Tuesday, April 23, 2013


My ex-husband loves to go to concerts.  I cannot tell you how many concerts that I went to when we were married.  I liked concerts well enough before my constant migraine started.  After that, not so much.  However, he was not to be deterred.  One of the many bands that we saw in our Tour De Force of concert-going was Train.  I had never heard of this band, and I wasn't excited about the event.  The only good thing about this concert, in my mind, was that we didn't have to travel to see them.  They were playing right in our town.  That was a Big Win.  Now, this was everything I thought BEFORE the concert.

The year was 2003, and they were playing at an outdoor venue.  This was excellent news for my migraine.  They recently released My Private Nation and were touring for that album.  Little did I know that I was about to be WOWED.  I loved this band.  I bought a T-Shirt before I left.  The ex-husband did not.  I started buying their CDs.  The ex-husband did not. 

The ex-husband did continue to buy concert tickets for other bands at all sorts of locations, so I saw Train again.  This time they were with Smashmouth and Natalie Merchant.  The venue was indoors and they were still awesome.  I only liked them more, because this time I knew more of their songs (thanks to the CDs).  Pat Monahan is amazing in concert.  He has this ability to relate to the audience that is rare.  He is a funny, funny man.  Yet, he can be serious, too.  He can literally wring every emotion out of you in one musical outing.

Like many people, I feared that Train was done when they disbanded after For Me, It's You.  However, they pulled it together and made Save Me, San Francisco.  They toured on that record for a LONG time while they decided where to go from here.  Their most recent album, California 37 is one of their best.  Each track has legs and can stand on its own merit.  In that way it reminds me of the much-loved My Private Nation, which I about wore the grooves off of back in 2003-2004. 

Here's to you, Train, and your successful comeback.  This is one of my favorite songs off of My Private Nation.  It was never released on the radio, but this video shows Pat Monahan's wonderful "presence" in concert.  You save me, and I will save the day!

Rating: Passion

What is your favorite Train song? Have you ever seen them in concert? Have you ever gone to a concert and been taken surprise by a band or singer?  Either liked them much better or not as well as you thought you would?  Have you ever gone to a concert that had a group/singer you didn't even know and you liked them so much you started buying their CDs or even bought a concert Tee?


  1. Glad they got back together for you. Not a band I follow, but you've seen my tastes in music. I have seen a lot of concerts though. I lost track, but probably close to a hundred.

  2. Chronic migraine! That doesn't sound fun at all. Here's hoping you find a cure!

  3. I like Train OK. This is a great video!
    Hope you soon find what will work for your migraine.

  4. I started following them with the second album (Drops of Jupiter), and saw them live when I saw them open for Sheryl Crow in summer 2001.

    Sorry about the chronic migranes-it would remove a lot of joy from myself if I had to give up live music. I hope you can find a remedy.

  5. I love Train! Funny - they were introduced to me by my ex-boyfriend. ;)

  6. Alex ~ Concerts are fun when you don't have a migraine. I also am not a big fan of traversing states, either. However, I have done it with the ex.

    M.J. ~ I have had this migraine since Jan. 2003. I just found a new doctor with a totally different idea on how to restore my health. It makes more sense than anything else I have tried. I will keep everyone posted as we progress along once the A to Z is over.

    Carol ~ I really like Train and this video is excellent because it gives an idea of what charisma Pat has the leader of this band in a concert situation. Thank you for your kind thoughts regarding my migraines. I will keep everyone updated in later postings...

    Larry ~ Drops of Jupiter is one of my favorite songs of theirs. I have seen Sheryl Crow in concert, too. Also at an outdoor setting. I think it was in 2004, but I could be wrong about that... Working diligently on trying to get the migraines under control. Will post as things happen.

    Kimberly ~ Hahahaha. Exes are good for something:)

  7. I love going to concerts, then and now! I'm not familiar with Train though, I have friends who like them though. I remember the concert tees! OMG, I used to buy them all the time. Of course now, it costs almost as much as a down payment for a car! :)

  8. I think the last concert I went to was Def Leppard....lol.

    I'm not up on Train, but I think I've heard one of their songs...something about Jupiter and Mars, maybe?

  9. Yvonne ~ I like outdoor venues because of my migraines. I also like small, intimate settings if it isn't too LOUD. I can't believe the price of the tickets. That is like investing in Real Estate!!!

    Mark ~ I won't ask when you went to your last concert. Some of those high profile 80s bands are touring again, so it could have been last year! The song you are thinking of is Drops of Jupiter and it has this amazing story behind it. I might have to post about it one of these days.... That was Train's break-out hit and is still a best selling song of all-time on iTunes (I think).


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