Sunday, June 16, 2013

Easing Into Father's Day

I miss my dad all of the time.  Days like today merely amplify the feeling.

I know that he is looking over my shoulder.  I know that he knows precisely what is going on in my life.  I know that he is goes to all of my doctor appointments and is nodding in approval at the direction my path for wellness has taken.  Each time I meet someone and learn something new, or read something that turns me onto eating better, living better, putting my body into balance, I know my dad is there.  He may have even orchestrated it somehow.

As an aside: have you ever noticed that when you get on a path of learning about something that more and more information continues to come to you on this topic?  I would say that God understands that you are finally in a place to receive, so it comes at you from every which way.  It is a wondrous thing when it happens.  It is the reason we must never give up and always continue to search for a better way or an answer.  If you continue to search, you will eventually land in that place where you will receive!  Maybe you just have to do a lot of living and try a lot of Wrong Things so that the information you get will make sense.  For some of us, that may take longer than for others of us....

My friend JJ The Disconnected Writer has talked about balance and being in balance for the Longest Time.  I think my dad understood that, though he never spoke in those terms.  My dad was way ahead of his time in terms of understanding that the body became ill due to deficits.  If a person wasn't getting enough of a vitamin, or necessary mineral, than the body couldn't sustain itself and became ill.  A good diet was the foundation.  However, some people were so lacking from poor nutrition that a good diet needed the help of supplements to get back on track.  My dad read and read and read about this sort of thing for the last forty years.  And he talked about what he read.  I know that he felt like he spoke mostly to brick walls.  People don't want to eat healthy, won't believe that eating organic is better, and don't want to quit the Junk Food in favor of the healthy stuff.  And they don't believe that their ailments can be cured by anything other than a Rx.  Plus, they won't take anything unless their medical doctor prescribes it.  Period. 

My dad was a Big Believer in taking care of your own health.  No one will care more about your health than You.  Your doctor certainly isn't going to care about it more than you will.   My current doctor might not care about my health more than I do, BUT she believes in a natural path to getting better just like my dad.  She believes that once your body is restored to its natural state of balance everything will function as it should.  I think that is what my friend JJ has been trying to say for a long time, too.  I have simply been so far out of balance that the concept has been difficult to grasp.  However, I feel myself becoming more aligned all of the time.  What once seemed impossible, now seems possible.

All of the books on natural medicine say that the body wants to restore itself to it's natural state of wellness.  Being in a state of dis-ease is simply not natural.  The body's natural state is one of ease.

From a purely selfish point of view, I wish you were here dad when I reached that state of ease again.  However, I know that you will know, and be celebrating where you are.  Maybe we can meet up in my dreams and have a nice chat about it.


  1. I know he is proud of you. I lost my dad years ago, but I still meet him in my dreams regularly - and that gives me a good feeling. Be well, my friend.

  2. Nice piece, Robin.

    This is my first Father's Day without my Dad, and I wrote about missing him as well.

    While my Dad was a lot more rigid than your sounds, I always managed to find a middle ground with him that seemed to escape most of my siblings.

    Which resulted in a pretty good relationship for the last fifteen years or so, one that I will miss.

    Anyway, I am sorry you miss your Dad, but it sounds like you have a lot of great memories.

    And that's somthing!


  3. Great post, Robin!!

    We do miss those guys...


  4. I'm in total agreement with your father regarding the way we eat - or should eat. All the chemicals and hormones can't be good for us.
    I'm sorry he's not physically with you, but he is watching you, Robin.

  5. I'm sorry for your loss, Robin. I'm glad you had such a loving and wise role model.

    Take care, and may good memories offer comfort.


  6. Of course your Dad is with you. He steps right beside you as you take this positive turn. Keep on going Robin, and know he's applauding it all.

  7. JJ ~ Thank you. More fodder for future conversation... dreams of dads.

    Larry ~ I commented on your blog, but I am sorry for your loss. I keep hoping it will get easier. I am not really sure that it does.

    Shoes ~ I knew that you would get this one.

    Alex ~ Yeah. You can't keep putting bad stuff in and continue to get a good result.

    Robyn ~ Thank you. I was one of the lucky ones.

    Liza ~ Yes, of course he is.

  8. Your first Father's Day without your Dad and look at you! You are dealing with tough things in such a great way. I'm so glad to be around to witness this wonderful turn for you!
    BTW- I experience a similar phenomenon in that I hear about something that seems strange or out place or just whimsical- and sometimes doesn't even make sense to me at the time and then within about a week it is something I definitely need to have in my arsenal of knowledge and I can't imagine what I would do if I hadn't picked up that little tidbit!

  9. Some people are ahead of their time and it sounds like your dad was that way regarding health.

    I'm sure he's looking down on you and smiling :)

  10. Jasmine ~ Actually this is the 3rd. Dad died in May of 2011. Father's Day came hard and fast that year. There was no time to really even process it. I doubt I wrote about it last year either. This year I was able to cope with the holiday. ::sigh::

    Mark ~ He definitely was! I think he is happy about the direction things are taking:)

    1. Wow, how time flies! Glad it was easier for you this time around...

  11. Hear, Hear! I like your dad's thinking. I know how much you miss him. My dad died in June several years ago.

  12. My dad is still with me and surprised us all by taking a holistic approach to his health in the last decade. After being a "steak and Jack Daniels" man all his life, he's now eating well and using various natural supplements to balance his diet.


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