Tuesday, June 11, 2013


Do you ever have a whole bunch of stuff in your head?  I am talking so much stuff that it feels like buzzards are circling in there?

One of my Facebook friends from high school has a parent who is sick.  The parent is retired and on Medicare and is having difficulty staying hospitalized despite a serious infection in her back.  My high school friend is about ready to explode if her status updates are any way to gauge the situation.  This is the same friend who posted on my status, after the election, that she wasn't sure that we could remain friends if I continued to post my political views now that the election was over.  I told her to delete me if she couldn't just scroll past my posts on her Wall.  She decided to put her Big Girl Pants on.  Of course, one of my big problems with Obama was ObamaCare.  Well, now my friend is living with the reality of ObamaCare firsthand.  I am finding it very difficult to be supportive without pointing the obvious: Elections Have Consequences.  But, bless my heart, I am trying.  One of HER relatives was kind enough to state the obvious on one of those threads, and put the blame right where it belonged: on ObamaCare.  Thank goodness.

Now that the news is filled with one scandal after another at the Big White, I am reading on many blogs bits and pieces, and occasionally full-on rants, about what is going down.  If you didn't know, today is the vote on Amnesty.  I was unaware (until today) that Marco Rubio has changed his position on his own bill and is now saying that this bill should pass as is.  Legalization must come first.  Wow.  In my humble opinion, this bill has been flawed all the way down the line.  Now the speculation is amping up for what will happen next.  The GOP is backing away from this bill like a tuna fish sandwich left out in the sun for a week.  Some say that Rubio has shot his political aspirations into the toilet and all but cleared the way for Jeb Bush's rush at the Presidential bid for 2016.  Are you groaning yet?  Me too.  I should have seen this one coming.  Manzanita predicted that Jeb Bush was the Candidate that the Non-Republican Republicans have been grooming for this Nomination right after Romney lost.  If I take anything away from this it is to never disregard anything Manzanita says... ever.

What do you think about the NSA snooping on people via every telecommunications device they can?  Right this moment the Whistleblower's name escapes me, but do you think he is legit?  I have read varying things.  I am not convinced that specific guy is the Real Deal.  However, I am absolutely certain since The Patriot Act that the NSA is listening in on our phone calls and reading our email.  I have no doubt that they have gone far beyond the scope of what most Americans would find acceptable -  if they knew the breadth and depth of the monitoring.  It is a good thing we are used to being lied to and accept the lies like we do our morning cereal.   As for me, I think George Orwell was a man ahead of his time.  He was all too familiar with the human condition and he saw this coming.

 “The choice for mankind lay between freedom and happiness and… for the great bulk of mankind, happiness was better.”George Orwell, 1984.

Given that, how am I remaining sane?  I weeded an area for a garden.  That felt great.  I can't weed out our government, but I can weed a small space that is mine.  Yanking out those suckers was extremely cathartic.  Then I planted some tomatoes, peppers of all colors, cucumbers, and oregano.  Now, I am going to water and watch something grow.

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  1. Robin-

    Sadly, America was all too willing to drink the Obama Kool-Aid.

    "I'm going to give you all sorts of FREE STUFF and it won't cost us anything."

    We deserve the leaders we get.

    You may want to plant some habanero peppers in your garden-they should be hot enough to get the taste of Obamanomics out of your mouth.


  2. I've seen several other posts this past week that described the pitfalls of Obamacare.

  3. Like Voltaire did 200 years earlier, I have spent a considerable amount of time studying our government and the concept of freedom since the 1960s. I don't find it as complicated as the media or political analysts do.

    Things were pretty good for the large majority of Americans in that era. That is not to negate the fact that many Americans continued to suffer for a variety of reasons. However, there was an anti-American contingency of malcontents desiring to take down our nation. That was not possible from the outside, because after WWII, we were the superpower. They vowed to destroy us from the inside.

    Such an infiltration cannot take place overnight. In fact, it took two generations. The children of the '60s generation still had a connection with their parents and grandparents, so many of them were spared. However, the grandchildren lost that connection and will never know what life was like before the crazies took over.

    There is no single place to assess blame. Infiltration takes decades. It begins with the education system and control of economic institutions. Then, slowly, masses of uninformed youth can be misinformed to further political goals. That is where we are today.

    Attempts to fix the problems for the four million citizens less fortunate in the 1960s, good-intentioned or not, failed miserably. The grandchildren of those less fortunate in 1964 are not only worse off now, but there are tens of millions more of them.

    Despite political rhetoric, the USA of 1776-1976 is no more. Orwell, indeed, was prophetic. He actually began admiring the communist ideas in Russia, until he saw the reality of the movement. The only thing that will save us from further decline is education.

