Monday, April 29, 2013


My theme for this challenge is Passions, Phases, and/or Life Lessons.

Yesterday I talked about how migraines can X Out your life.

Today I want to talk about the Power of Yes.  When you are being X'd Out, you find yourself saying Maybe a lot.  After a time, maybe turns into No.  Eventually friends stop asking altogether.  They know your situation.  Doors start closing instead of opening.

I have a wonderful blog friend who has been on many adventures.  He has lived an extremely full life.  He has also been very willing to pack up and go, with his wife, on a dime when a new opportunity has knocked on the door.  In other words, he has always lived with "Yes" on his tongue and in his heart.  He has traveled the globe, met more interesting people, and done Fantastic things.

Before Migraines stopped me in my tracks, I was "Yes" person, too.  Adventure comes to the person who is ready to seize it.  Love comes to the person who is ready to embrace it.  Once you decide that you are ready to be a "Yes" person, step back and watch your life change.   I believe that once we begin to invite good things into our lives, we will be amazed at how many good things there actually are... that we were missing out on.  In fact, we might find ourselves having to evaluate and sift through this bevy of riches, much like a child in a candy store, who only has a dollar, and there are twenty dollars worth of candies that he/she would like to buy.  Fortunately, the candy will still be there tomorrow, so it is simply deciding what do I want to bring into my life today. Next week.  Next month.  I know I am going to say Yes eventually.  Why?  Because I know how wonderful it is and I now always want More. 

I am not going back to Maybe and No.

Rating: Life Lesson

Are you living the Power of Yes?  Sometimes?  All the time?  Not enough?  Would you like to be living the Power of Yes more often?  In all of the areas of your life and not just some of them?  Would you like your life to bloom and become an adventure because your heart is open and saying "Yes?"


  1. This post reminded me of a Jim Carry movie.(Yes Man) It is true though if we don't open up to possibilities then we miss out on so much.

  2. In the past few years, I've said yes far more often than I ever imagined.

  3. I don't with yes often enough. This is a good reminder that I need to be more spontaneous and open to going with the flow of things. Came over here by way of Alex's blog. I can't help hoping that the dog in the picture got rescued.

  4. Inspiring post! I'm a yes person most of the time. I would like to be 100% of the time. When I'm not, I realize I'm not, yet I seem powerless to change my outlook at that particular time.

  5. Brandon ~ Haven't seen that movie, but I do think our lives are more fulfilled when we open our hearts to the Power of Yes. I don't think this is Easy or happens all at once. I do think it is a conscious choice that we can make over time. That is my goal.

    Alex ~ And look at all the great things that have come your way!

    J.L. ~ I think most of us need to say Yes more.

    Carol ~ Most of the time is pretty darn good. I do think we have to pick and choose. Many things will still be there tomorrow. The things that won't we have to jump on today!

  6. We ARE on the same page today! It makes me so happy to see you feeling so positive...which I will equate to improving health for you. Yay! And yes, yes, yes, yes, yes!

  7. I'm afraid I say yes way to often and might need to learn the word no so that I slow down a little! However, it is by far better to say yes to things than to be so negative with a no :)So here's to saying 'yes'!

  8. My heart is a hobo
    Loves to roam through fields of clover... ta da tra la la la

    For every YES there's a song.

    Yes Sir, That's my Baby
    Yes, we have no bananas
    I'll hand you the mike and you can sing a few.

  9. No comes too easily! I have been more about YES and it is filled with all kinds of surprises!~

    Great post :D

  10. Liza ~ When you feel better things that felt impossible, feel possible (again).

    Rebecca ~ It is important to always have balance. However, greeting the world with "Yes" in your heart invites the Good Stuff in. So, good for you:)

    Manzanita ~ For what is a man, what has he got?
    If not himself, then he has naught
    To say the things he truly feels and not the words of one who kneels
    The record shows I took the blows and did it my way!

    Ella ~ Surprises are the best!

  11. Robin: You earned and deserve the "More" you seek, and your heart is open. Bloom.

  12. Hi Robin,

    Yes, my friend, yes indeed. To say yes to getting out of an uncomfortable comfort zone is an amazing revelation. To be surrounded with positive, encouraging people brings further awareness that Yes is better than No.

    Thank you for this, Robin.


  13. Wonderful post. We all have control over how we view the day, and I'm trying to erase the no -- list three things I appreciate, send at least one positive message daily, and record the most positive things to happen that day in a journal. Turning it around is never easy, but it is possible!

  14. I think I was a Definitively No Dragon. It could be called that or My Way or the Highway Dragon. You're right. Many doors that should not close, closed. I started with the maybe to eventually say yes now and then until I could say it almost everyday. Now I'm all for the Yes, Yes, Yes!

  15. JJ ~ You do know that you were the blogger of whom I spoke. Yes. I am open to blooming.

    Gary ~ I think that life gives us amazing gifts when we step outside our comfort zones and say "Yes." That is really when the Good Stuff begins. You are welcome. Yes is better than No.

    Yolanda ~ Another one of my favorite things to get me out of a funk: listing all of the things I appreciate no matter how large or small. In fact, a great way to start the day is just to think about all of the things you appreciate (even if they seem insignificant) to get your mind set in a Positive Place. As you say, turning things around isn't easy, but it is POSSIBLE.

    Al ~ I think we live incrementally. If we are Living in the Land of No, moving to the Land of Maybe is a Big Step. That can take us to the Land of Yes. It is a pretty dramatic shift to go straight from No to Yes, but No to Maybe to Yes.... that is Doable. We should all set reasonable goals. Everyone should get to live in the Land of Yes. It is horrible to be stuck in the Land of No with all of those Closed Doors and Missed Opportunities. Good for you Mr. Dragon!!!

  16. A good lesson. Sometimes you need to say no to others to make time to say yes to yourself.

  17. I think that as we think, so we are....great post.

  18. I spend too much time in the world of "Maybe."

  19. This is a wonderous idea. Yes is fun and sometimes scary. Yes is worth it!


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