Tuesday, June 14, 2011

O is for Over and Over Again.

When I start to think about writing a post, I say to myself, "Well, not much has happened and so much has happened." Crazy right? Both are true.

In some ways, not that much has happened. In other ways, it feels like I can't keep up.
  • Ah, those crazy migraines are still whomping me and good.
  • In great part, they account for the feeling that nothing has happened.
  • To those of you who don't live with chronic pain, this is just going to sound like whining and I apologize ahead of time. I have had this migraine since 2003. It is like getting on a bike and thinking you're going somewhere and arriving at the same damn place over and over. It is beyond frustrating, beyond annoying, beyond anything. And migraines hurt. They aren't headaches. No no no no no no no.
  • A hundred years ago doctors were using drills and drilling into people's heads and the patients were begging them to do it. No one does that for a headache.
  • Yeah, most of them died from that procedure. They call it practicing medicine for a reason.
  • So, when I get on my kick about axes and all that junk, it is because my head is freaking killing me. Nuff said.
  • Funny thing about it. Telling you how much it hurts, doesn't make it hurt less. So, moving on....
  • My sister-in-law's mother died last Thursday at 1:30am.
  • Yeah, it was shocking.
  • I wasn't completely unpacked from going up for my dad's funeral.
  • Mom and I had every intention of going up for her funeral, but this was so soon that we weren't recovered from the trip we just made.
  • Had we known, we would have just stayed up there.
  • The funeral was yesterday.
  • I sent her a condolence text message.
  • That way she knows I care, but I am not interrupting anything going on in terms of the business of the day. In other words, yesterday was all about her.
  • In other news, I went out to lunch and for some belated Christmas, birthday, and Mother's Day shopping with my ex and H-Girl. At the end of that, we had to run by his apartment and order something I wanted off of Amazon.com because we couldn't find it in the stores.
  • His roommate was there and ended up leaving with us because they were going to do something after he dropped me at home. On the car ride, they got to talking about Michael J. Fox.
  • They both are big fans of MJF. A list came out of MJF's best roles due to his 50the birthday. I stayed out of that conversation. I am not familiar enough with every single role he has ever been in to make an informed comment.
  • Then they got to talking about how great he looks for being 50. Now, that is something I can weigh in on. Unfortunately, I think he would look a lot better if the Parkinson's wasn't eating him up and I said so.
  • Sometimes I should just keep my mouth shut.
  • His roommate told me that MJF looked better at 50 with Parkinsons than I do RIGHT NOW.
  • Shut my back door.
  • I told him that he was full of crap without actually saying he was full of crap, but pretty much saying he was full of crap. H-Girl was in the car.
  • My ex thought that was hilarious.
  • I watched The Social Network last night. At the start of the movie, this girl pointed out to the guy who was going to be the start-up guy for facebook, "You can tell yourself that girls don't like you because you're a nerd, but I'm here to tell you that the reason that girls don't like you is because you're an asshole."
  • My ex and his friend are like two peas in a pod. Nuff said.


  1. Today was the day to e-mail you, but now it's unnecessary. You sound back to normal. People have been looking to drill into my head for years, and I don't suffer from migraines.

  2. I watched most of Social Network. It seemed in the end, he stayed an A-hole which was kinda sad.

  3. That JJ's a stitch, isn't he? You know, it's just your time. I've followed astrology all my life and I don't care what anyone will say..... and I'll shout it from the roof..... it works, it works, it works. There just comes a time when stuff piles up on us and then it passes, meaning the heavy planets move on. I'm pretty much the end of my family line (and there was a bunch of us). Of course, now it's the young generation but it's not the same because we don't speak the same language. My brother stopped the other day and we had the best conversation about old times and family but now, everyone our age is dead.
    Take care of yourself, my dear. This will pass and you'll be headed for a calmer period. Now just get rid of the damn headache.

  4. Oh, it's good to have you and your wit back! The roommate??? Just shaking my head in disbelief. You don't need either of those roomies and their toxicity in your life ....

  5. Thanks for the nice comment on my blog. I value your impressions as I know how much you actually think things over.
    It sounds like you are coming back into 'normal' for you. Then you will be back onto the next project just as soon as you can. I know it!

  6. "You can tell yourself that girls don't like you because you're a nerd, but I'm here to tell you that the reason that girls don't like you is because you're an asshole." <-- best line in the movie. Well, one of the best. I think it sums up the guy's character quite nicely.

    I pray that I never get a migraine because I really don't think I could handle it. I think the amount that you do for the pain that you're in is just phenomenal, and you should always be gentle with yourself in that regard. That sentence might not make you feel better, but I still think it's true.

    I am so sorry to hear of yet another loss - it seems like sometimes grief just collapses upon itself and creates more loss out of it. I'm truly, deeply sorry, Robin. So many hugs right now.

  7. Just a great post and Amen to the chronic pain comment! People who have not experienced just do not understand.

  8. I suffer from bouts with depression. Chronic pain in the ass! :) I'm sorry for your pain. My aunt suffers from horrific migraines. She's been to a billion doctors it seems, and no one can make them go away, only placate them for a while. Oh and I LOVE MJF!!! And I agree with you, he would much better looking now, if that blasted disease was not eating him up, as you said.

  9. You know what, I cannot believe that you've been dealing with this migraine for SUCH A LONG TIME and doctors are unable to fix this. I mean, even in Poland - and our health care system is crap - this would've been done by now. Maybe you should change the doctors again? How is this possible that it's taking so long. This is unthinkable!

    And, on a different note - The Social Network is SOOOO amazing!

  10. "Today was all about her'....lololol...
    ohhhh she is never living that comment down!
    You have a wicked dry sense of humor. And those two guys got a verbal smackdown no doubt. I was starting to really worry about you...haven't been on my blog much lately and didn't see this post till today. Glad you are okay and your sense of humor is intact.

  11. I'm sorry you're migraine is still acting up...do those things ever go away? And it's not whining! Love the asshole comment...I might know someone like that. LOL


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