    Ignorance is fodder for destructive political forces. We are en route to brainwashing a third generation. Keep replacing Patrick Henry and Mark Twain with 1960s radicals and Karl Marx and your grandchildren will pledge allegiance to a new Kingdom, in whatever political form it takes.

  4. ANOTHER Bush??? Oh good Lord, no! That is the last thing this country needs. All the Bushes are Big Government loving phonies. Maybe a miracle will occur before the next election and Karl Rove will get struck by lightning and die. That'd stop any more Bushes from getting an automatic nomination on the Republican side. Then Jeb might actually have to win legitimately instead of just kissing Karl's ring and asking him to give it to him.

    As for Obamacare, if Jeb Bush is our next president then it will NEVER get repealed. If anything, he'd just increase its funding, if that's even possible.

  5. You'll have to forgive this British dog, but American politics confuses me. All I can say is that Universal Healthcare, the National Health Service, or NHS, which is free from the point of service, has been first class in the treatment of my human, Gary.
    Never has to worry about having the right kind of medical insurance. Healthcare is a right and not a privilege.

    Pawsitive wishes,

    Penny the Jack Russell dog and modest internet superstar!

  6. LC ~ The first thing I learned in high school economics class is "there is no such thing as a free lunch." I may not have retained many specifics from that class, but THAT stuck.

    Alex ~ Yeah, this whole thing is looking like one giant trainwreck.

    JJ ~ Wow. I think your comment was more informative than my blog.

    Steve ~ I agree about Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, and the future of ObamaCare should that all come to pass. I know that if my choice in 2016 is Jeb Bush, Hilary Clinton, or a third party... I am voting 3rd party. I don't even care who it is. It has to be better than either of those two.

    klahanie ~ I don't know much about the intricacies of politics outside the U.S. Healthcare in the U.S. needed fixing, but the Affordable Care Act is not affordable. In the end it is NOT going to provide health insurance for EVERYONE. All it is going to do is raid Medicare making the quality of health care substandard for the sick and elderly, make premiums skyrocket for people who already had health insurance, kick many people off their plans, and ultimately FINE people who can't afford health insurance. I don't see that as fixing the problem. I see that as taking a problem from BAD to CATASTROPHIC. Oh, and they have also instituted death panels. It is very possible that a 10 year old girl in need of lung transplant may be the first casualty of the ObamaCare Death Panels that we were assured absolutely did not exist. Last I checked this story, she had ten days (now eight) to get new lungs, even though she has five weeks to live (according to her doctor). A Federal Judge had to overrule the Death Panel. Yes, she should have a Right To Life. She now has a Privilege of Eight Days and Counting. Tick Tock.

  7. Let me first say that this is the best post I've read in a very long time, and I'm not saying this because I couldn't agree more, which I can't. Orwell was more familiar with the human condition than most of us would care to imagine. Power corrupts in the name of our collective wellbeing while all it does is make me sick to my individual stomach. It makes me wonder if I'd pull such stunts on all of you if I were in power. I don't even want to know the answer. Politics is a dirty game. If you go in clean, you come out gray and dirty. I don't want to be a part of it. Too bad one person's career move that's called ObamaCare should have such painful consequences. Believe me, he doesn't know. If he does, it's only academically.

    P.S. My office is called room 101. Every time I see that number on my door, it makes me want to go home or change it into lucky seven, and I hear myself thinking, Maybe it isn't just the government that's reading my email. I know it isn't.

  8. Robin
    If you take truth in anything I say, you're in "big trouble." But look up the Bush history. The great-grandfather was in kahoots with Hitler and had dealings with Germany and helped put the fluoride in the concentration camps. They are coy, all right. With the Bush's we can apply that old "out of the frying pan thing."

    As far as the NSA big snoop, that I do not consider a scoop. The big gigantic building in Utah has been out in the open for a very long time. Agenda 21 tells everything that is/and will be happening. They are right on schedule, well perhaps 10 or 20 years late, but close enough. It's good if it wakes up some of the sleepers, but it doesn't. They open their eyes and say, "Oh how grand. Now I feel safe." Turn over and go back to sleep.

    I suppose the next big leak will be that you can get anywhere by way of underground Denver airport. I did say Underground. Or someone will finally leak that airplanes are spraying chemicals on us from the sky. There is nothing new, it's all out there already. Not on mainstream news but it's out there. So .... are the leaks real??? I think not. Just be happy when you see one day of blue sky and the other days, try to be happy too and study your newspeak.

  9. My husband and I both thought Jeb Bush was a likely candidate too.

  10. Wow, great post Robin!

    As for Rubio, he is trying to 'clarify' his "new" stance on the immigration issue by saying that "legalization" is -not- the pathway to citizenship, but will only allow illegals to get a 'worker card' so they can pay taxes. He now says we have to find out about the 11 million illegals in order to determine their intentions. It's odd, though, because one would suspect the NSA is spying on -them-, as well...so they already know their intentions. Supposedly, and I'm very skeptical on this point, they won't be eligible for any sort of govt. benefits or Obamacare.

