Tuesday, June 25, 2013

How A Thursday Post Comes Together (or not)

Over the years, many of you have addressed in the comments my "process" regarding the HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY posts.  When those posts do come together, it is *magic.*

Let me give you a few examples of how it has been this week.  This week has not been magic, but only because YouTube has not been working for me.  Ironically, in terms of what you guys have been writing, it has been *magic.*

For instance, klahanie wrote a tongue-in-cheek post offering up his services as a Sex Coach.  This sparked my mind to immediately go to a scene from the amazing John Hughes film She's Having A Baby.  This is another 80s wonder, and I have seen it about 50 times give or take.  In college, it was on Play on our VCR All Of The Time.  I think I know most of the lines by heart.  Yes, this film is about having a baby, but mostly it is about adjusting to being married.  Towards the end of the film, they do decide to have a baby, and hence the name.  Anyway, even that doesn't come easy and it involves doctor visits.  The husband, Jake, is very upset about the whole thing.  They are lying in bed and his wife makes the mistake of saying, "I talked to my mom about it..." And he just blows.  (this is me guessing at the lines more or less)

"You talked to your mom. Did you talk to the neighbors?  Who didn't you talk to?  Geez."  Then he goes into one of his fantasy sequences.  He pictures her parents at the end of the bed with flashlights on their heads giving them... Sex Lessons.  Her dad is saying things like, "Jake get your butt a little higher."

And now we have come full circle to how She's Having A Baby just tied in to klahanie's post on Sex Coaching.  Voila.  Only problem:  they don't have that clip on YouTube.  They have lots of other great clips from the movie, but NOT that one.  Sorry klahanie.  I did think of you.  This sort of thing happens a lot.

Jay Noel posted on his blog about purposefully changing the words to certain songs.  He had an entire list of songs that he lyric-changes on purpose.  He gave his version of the lyrics above and then the actual lyrics below.  Soooo funny.  Well, that made me think of this scene from the movie Bull Durham.  Yeah, another darn 80s movie.  Crash and the boys were on the bus and Meat starts to sing a song, but he is getting the lyrics wrong.  Not on purpose, though.  It is driving Crash crazy.  He finally starts correcting him.  H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S.  Is it on YouTube?  Nope.  Other funny scenes from Bull Durham are there, but not that one.  Drat that YouTube.  It is killing my process.

Red Shoes wrote a rather naughty post giving the nod to No Panties Day.  Shoes, Shoes, Shoes.  We are going to have a talk someday.  LOLOL.  The post was fairly harmless and a typical Naughty Shoes post.  They are always labeled, so you know what you're getting.  Moving on... That immediately made me think of this specific episode of the long-defunct TV show Felicity.  That was the first brain-child of JJ Abrams.  I took several tours through that show since I have it on DVD.  The first time I watched it on TV, the second time I was desperately trying to understand Felicity's choices, and the third time I just enjoyed it (again).  JJ Abrams writes really amazing characters.  Now, how did this episode relate to the Shoes post?  Well, let me tell you.

Sean and Meghan were secondary characters on that show.  Meghan was rather wild, but gave up that side of herself when she got together with Sean.  She was beginning to feel the strain, and was clamoring to go out to this Underground Party.  Sean was wanting to get in touch with his Jewish roots and that was his Holy Night, so he didn't want to go.  They were clashing Big-Time.  In the end, she ended up ditching the party for church and he went looking for her at this party in asslass chaps.  And we have now circled back to No Panties Day.  She is waiting for him at home and he walks in all decked out in leather.  He is ticked.  He has been looking for her all over NYC.  When he turns to go upstairs is when you see the lack of ass in the chaps.  Hahahahaha.  Happy No Panties Day, Shoes.  I know it wasn't what you had in mind, but that is what made it so perfect.

Unfortunately, that has been what this entire week of reading has been like... Thursday is not looking promising:(

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  1. Robin: Do you play chess? It's a great pastime.

  2. HAR!!!!

    I'm pleased to have been of some assistance to you and your method of writing, dear Robin!

