Saturday, May 25, 2013

Casinos, Cupcakes, and Conversation

Hello, peeps.

I am still on vacation.  I know.  Crazy, right?

Where did I leave you?  I was headed to the casino in my last post I believe.  Well, that turned out to be a lot of fun.  I lost about $40 out of my Winnings Fund that I keep set aside strictly for gambling.  So, that was a no harm, no foul.  When you consider that was an entire day's worth of entertainment and tons of fun... well, it was money well spent:)

After that there was a Rehearsal Dinner.  The most notable thing from that event was the CUPCAKES.  You read that right.  Hand to God, I ate the best cupcake I have ever had in my entire life at the Rehearsal Dinner.  It was so good, I ate a second one.  Sooooo good.  I should have taken a picture.  However, I was in a state of delirium and didn't think of it.  My nephew's wedding was the next day.  I will write more on that later.  A lot more going on at that event than awesome cupcakes.

We are now visiting my mom's best friend, my uncle, and all of the rest of the family that live in these parts.  So, there is rather a lot going on every day.  Ironically, even when there isn't... it feels like there is.  You know what I mean?  Yeah, like that. You know how easy it is with a best friend to pick up a conversation, even though a year or more has passed, just like you talked yesterday?  It's not like that with certain members of your family.  Just sayin.'  Not naming any names, but there are some people in my family that are all lit up when THEY are talking, but as soon as you or anyone else says something, it's like you can see the light switch turn off.  Let me tell you, spending time with those folks make for very long days.  On the other hand, it does make you appreciate other family members all the more.  So, everyone is good for something.

Anyway, we are waiting to get past the holiday before we make the long drive back south.

I think we will probably spend a few days in Georgia once we start moving that way, visiting with old friends who live there.  Hey, why not?  So, it could be another week before I actually sleep in my own bed again.

If you are traveling this Memorial Day Weekend - be safe out there. 

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(not the amazing cupcakes I referenced in this post.... clearly)


  1. Sounds like you are having a fine time. Gambling and cupcakes? What's not to like? I enjoy quarter slots to a limit. If money were less of an issue I'd go for the $1 or $5 slots, but these days I avoid all slots--well unless I happen to be in a casino. Cupcakes if present I never avoid.

    I'm just staying home for this week-end and that's fine with me.

    Wrote By Rote
    An A to Z Co-host blog

  2. Enjoy your trip. You earned it. Say hey to Mom.

  3. Sounds like you will come home with a lot of memories.
    Drive safe this weekend - it's crazy out there.

  4. I can't wait to hear all the happenings at the wedding. Enjoy your time and have a safe trip home.

  5. Sounds like fun, Robin! Family, I know!

  6. It sounds like a perfectly wonderful vacation to me.

    And lol at your description of everyone being good for something. Hear hear! :)

    Happy long weekend to you, not that it matters since you're already whooping it up. ;)

  7. Sounds like a fun trip all in travels home!

  8. Hi Robin,

    Nice alliteration :) Enjoy the rest of your vacation. And yes, take it easy over the Memorial Day weekend. In Britain, it's also a long weekend called Spring Bank Holiday. There you go, a bit of extra info. Safe journey home, my friend.

    Gary :)

  9. Casinos?!?!?!

    Where did you go????

    I hope you didn't come to my neck of the woods and not tell me!!



  10. Hi-ya. I wandered over here from J.J.'s place, and see some familiar names here, so I feel right at home. Nice to meetcha. I read through some of your earlier posts, and this seems like a fun place to be, so count me in as your newest groupie.

    Enjoy your vacation. With cupcakes in the mix, it's gotta be all good.

  11. Gambling AND cupcakes? My kind of vacay! ;) Safe travels home!

  12. It's so wonderful to hear (read) you sounding so happy and relaxed! Enjoy the rest of your vacation!

  13. Keep having fun so you can tell us everything when you come back. Hmm, now I want a cupcake.

  14. Arlee ~ You would have loved these cupcakes. Best ever. My mouth thought it died and went to heaven.

    JJ ~ Mom says "Hi" and we are looking forward to getting together with you and Carol when we come home!

    Alex ~ Seems like we have been gone Forever now. We decided to put off the drive until After the Holiday. Too much crazy on the Highway.

    Carol ~ Wedding will be my next blog!

    Linda ~ Yes you do!

    LC ~ Overall it has been Fun:)

    Gary ~ Thank you for that Fun Fact. I did not know that!

    Shoes ~ We went to The Horseshoe Casino in Cleveland. No worries. I promise that we will definitely meet up when I am out Your Way!!!

    Susan ~ So glad you stopped in. It is sometimes crazy here, but I hope in a good way:)

    Yvonne ~ Yeah, I would really love another one of those Cupcakes. They were Awesome!

    Liza ~ Thank you Ms. Liza. I think the word you are actually reaching for is "Lazy."

    Al ~ I know. Me, too. Dang Cupcake Lady.

    When you described the relative who glazed over when you spoke, it was interesting. I know a couple of people like that. I always thought, "Gee I must be boring," as I could see the curtain close on them. So I avoid talking to them. Now you say the same thing happens with certain people so it's THEM not US. Whewww. Now I wonder why some people do that.

    What fun for you and your Mom to get away and see friends and relatives. Enjoy, enjoy.

    1. Manzanita ~ Yeah, my first thought was that it was me, too. But it happens when ANYONE else speaks. That was something of an eye-opener. Now, I practice avoidance, too. A person's time is valuable after all!!!

  16. Hey.... a Winnings Fund.... That's a great idea. Now I gotta have one myself.
    Rehearsal Dinner... I don't like reheasal dinners. Eating once is enough. It's like these things remind me of the dinner to come. You know what I mean? 'Did you just have a deja vu?' 'No that was a rehearsal dinner.' That kind of thing. I bet you did take a picture. You just don't want to show us how you devoured that poor cupcake and another one and another one. We're on to you, young lady. Casinos and Cupcakes...

  17. I hope your vacation was/is wonderful, Robin.


  18. I'm a big fan of cupcakes! Sounds like the rest of your vacation was great, thanks for sharing a little of it with us!

  19. I was traveling over Memorial Day and indeed enjoyed myself a bunch. Lots of stuff going on...
    Sounds like you had an interesting and fun time. You certainly deserve it.
    Back at the blogging thing here, real soon!


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