Wednesday, May 15, 2013


Okay, peeps, here's the scoop: I am on vacation.  As in gone.  Meaning not at home.  My internet time is down to extremely limited.

I spent all day Monday and Tuesday in the car.  Good times.

Today was spent at the zoo with the family.  Reminded me that the last time I was at the zoo was in the summer of 1999 in Berlin.  This time was better since I could read the signs.  Well, maybe not.  The animals were all sleeping on this trip.  It was hot as heck and they were all snoozing.  In 1999, I couldn't read squat but the animals were all out and about.  Turns out the monkeys act the same in every country.  That show is X-Rated and not really appropriate for children.  I kept expecting parents to say to their kids, "Moving on.  Nothing to see here."  Several times when the monkeys were "getting their groove on" I heard five and six year old's ask their parents, "What are they doing?"  I never did quite catch that answer.  I think it was something like "Frazzle Dazzle."  Yeah, you had to have watched the Thursday post to appreciate that one. Moving on...

Tomorrow we are driving approximately three hours to get our groove on.  Say what?  We are going to a Casino.  That is my idea of a Good Time.  Unless your heart sings to the sweet sounds of slot machines, rolling dice, and the tick of a roulette wheel, you have no idea what I am talking about.  However, I walk in the doors of a casino and my heart begins to pitter pat.  You maybe needed to read my V is for Vegas post to better appreciate this paragraph.  Anyway, there is nothing like the sight, sounds, and smells of a Casino.

What does this mean for Thursday?  Probably not a Here's To You post.  That's what.  I am beat.  I haven't read anything in days.  I don't have time to read anything now.  I have to go to bed in order to get up early for our early Casino Run.  Even though next week I will still be on vacation, I shouldn't be quite so busy.  I will keep you posted.

Until then, consider me Gone.  However, I still Love You Like Mad!  Here's some music to get you through...

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  1. Have fun! We'll miss you, but I'm sure you'll have lots of good fodder for us when you return. :) You deserve a break!

  2. Enjoy, Robin!

    Do you prefer it now that casinos are everywhere?

    I think I liked it better when it was just Vegas and Atlantic City....made it more effort to get there but also more special.

    But, not being much of a gambler, I do not miss them so much when they're not around.

    Anyway, have fun and remember that counting cards is frowned upon!


  3. Enjoy the casino today!
    The monkeys didn't fling anything at you yesterday, did they?

  4. Spin that roulette wheel and sing along:
    Oh, there's black jack and poker and the roulette wheel
    A fortune won and lost on evry deal
    All you needs a strong heart and a nerve of steel
    Viva las vegas, viva las vegas!

  5. Have a great vacation! I'm back and trying to catch up :)

  6. Hope you have a great time with the family and, should you strike it rich, remember us 'little people'! :D

  7. Jasmine ~ Thank you girl. I don't know why a vacation always feels like Running. But there you go...

    LC ~ Yeah, I do. Vegas is so far away. If I had to go all the way to Nevada, I think I would cry.

    Alex ~ The monkeys were behind the glass. However, I wouldn't have put it past them. They were on their "worst" behavior. Hahaha.

    Grumpster ~ Gotta love Elvis. He knew what he was singing about.

  8. Have fun, Robin! You deserve a break!

  9. Hope you had a good time in the casino. I was in a casino yesterday... I am not into them either but the Hubs is... so, we spend our day and our money there.

  10. I just watched that video, that's pretty amazing to me that they collaborated (though I'd heard they had, I just hadn't heard a song yet). I'm laughing because she probably grew up listening to Zeppelin. They did a good job.

    Happy vacationing! My in-laws LOVE LOVE LOVE casinos. I've witnessed the fever. ;)

  11. Linda ~ We are entering the throes of Wedding Fever now. It will be that way for the next two days.

    MJWC ~ We had a ton of fun at the Casino. I will write more next post!

    mail4rosey ~ Love that song. They actually made an entire album together. I think it's pretty darn great. It IS a fever:)

  12. I own all of his records including outtakes. I love his music. (No, not Old McDonald Had a Farm. Hello!) ;)

  13. Insanity is even more fun than gambling!

  14. Vacation??? Good for you!!! Family, friends, fun ... yeah, and long days in the car, but that's the price you pay for the rest of it. And cupcakes! Even from a short post, I can feel the stories you have to tell ... truly, you need to get that book written some day. You have it in you ....


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