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When I was in the 11th grade, I chose to do my Research Paper in English class on the assassination of JFK.  I read book after book on the subject, and was shocked at how much they had in common.  The only disagreement was about the WHY, but there was very little argument that the Warren Report left more questions than answers.  For anyone not in the know, The Warren Commission "investigated" the Kennedy assassination, and then filed their Official Report after they were done.  They really didn't find out anything.  Amazing.  Really.

For instance, one thing that everyone agreed on was the timeline.  The Warren  Report notes that in order for Lee Harvey Oswald to have killed Kennedy it must have occurred within a specific framework.  These movements have been timed  to the minute by everyone who has investigated this case.  The thing is that NO ONE can replicate Oswald's movements within this time frame and actually GET THERE.  I am embedding the footage below which I will refer to numerous times in this blog.  If you start the footage at the 18:54 mark you can watch them try to follow the timeline after the shooting of the President, back to Oswald's residence, then the shooting of a Dallas Police Officer. 

In other words, this timeline doesn't work on a good day, more less a day when the President is in town and traffic is all backed up.  Just not possible. 

The other thing that all accounts agree on are the eyewitness testimony, which the Warren Report deliberately chose to overlook.  Why?  Because eyewitness testimony from EVERY person on the scene, including the police, simply isn't credible... apparently.  Every person interviewed said the shots came behind the picket fence on the grassy knoll.  Many even said they saw a flash and a puff of smoke.  The witnesses also said that the heard 4-6 gunshots.  However, they were steamrolled into changing their testimony to 3 gunshots to fit the narrative that they wanted to put into the Report.  They were also told to keep their mouths shut about the Grassy Knoll.  To date, almost every witness has died in a mysterious death. 

The Warren Report tries to sell you on The Magic Bullet.  Lee Harvey Oswald defies physics with One Bullet.  It is the trajectory of the bullet that makes this unfeasible.  Bear with me here.  It enters in a downward trajectory piercing the President's back then shoots upward going through his throat then makes  a drastic downward turn again and enters Gov. Connolly's back a couple of inches below his shoulder blade on the far right, then changes course again moving to the left and upward to chase after his wrist and shatter that, then decides to do one last bit of maneuvering, and dives abruptly down, and veers straight into his leg, where it lodges for good.  That is one freakin' amazing bullet.  And that is the official version of how it happened. Start the footage at 49:00 to get a clearer a picture of what I am saying. 

This video is amazing and answers ALL of the questions about why Kennedy died.  It blew my mind.  If you watch just the beginning it is obvious that he was not hit by a lone gunman.  I don't know how they ever expected to sell that to the American people.  You can clearly see him clutching his throat.  Shot number one from the front coming from the grassy knoll.  Then there is a shot from behind that hits him in the head that knocks him forward.  That is immediately followed up with another shot to the head from the knoll that knocks him backward and to the left.  And we know it is Inside Job because the Motorcade was going a respectable speed until it hit the Kill Zone and then it slowed down to 7mph just so that the President could be shot.  Start the video at 1:24:00 to see each shot go in slow-motion.

What I learned from watching this video is that there is whole bunch of paperwork out there that the Warren Commission didn't dig up that proves Oswald was working for Howard Hunt.  Who's that?  He was CIA.  Oswald was working out of 544 Camp St.  That was a CIA building.  People who are actual investigators followed the money trail and Oswald was getting a stipend (aka paycheck) from the government for doing covert operations.  Huh.  Why would no one question Oswald's employer?  Or follow the money trail?  Is it because the money trail led back to the CIA and that was a lead that actually led somewhere?  And The Warren Report said that Oswald and Jack Ruby didn't know one another.  Who was Jack Ruby?  That was the guy that popped out of nowhere and gunned Oswald down.  That isn't true.  Ruby and Oswald worked together at Camp St.  Ruby also was getting paid by the CIA.  Isn't it convenient that Ruby killed Oswald before he could tell his side of the story.  And then Ruby hung himself.  So, the Warren Report has none of the good stuff.  What does it have?  It has stuff integral to the case like Jack Ruby's mother's dental records. 

Isn't it a relief to know that they were serious about getting to the bottom of what happened to our President when they put that Warren Commission together?

