Wednesday, September 7, 2016

BoTB Results and IWSG (Or The Longest Time)

I'm trying to get my blogging turned around, but it's a bit like turning the Titanic. I appreciate all of you who came by and cast a vote here on the 1st. You probably noticed that I didn't vote, comment, nothing for a week now anywhere. Believe me, it wasn't personal. Florida got socked by Hurricane Hermine. Major weather patterns such as that cause the barometer to take a severe dip, which cause my migraine to take a severe dip, and that causes me to lie in bed and not do Anything. It was a really rough week for me. Parts of the state were hit hard (we were lucky and didn't sustain any damage aside from the aforementioned migraine). Anyway, I've discovered that once I get into a bad pain cycle with a migraine it can be hard getting out. Meaning that even with the literal storm passes my migraine doesn't. ::Frustrating::

So, anyway, I'm hoping that things get better soon, but if you don't see me around it isn't that I don't care, it's that I don't feel well.

I appreciate all of you came by and voted on my battle on the first (despite my absence!). The competition was fierce at my last count of the votes. Unless someone votes to change things, Dr. John beat Ella by two votes (with 8 votes, to her 6 votes), which makes him the king of the "sentimental mood."  Even if I threw my one vote at Ella that wouldn't be enough to give her the win, so there it is.

This is also the first Wednesday of the month (and IWSG). Funny how the raining/pouring metaphors could come into play in this post should I care to let them loose. My writing has been on the back burner for such a long time that I'm not sure what to do with my novel. Part of me thinks that maybe this much distance will really give me perspective if I will just pick up my WiP again. Another part of me thinks that maybe it's time to just move on. What is the longest amount of time you've set your writing aside? Do you think it's possible to fall in love with your writing projects all over again or not?


  1. Hi Robin! Sorry that Hurricane Hermine hit you smack in the head. I hope you feel better soon. I do think it's possible to fall in love with your writing projects all over again, so you should give it another shot. I'm sorry that I can't seem to find enough time to devote to blogland, but I am thinking about you.


  2. Sorry the hurricane messed with you.
    I set a first draft aside for thirty years. I don't recommend waiting that long though.

  3. We were mostly missed by the hurricane, thankfully. (Orlando area.) We did have a small tornado hit outside our neighborhood though. Took down a whole slew of trees. We were counting our blessings that day.

  4. Oh dear, hurricanes and migraines. That's enough to keep anyone from writing. Just take care of you. The WIP will be there when you feel better.

  5. I'm so sorry that hurricane brought you a migraine. Darn that atmospheric pressure.

  6. Glad you didn't sustain any property damage from the hurricane, but sorry about your personal discomfort. Sounds absolutely wretched. Get better soon!

    I can relate to your own frustrations about writing. I think your situation is pretty common though from what I've heard from others. I've had a novel project on the shelf for nearly 50 years now not to mention all the other false starts and scribblings that I have waiting to be tackled.

    I do think a writer can fall in love with old writing projects if the idea is a good enough one. If the love is not there, then maybe the project is not worth completing.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  7. Ugh on not feeling well. Hope you're better soon!

    If you read your work over again and feel that spark, there's probably still something there. :)

  8. Bad weather. Not too well. This is all the reason you need to kick back and take it easy.

  9. Those migraines must be horrible! :( I hope you feel better soon, Robin. Thank goodness the hurricane didn't cause any structural damage where you are. I've got two W.I.P.s and a bunch of other ideas on the back burner, so you're not alone. Blogging seems to satisfy my writing needs at the moment. I think you can go back to an old project and feel enthusiasm for it, but if not, move on to something else. Dr. John won - YAY! ☺ Take it easy and don't worry. Your loyal friends and supporters will stick by you.

  10. Sometimes it works well to put things aside for awhile, take a break, maybe even work on something else. My first book sat in The Closet for 8 years before I published it, and I've had other things I put away, let stew and then returned to and was able to say "What was I thinking?" without remorse. Fresh eyes are hugely helpful to your work.

    IWSG September

  11. Aw, feel better, hon. Everything and everyone will still be here when you're ready;-) Sweet tea and audio books work well for me during migraine episodes.

  12. Hey Robin,

    I shall echo the sentiments of your other caring friends here. I'm sorry to read about the hurricane and your migraine woes, Robin.

    Really, truly, the main thing is that you get better. Please don't out pressure on yourself. Your well being, physical and mental, are of the utmost importance.

    Please, look after YOU!

    In kindness,


  13. Ugh, I'm so sorry, Robin. As you already know, I can relate with the migraines. The last few months have been tough on me because of the blasted weather fronts we've had. I finally asked my doctor to put me on Diamox again. It helps reduce the fluid pressure swelling up around the brain as the barometric pressure rises and falls. I'm hoping it will help. It's only been a week. Fingers crossed. I hope you find some relief soon. I'll keep you in thoughts and prayers.

    co-host IWSG

  14. I'm sorry to hear about the migraines. As for your project, I guess it's important to remember two things. 1) It's never too late to get a story going, even one that you've been working on for years. 2) At a certain point, a story can hinder you rather than help you, and it's important to move on if you could be working on something better.

    We can chat about it when you're better, but maybe you should start thinking about whether your current WIP is what you need to work on, or whether it's what's holding you back.

  15. The hurricane brought in some rain storms here in Texas and i also got the headaches. So suckky!! I was able to head them off before turning into full blown migraine luckily. Hope you feel better soon. I'll say a prayer for you.
    I'm not a writer but i would just say to stay at it. I am sure many have had their bestsellers on a backburner at one point or another.

  16. Hey Robin,
    I sure hope that by now you are feeling much better. Migraines are horrible! I feel your pain.

    Love that Dr. John won. His version was fantastic.

    Feel better Girl. I'm sending you some positive healing vibes...

    Michele at Angels Bark

  17. Very sorry about the migraine. When weather is one of your triggers, it must be so frustrating. I assume there's not a thing you can do about it but ride it through. :(

  18. That must be very frustrating. I can't even imagine what it's like to have migraines. :(

  19. That must be very frustrating. I can't even imagine what it's like to have migraines. :(

  20. Hope the weather cooperates and you're feeling better soon.

    Pick up that book and read it. It will either spark a desire to get back to it or it won't, but you won't know until you do something.


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