temporarily misplacing my brain.  And if you missed yesterday's post, stop in and check that out, too.  There could be something dedicated to YOU.

This one's for Rawknrobyn at Life By Chocolate: Robyn Alana Engel's Blog:


  1. This is the first I've heard of this touching song that goes out to so many women. It ties in perfectly with Robyn's posts during Breast Cancer Awareness Month.


  2. Stopping by and saying HELLO!!

  3. Right then, my human friend. Your video is a profound tribute to the ideals and hopes shared within Robyn's recent post.

    Wishing you a pawsitive weekend.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar! :)

  4. Stuff happens. :)

    That's a great song. I've never heard it until now.

  5. Of course, I forgive you. My brain is routinely on shut-down mode. This makes your dedication to me even more special. Thanks so much, Robin! Martina's song is so poignant, and so is that video. I never saw it before. I'm hopeful it's lifted many victims of breast cancer. Bless you for this post.


  6. Empty Nest Insider ~ It's a great song.

    Alex ~ Yes, she did.

    Susan ~ You too!

    Nicole ~ Hello!

    Gary ~ Hope your weekend is pawsitive, too!

    mail4rosey ~ And that is one of the reasons I do these posts!

    Robyn ~ You are welcome. I just couldn't let the week go by without including you. Bless you for your posts!!!

  7. Cool apology, Robin. :) I seem to misplace my brain more often than is healthy. Happens to all of us.

  8. aww, youre duch a sweetie! love your dedications!

  9. Oh wow, that's a really powerful clip for Robyn.


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