I know I was told to keep this blog short (for these A to Z postings), and you can quit reading if you want.  But if you want to know why the President was actually shot, I will concise it for you.   Here is the theory given the evidence that has been uncovered thus far... The U.S. supported Castro and then he went declared himself a Communist.  Uh oh.  Eisenhower, while still President, hatched a plan with the CIA that he had to go (assassination), so they enlisted the financial backing of Howard Hughes, and the resources of the Mafia for the Hit Team and called it Operation 40.  They were counting on Nixon winning the election.  He didn't.  And they didn't have time to put their plan into action.  Alan Dulles, head of the CIA, didn't even memo Kennedy in on Operation 40.  So, Kennedy came up with his own plan: The Bay of Pigs.  It was a pretty good plan until someone on OUR team sabotaged it right at the end and it failed.  Gah.

Now, Kennedy was in deep crap with the Soviets, Cuba, and pretty much everyone.  Operation 40 was changed to Operation Mongoose and Kennedy was finally in on it.  It was a "go."  However, the Russians were allies to Cuba and tried to send them missiles to protect themselves from future invasions.  That led to the Cuban Missile Crisis.  There was a really bad moment when the Soviets accidentally crossed "the line" in the water (that Kennedy declared would be a declaration of war if crossed) during the Cuban Missile Crisis, and his advisors all wanted him to nuke Russia.  He wouldn't.  That decision was a defining moment and it changed everything.  He called off Operation Mongoose.  He made nice with Kruschev.  Then, reports were coming in from Vietnam.  Kennedy was not in favor.  He was not going to send troops to Vietnam, even though his advisors were saying things like all of Asia could be "lost."   He wasn't buying.  He and Dulles butted heads so much that he FIRED him.  And that was when he signed his own death warrant.  It was all those things, but Dulles was the last straw. 

Who took out Kennedy?  Operation Mongoose.  Of course.   Why did Lyndon Johnson jump into Vietnam with gusto and do whatever the CIA wanted?  He was two cars behind Kennedy when he was shot, and not blind, deaf, or dumb.  He didn't need a Warren Report to tell him what was obvious.

JFK Assassination: Still A Passion*If There is Anything I Can't Stand Is Someone Trying To Sell A Lie As the Truth

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Do you think that the Warren Commission pursued a thorough investigation into the assassination of President Kennedy?  Do you have any doubts about Lee Harvey Oswald's involvement?  Do you think that there were multiple gunman?  Do you buy the Magic Bullet Theory that must be true if there was only one gunmen?  Do you think all of the witnesses were wrong?  Do you find it suspicious that people who stuck to the grassy knoll story died mysteriously?


  1. Yeah, there seems to be a lot of that going around these days . . . trying to sell a lie as the truth.

  2. That's why books and movies have debated this for years - there was no clear-cut evidence.

  3. I don't think many people buy into the Warren Report. I do think the mysterious deaths surrounding the assassination point to a large organization rather than an independent shooter. Whether it was CIA or another group I don't know.

  4. Judy ~ What is so upsetting is that apparently this is not new. It is a culture of corruption that has been going on a long time. ::sigh::

    Alex ~ If it weren't so darn muddy, there would be nothing to investigate.

    Carol ~ Yeah. It is just pretty hard to pull off something THIS BIG without the government being in on it at a pretty high level. This theory makes more sense than anything I have read or heard thus far. And I have read quite a bit. If you watch the entire video, this is the first time so many Higher Ups in The Government at that time come forward, along with witnesses, plus a doctor who was previously silent at the hospital who first admitted The President in Dallas. People are starting to talk... finally.

    1. People are starting to talk... somewhat, but the big issue is that the people who are responsible/accountable are long gone.


  5. wow I've just read a few of your posts.
    I'm Irish so don't know much about American politics.
    So are you telling me that everything in The West Wing isn't true :)


    1. Stated more precisely, nothing in The West Wing is true.

  6. Hey you...a couple of years ago, I went on a Texas road trip... one of the things I wanted to see was the area where Kennedy was assassinated.

    When I first saw the site, my hair actually stood on end. That was such a bizarre sensation... and I purposely stood where Zapruder stood when he shot the film.

    I was so amazed by how small this area actually is. I had always perceived the distance from the 6th floor window to the street where Kennedy was hit to be a great distance. It isn't. It is a small, closely contained area. You could stand near the place where Kennedy was shot... and look up at the 6th floor and then to the grassy knoll... and it is SO easy to believe that there could have been a conspiracy.