    No one knows better than I do that I can go from emotional, gut-wrenching posts (from my standpoint) to this totally inane, insane gobbledy gook that I seem to come up with...

    I trust all is well with you!



  3. You are a plethora of pop culture knowledge - very cool!!
    I'll recall lines and scenes from movies in a similar fashion. Half the time, they come from MST3K.
    Hope you find clips this week!

  4. Yup- one thing leads to another, leads to another, leads to ANOTHER. Unfortunately or fortunately depending on how you look at it, you and I have minds that work in much the same way. Stuff that's in there is in there forever and it all relates in some way. My husband says that if he ever got stuck in my head he would want to run away screaming. Good gracious- some of us are just blessed in the weirdest of ways!

  5. BTW: I love your saying at the top. It suits my current situation and thought process.

  6. The mind works in fun and mysterious ways.


  7. Great choices! (Too bad that dastardly YouTube didn't cooperate.)

  8. JJ ~ I learned to play chess in my 20s. I was never all that good. I really do like board games, though. However, they will not help me put a Thursday post together. And my readers do seem to like them...

    Shoes ~ I would really have loved your response to that scene of Sean in assless chaps. That would have been ::PRICELESS:: I cannot believe the number of pleasures of which I am deprived.

    Alex ~ What I have is a pretty decent memory and a mind that works in Mysterious Ways. It can add up to some awesome Thursday posts when YouTube is cooperating.

    Jasmine ~ Yes. Exactly. There are some things that I have only seen once and they stick FOREVER. It just so happens that two of my examples are a movie and TV show that I have watched repeatedly, but that is rare. Once something goes in this vault, it stays in. You never know when I will pull it out, either! You are so right... some of us are blessed in the weirdest of ways!!! I never thought of that saying and you, but yes it does suit you:)

    Robyn ~ That is what I am saying!

    Susan ~ YouTube is on my list!!!

  9. Great stuff and I like seeing how other writer's minds work.

    Strangely enough, your thought process made sense to me, lol :)

    Hope YouTube straightens up for you by Thursday :)

  10. The creative mind is a terrible thing to waste! :)

  11. Your choices always seem to fit. I thought YT had anything you wanted or needed or desired, but it appears not.

  12. I, too, tend to believe everything is on YouTube until I go hunting for something specific. I wanted a certain clip for my post today and it took me forever to find one. Good luck for Thursday.

  13. See, this is my kind of blog post. This is how my brain works. And a lot of my blog posts are sort of the same, just a mental stream of "here's what's going on in my head right now." Sometimes people like it and sometimes they call me obscene names. I like it. I need to visit some of these blogs you mentioned and see what they are up to.

  14. Mark ~ This has been a Crazy Week. I have had Ideas out the Wazoo for my Thursday post and am getting Zip on YouTube. Sooo frustrating. Glad you followed that stream of thought. Not sure what that says about YOU. Hahaha.

    Yvonne ~ Yeah.

    Manzanita ~ No. I have been wanting to post something for you for a while now, but YouTube and I haven't even come close to an eye to eye.

    LD ~ An idea is one thing... finding it on YouTube is a whole other thing.

    Steve ~ I have never been called names. I was challenged to play chess. And there you have that.

  15. Hi Robin,

    I finally got over to your site. I have to admit I struggle to keep up with all the interaction. Still, I'm grateful for it's better than no interaction at all. I want to thank you for your kindness and support on my latest posting.

    The sense you have behind your, "HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY" and the accompanying videos, although I can mostly speak in regards to what you have thoughtfully put up in regards to me, are most perceptive of you. I could see how my surreal posting, my form of escapism in a positive way, could be related to the movie you note. It ties in nicely.

    And thus, Jay changes lyrics and Red Shoes is into, or not into, as the case may be, "No Panties Day." Before I get into trouble, thanks again and I think you are very prolific. For yes, you now have a certain posting published.

    Thank you, Robin.

    Gary :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed the thought process. As you can see from this Thursday's post, I never did find any footage from She's Having A Baby for this week's Thursday post. Gah. It happens that way all too often. I think of all my readers every week. YouTube is very narrow in what it will deliver!


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