Saturday, May 4, 2013

Reflecting on the A to Z and Life After A to Z

Check out my cool new badge.  What badge, you say?  I am talking about the graphic displayed above that indicates that I survived the A to Z Challenge.  I posted something in April for every letter of the alphabet, Monday through Friday.  I actually did it.  On the day.  And all of my posts were geared toward my THEME of Passions, Phases and/or Life Lessons.  Let me tell you (now that it is over) that it was touch and go round about the letter "T."  I ran out of pre-written posts, I was tired, life was knocking on my door, and I really wasn't sure I was going to make it.  However, it all turned out pretty darn awesome.  Of course, now I feel like something the cat dragged in.  Ooops.  I am skipping ahead.

I want to take a minute (or two) to reflect back on this challenge.  A few people that I regularly follow were already participating in the Challenge.  That was nice.  I started following some new blogs, and a few blogs started following me.  Some were consistent.  Some were not.  Hey, that is how this blogging thing always works out.  I think we are always looking for the blogs that have subject content we are actually interested in reading.  So, to all of those readers, old and new, who stuck it out with me, I am continually inspired by your ability to give great comment.  I look forward to cementing our blogging relationship in the future... when I get my head reattached to my body.  Ooops.  More on that later...

Alex J. Cavanaugh, who I have been following for quite some time now, and he I, had a Super Awesome Theme this time for the A to Z.  It was kind of like a Here's To You on Steroids.   (Apparently Alex figures out a way to showcase fellow bloggers with this challenge every year.  I am only using the Here's To You as a reference point for those of you who didn't visit Alex's blog during the challenge so you can kinda/sorta imagine what this was like.  However, he in NO WAY got this idea from my little ole blog.  Moving on...)   For each letter he picked out a movie and a song that started with that letter.  He then chose a character from said movie that reminded him of a blogger buddy and linked them in to the post.  He then posted their photo and said something nice about them to direct traffic to their page.  On top of all that, there was trivia every day.  I don't know anyone who is better about supporting fellow bloggers than Alex.  He selected me for the letter "Y."  Yep, right when I was spiralling out and going into freefall, Alex chose me.  That, my friends is LIFE.  Hahahaha.  However, I wouldn't change a thing about it, since this blog spends half its life that way.  I wouldn't want anyone to think there is false advertising going on here.  Thank you, Alex, for picking me for the letter "Y" even though I have no idea WHY you would!

One last shout out to Arlee Bird who started this whole challenge in the first place.  There were plenty of other helpers.  If you are interested in any of the details, check out the A to Z site.  It will be happening again next April.

I think I mentioned that I have been having some difficulty getting my self together after the the A to Z.  Yeah.  Something like that.  I remember when I first started this blog.  I blogged daily.  I spent several days doing some head scratching over that one.  How did I do that?  Then it occurred to me.  I had NO followers.  I didn't know how to follow anyone for at least two months.  I think I had nine followers for about four months.  Now, nine blogs I can keep up with fairly easily.   ::aaah, it is making sense now::

What is in store for the future?  I really want to get back to the Inspirational Song Saturday posts.  I think I am going to do a list of all the features already done, so that you can link back to them.  They are all 80s artists and how well they worked MTV.  Of course, this is strictly from my perspective.  I want your opinion, too:)  And I really miss my HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY posts.  I thought about trying to get one out this past Thursday, but I wasn't prepared.  I have been hunting and gathering for next Thursday, though.  No doubt, I will sprinkle some Random Thoughts in between these events.

Ever since the challenge I have been feeling like I've been stuck in second gear.  Anyone else?  Because of that, THIS SONG won't get out of my head:

image found on facebook, naturally


  1. I think a lot of people really like your "Here's to you Thursdays."
    Thank you for the kind words about my theme. I've featured blogger buddies for the past three years and don't intend to stop doing that. (I just need to figure out what I'm doing next year!) Glad your day came at just the right time. A couple others said the same thing, so the timing was all God.
    Glad you enjoyed this year's Challenge!

  2. To top it off, our neighborhood garage sale was today. Color me Totally Zonked.

  3. This year, my favorite part of the challenge was the end. I simply was not prepared this time around. But I did it anyway. And I'm glad. I didn't get around to more than about 15 or so new blogs---and I did find some new, interesting ones. Do we still get the survivor badge if our heart wasn't in it? :)

  4. Alex ~ Yes. Thursday are a favorite. I went back and inserted something into the original post. I didn't want anyone to think that you got YOUR idea from MY Thursday post. I know that it didn't go down that way!

