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If you watched the show Everwood, there is a scene in the first season where Ephram is having this dream about Amy, and he is going into detail  about his own Superman theory.  He says something like this: "Is Clark Kent waiting to turn into Superman or is Superman waiting to turn into Clark Kent?"

That was something I had given about Zero thought to when I was a kid.  The Justice League was my favorite Saturday cartoon, and all of the superheroes were always in their Superhero persona.  However, even though Ephram was having a dream, the question was a valid one.  And the show Smallville was full of answers for anyone who cared for some exploration.

The idea for Smallville was brilliant.  Everyone is very familiar with Clark Kent's life after he goes to work at The Daily Planet, and has fully embraced His Destiny.  His childhood is roughly outlined in the comics, but the details are what make a life interesting.  Smallville is all about the details.  The writers also got to have some fun and fill in some spaces creatively. 

The Clark Kent that we all know is fully in touch with his abilities, loves Lois Lane, walks a fine line of bumbling reporter mixed with geeky intelligence, and is mortal enemies with Lex Luthor.  The Clark Kent of Smallville has not begun to scrape the surface of his abilities, cannot see beyond Lana Lang, has no idea what he wants to do in terms of his future, and is forming a fairly tight-knit friendship with Lex Luthor.  It is all in the journey how one life can change so dramatically.  And that is what makes this show so incredible.  

Sidenote: I would have loved to have been a writer for this show.  Barring that, I would have given a whole lot just to be a fly on the wall in the writer's room for this show.

Knowing that everyone knows how the story ends makes those classic lines really chill a person right down to the bone.  One of the best episodes of Season 1 was "Hug."  It was about two best friends who became enemies.  It provided the mirror for Lex and Clark to look into, and discuss how horrible that would be if it were to ever happen to them (it would).  Lex then utters *the line:* "Trust me, Clark, our friendship will be the stuff of legend."  Oh, Lex, it most certainly will, just not the way you think.  Goosebumps.

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It was fascinating to watch Clark pine for Lana season after season, and for those two to almost get it right.  When you know that she is simply not the right woman for him, it makes all those "misses" go down a little easier.  You know that someone better is around the corner.  Eventually, Lois joins the cast (prematurely for those who adhere strictly to The Daily Planet script), and Clark has strong feelings for her on sight, and they are not altogether positive.  Lana calls him out on his intense feelings for her.  Clark is absolutely stymied that Lana could see love where he doesn't.  And here comes *the line:* "The best ones always start that way."  Oh, Lana, yes they do. 

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Smallville was all about Clark fulfilling his destiny.  Jor-El understood that having Superpowers didn't make you Superman.  You had to understand some things about Responsibility, Love, Loss, Respect, Compassion, Understanding, and the big things like the Right Choice, and not just the Easy One.  Embracing a destiny is a journey and it takes time before you can bear the weight of it. 

So, is Superman waiting to turn into Clark Kent, or is Clark Kent waiting to turn into Superman?  I think Superman is always ready to turn back into Clark Kent.  Clark Kent is who he is.  Clark Kent is the heart of Superman.  Without Clark Kent, there would be no Superman.

Thank you Smallville for ten years of Clark Kent.   

Rating: Passion

Did you watch Smallville?  Have you ever thought that Clark Kent was the "real" person in the Superman in the story or did you always picture Clark as the disguise and Superman as the hero he was just waiting to turn into in order to Save The Day?  Have you ever thought of it being the other way around?  Did you ever wonder about Clark's back story and what goes into the making of a hero?  


  1. Great show! It had it's bumps along the way but, overall, it was a solid, well written series.

    I kind of fell off watching it the last couple of seasons, but caught it here and there and did manage to catch the final episode.

    To me, I think most hero types (Superman, Batman, etc.) -are- the hero first and foremost. The 'secret identity' is just something they use to get around in daily society.