    And, speaking of Obamacare, as harsh as it is to say, some people had this coming...at least in an 'eye opening' respect. As you said, elections DO have consequences and a lot of Obama supporters are -now- beginning to feel those consequences, sad to say.

  11. Before George W decided to run for Prez, I thought Jeb would've been a much better candidate, but even if he were Thomas Jefferson reborn, I don't Jeb has a snowball's chance of getting the nomination now. I could be wrong, but I don't think the country is ready for another Bush.

  12. Grumpster ~ I like to think that people go into politics for all of the right reasons. I don't know anymore. Do they and something happens when they get there? Are they tarnished along the way? I just don't know. What boggles my mind more than the corrupt people in the office is the delusion of everyone else. Or maybe the apathy.

    Manzanita ~ I am only familiar with "aspects" of Agenda 21. Reading more tidbits that you have thrown out, I don't know if I want to know more or not. I am fairly certain it would Freak Me Out Utterly and Completely. As you say, perhaps it is best simply to enjoy the sunny days.

    Rosey ~ Gah.

    Mark ~ Rubio and the Gang of Eight change their marketing on this bill so frequently that I can't keep pace. I read earlier today in someone's comments (but I haven't followed up on it personally) that only 14 Republicans voted "No" on the bill. McCain didn't vote at all. Strange. I think this bill is a Travesty the way that it reads right now and everyone who voted for it should be voted out of office by their constituents. But, that is just me. I am certain that most of them will be re-elected. As for ObamaCare... all we can do is sit back and watch the train wreck. And I agree with your assessment - you get what you paid, I mean voted, for...

    Susan ~ I think you are right. How do you sink the Republican party? Put another Bush on the ticket.

  13. And of course, I too agree wholeheartedly... and sadly.
    Today I heard the author of the Patriot Act saying that this was not what he had in mind. Not surprised that we have gone down this road way too far...
    And yes, I too find myself looking for ways to simply escape and run away from all this garbage if even in my mind.
    Right now I am helping a client move away to Hawaii as her 20 year business has tanked and she just wants to make the best of what life she has left since her Dad just died of complications of diabetes and she was recently diagnosed herself. I see so many people in this boat.
    BTW, the states, such as Colorado, that are looking to redefine their borders fascinate me and make me think my ideas might be right after all. Somehow, that doesn't scare me so much.

  14. ROBIN ~
    Nuttin' surprising here - it's all very predictable. My next blog bit will be examining some facts about 'The Shadow Government', but it ain't nuttin' I haven't exposed numerous times in various ways on my blog in the past. I just keep repeating myself with different words and different examples.

    I'm gonna have to check out Manzanita's blog; she really seems to know the slightly cloaked, semi-hidden truth about geopolitics.

    Good blog bit, Sister!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  15. Jasmine ~ I find it interesting now that some stuff is coming out, A LOT of stuff is coming out. I hadn't heard that statement from the writer of The Patriot Act, but I am not surprised. What I am surprised by is the fact that the guy didn't see it coming. That Act was set up to be abused. It should never have been written. Why do people not have the power to see beyond their nose?

    I understand the desire to run. The problem is that I don't see anywhere to run TO in this mad world. The whole world had gone insane. I, too, find it interesting that individual states are beginning to stand up and separate themselves from these United States. Didn't Arizona exempt itself from ObamaCare? The more states that decide to "redefine their borders" or exempt themselves from Federal programs makes me wonder what will happen. Will the South rise again... just all over the Country????

    Stephen ~ Just so you know, Manzi doesn't usually talk politico on HER blog. She knows TONS, but she refrains from airing it on her site. Now, if you post something and she reads it, she will comment plenty. Hahahaha. She is over 80 years old and has seen it, read about, and tried it (at least twice), and knows more than I ever will. Honestly one of the most fascinating people I have never met.

  16. ROBIN ~
    Yeah, right after submitting my comment here, I went to Manzanita's blog to have a look. I noticed that there was nothing the least bit political there, just, I don't know, baking recipes and whatever. Not the sort of thing I was looking for, so I didn't sign up to 'Follow'. Oh well...

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  17. Wow... I wasn't aware of this perception about Jeb Bush... to me, he seemed logical.

    I felt that our Country still had a chance going into the 2012 elections, but when Obama was re-elected, that was the end of any Hope that I had for a viable future for this country.

    I would imagine that woman who testified for the prosecution in the Trevon Martin case down in Florida would be a most typical Obama voter... can't make sense of anything... can't read cursive... She says that Trevon Martin referred to that Zimmerman guy as a'white assed cracker' or something along those lines, yet, there are no allegations from the 'main stream media' that Martin may have been a racist himself.

    I mourn the future of our country...



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