    Carol ~ I can't imagine. I had to go dress shopping for a wedding yesterday. Mind you, I am just a guest and I could barely do it. I feel like I am just done in. Did I tell you that we are also in the middle of a kitchen renovation? Our kitchen was gutted two weeks ago. We still don't have anything other than a toaster oven. Not even a microwave. Egads.

    Empty Nester ~ You hung in until the end. I think you deserve the badge. Just sayin.'

  5. Badges? We don't need no stinking badges!


  6. "I remember when I first started this blog. I blogged daily. I spent several days doing some head scratching over that one. How did I do that? Then it occurred to me. I had NO followers. I didn't know how to follow anyone for at least two months."

    Robin, this was ME!!! Except, replace two with SIX months! And you, my dear did the extraordinary thing and finished an A-Z...for four years I haven't dared to try. You my dear, are amazing. Oh, yeah, and I agree, Alex is too.

  7. Thank you for your continued support of my blogs and the recognition you have so often given me. I'm glad you shared the April experience with us and provided your reflections here. You are much appreciated.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  8. Larry ~ Speak for yourself. I am keeping mine;)

    Liza ~ I honestly don't know how long that period of NO followers lasted; I was guesstimating with the two months. I know it was a LONG time. And then when people did start reading it was SLOW. I feel like I back-doored my way into every good blog I found on here - and that includes yours. It was all luck and happenstance. I know why you haven't done the A to Z. You are too busy publishing articles and writing novels. Don't beat yourself up. YOU are AMAZING!

    Arlee ~ The A to Z is a wonderful challenge. You deserve the recognition!!!

  9. Congratulations on the completion of the Challenge and the great Reflection Post.


  10. Hey there, Ms Robin... I love the 'Here's To You Thursday's as well!!!

    Where we will be at some point in time seems to be the theme of several blogs I have read this morning. We all seem to be quite a reflective group!!

    I enjoy reading what you have to say.



  11. Robin: I have many commitments, and I try not to gripe too much, but I always put things in priority. I enjoy reading the A to Z entries, not only on your blog, but also others. Alex and Arlee are super. So are your HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY posts.

    Despite my frequent absences (while I live my crazy life), I really do things in priority. Never forget, "I'll be there for" my friends. Congrats!

  12. I too, like your Thursday, Here's to you. It's your original baby. I kept getting behind this year, although I don't now why. I barely got any new blogs read. I did better in the previous years. But I was more relaxed this time and actually had a lot a fun. Life goes on.

  13. I am new to your blog. I don't know what's the Here's to you Thursday but I read Alex mentioned it in his post featuring you. I'm curious now. I think your writing is interesting even if I don't comment on every post. Too many blogs, too little time. From the few posts that I've read, I think I can see why Alex featured you. I hope you get your head reattached pretty soon. Heads are important in life. :)

  14. Congratulations on finishing A to Z! Visiting, Following & Inviting you to my blog. Looking forward to 2014

  15. Yvonne ~ Glad I participated, but I am also glad it's over! Whew!!!

    Shoes ~ Right back at ya:)

    JJ ~ I feel the same way.

    Manzanita ~ I did fairly well during the first half of the challenge. It only got hairy when I ran out of pre-written posts and things got "messy" here. I will write more about that this week. Life does go on!!!

    Al ~ Heads are important. You have no idea how difficult it is to do anything when you are constantly searching for your head!!!

    Kate ~ Sorry I missed you during the Event this year. However, I appreciate the invite and the following!

  16. Robin, congratulations on finishing the challenge. It makes sense you'd be zonked. Give yourself that, and take whatever time you need to come back in full force.

    I just watched the video. It's fun and inspiring. I'm glad to now have the song stuck in my head. Thank you.


  17. There's always some of that disorientation after the Challenge. Everything is so driven during April and then May feels so open. :P

  18. Mission accomplished, congratulations! Next step: get unstuck from the second gear.
    Evalina, This and that...

  19. I had honestly never seen that Friends theme song video before in my life. That was cool!


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