  2. I never, ever watched Smallville. I thought maybe it would be interesting, but I guess other stuff always won out. Not really a comic fan, anyway? But. Now I think...hmmm, maybe that's one of those series on Netflix that I need to watch ten years' worth of episodes all in one day, ha!

  3. The only real Superman is George Reeves.

    Like all of us, Clark definitely wants to be Superman.

    The only other true Super Hero is Wonder Woman. Her spin saved the male world from 1975-1979, and continues to prevent senility in old guys.

  4. Never watched the show, but it is a little like cheating knowing how everything turns out in the end.
    And Justice League rocked!

  5. I just saw a couple episodes of Smallville but for some reason it never grew on me.

  6. I never watched Smallville. I don't know why. It sounds good.

  7. Thanks for commenting on my blog. And yes we are similar. And I was a devoted fan of Smallville since it's inception. Love, love Tom Welling.

  8. I did watch Smallville and I liked it. Never had any deep thought about it though. It wasn't like it was Buffy The Vampire Slayer or anything :)

  9. Greetings Robin,

    Of course, "Smallville" was filmed in and around Vancouver, Canada. My human, Gary was living in Vancouver and they begged him to be part of the show. Something about cleaning up the sets...

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  10. I never watched Smallville. I guess I thought it was a teen show. I always thought of Clark as the disguise.

  11. I remember being skeptical when I rented the first season on DVD, but it did not take long to get hooked.

    Good show, well cast, and with the exception of too many "soap opera" moments that probably would have seemed more plausible to me if I were young enough to be in their target audience (rather than old enough to remember the show that JJ is referring to a couple of comments up).

    Am I a dirty old man if I 'fess up to having a crush on the actress who played Tess?

  12. Mark ~ I always thought that way, too, until Smallville. It made me rethink it.

    Gini ~ That day is probably still about fifteen years out for you.

    JJ ~ I imagine the first is always best. I know many people feel that way about Christopher Reeves as Superman.

    Alex ~ I don't think it's cheating at all. In some ways it's harder because fans get mad when you deviate.

    Al ~ One show is never "One Size Fits All."

    Carol ~ How nice that you can watch it now on all sorts of venues...

    Cathrina ~ Tom was excellent as Clark/Superman.

    Nana ~ Love Buffy, too:)

    klahanie ~ That sounds like fun!

    Susan ~ That seems to be the majority opinion.

    DC ~ I was immediately hooked, too. That first season was awesome. And, no, I don't think you're a dirty old man for thinking Tess was hot. I really liked Lex.... I know, loving the bad boys. It's a constant problem;)

  13. I was so into this show when it first came on. I followed it for the first few years and then just stopped watching it. Don't know why. I think I kind of just stopped watching much TV period. I have a Smallville soundtrack album that has some great music on it.

    A Faraway View
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  14. Robin,
    This is very interesting because I am a complete newby. I have never seen it, not even sure I heard the title's name before. I rarely turn TV on except DWTS and certain news programs. And right now, I have one eye on the screen as I watch them doing the quickstep across the floor.

  15. Never did watch this show. Your questions here are interesting though. I am naturally attracted to the nerdy guys who don't realize how great they are. And yet, my husband who is the absolute epitome of what I am naturally attracted to got the old 'we might not have that much in common' at first. I guess we women are often not so aware of something great right in front of our faces!
    Same goes for your bigger question about whether Superman wants to be Clark Kent or vice versa. It all depends on your perspective. I personally always wait for the moments in the movies when the superhero changes back into the disguise of their average selves. I love those moments. The rest is just bloviating of sorts for me. And since there are usually so few of those moments they seem the most savory for me.

  16. Arlee ~ Maybe when you have time you can pick it up again.

    Manzanita ~ I love this show simply because it was so well written.

    Jasmine ~ For everyone who savors those Clark Kent moments, this is your show. In Smallville, he is Clark Kent all the time. For me, it made me question which persona was the disguise.

  17. Love Smallville - not seen the last couple of seasons yet - probably shouldn't have watched the video - it looks awesome and I love spoilers :)


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