    Finally, to know that the route was changed to have the presidential limousine have to make a right-hand turn and then a left-hand turn... which would slow the speed of the limousine down to a rate where the shot(s) would have been easier.

    A remarkable story still so many years later...


  7. Whew! That's pretty intense. I honestly didn't know any of that. Thanks for the fascinating post :)


  8. Wow, and even long as it was, I read it all. It's a mystery that everyone wants to decipher, yet the government made a good job to make sure no one does until the time is right (probably never.)

  9. I read the whole thing too.
    I have no doubt that there was more involvement that just what The Warren report says but now, there is only a handful of people that truly care.

    I realize that is a sad statement because we should care that our government lies to us.

    I knew of some of these things but not all. Interesting stuff for sure.

    ~Naila Moon

    1. Yes, you are correct- we absolutely should care that our government lies to us. And yet it has become so common. Maybe it's just too hard to care about it all now, as most of it is lies...

  10. Robin,
    Sorry I couldn't make it over here yesterday. I can't seem to keep up with this a-Z.
    There are countless books written about the Kennedy assass. I may have owned 1/4 of them and just tossed most of them when I moved this summer. I was really into it but finally just threw up my hands and said that is it. Govt. is corrupt (period) and when you dig back, in recent history... it was corrupt even then. I used to be the way most Americans are now. I believed what the media told me. Au Contraire

    1. I knew you were a smart woman, Manzi.
      Now I know you are supremely wise!

  11. Hi Robin,

    You certainly go into meticulous detail in regards to JFK. Indeed, despite it all, the conspiracies persist. I don't have enough awareness to give a detailed opinion. Yet this still remains an intriguing time in American history. My human is old enough to recall the "where were you" moment when it happened.

    Have a pawsitive weekend.

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  12. fictiousamo~ I think so much goes on in The West Wing that we have no clue about... and if we did, we would be thoroughly disgusted.

    Shoes ~ I got a chill just reading your response. I think it's remarkable. Interesting reading the comments here, though. I think corruption is becoming so commonplace that everyone is like, "What's new? Let's move on to something that actually is shocking." That is a sad commentary.

    Jen ~ I am glad that I informed someone!

    Al ~ I think that they locked up the truth until no one really cares anymore. I believe it is 60 years after the murder of the President. We shall see if they follow through on that... and Anything is actually Revealed. I suppose that they are counting on all the Major Players to be dead. Of course, we will have no way of knowing if it is the truth or not. Pretty sure it will be a Really Cold Case by then.

    Naila Moon ~ Yes, we should care that our Government very likely murdered our President, blamed an innocent man, had him murdered, and then lied to us. We should care.

    Manzanita ~ I know precisely what you are saying. It makes you wonder when it all went bad. And then it makes you wonder when it was ever right. I don't have any answers for you, because I just don't know...

  13. Does it really matter anymore? Kennedy, Princess Diana and all the other conspiracy theories about famous families, people and know what I remember about Kennedy, that he used drugs and cheated on his wife with Marilyn Monroe.

    He was our president and made some good and bad decisions. He was assassinated in the line of duty. Our country is better and worse for his leadership. As to his murder and all the speculation surrounding it (still), it's old news I haven't paid attention to in years.

  14. I wholeheartedly agree with Judy.

  15. While I agree that there is more to this than what we were told/led to believe, etc., it wont' change anything. JFK is gone, he won't be back.

  16. M.J. ~ My theme is Passions. Phases and/or Life Lessons, and this is just one of those things that has been a Passion of mine. I wrote that Research Paper in the 11th grade and ever since then it is something that has been on my mental burner. When you care about something time is irrelevant. It doesn't matter to me that no one else cares about it. Many people don't care about the homeless, the needy, or those that are starving. It doesn't make the irrelevant. I still care. I care about this because it was a HUGE EVENT IN OUR HISTORY THAT COULD HAPPEN AGAIN BECAUSE IT HAPPENED BEFORE. And I care about those other things, too. I care.

    Yvonne ~ As Dr. Phil says, "The best indicator of future behavior is past behavior." I think that applies to politics just as much as it does to an individual's behavior. If you want to anticipate what your government might do, look at what it has already done. Just sayin.'

  17. Hmm.. interesting post. I hadn't thought much about that but you bring up some good points. Well done in the effort of this blog post.


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