Thursday, September 1, 2016

Battle of the Bands ~ The Finals

If you're following the weather, you're aware that there is a weather system in the Gulf prepared to hit Florida. That is one of the things that has me preoccupied and not keeping up so well with all the things in my life, including this blog. I only realized a few hours ago that today was the 1st (just before walking out the door to attend to last minute things before said storm hit) AND my Battle of the Bands was not ready. I knew what was on the agenda, just that no actual words had been put to the page. No links had been added. You get the idea. And so it's late in the day and here we are.

If you haven't seen anything about this storm, click here.

Fortunately, this is going to be an easy battle for many of you as you've already heard both of the songs in question last battle (one of them here and one over on Stephen T. McCarthy's page). Of course, this may be a difficult battle since both of these versions are excellent. (So, I take back my initial statement about this being an easy battle. This may, in fact, not be an easy battle.) This is the final showdown, as I'm pitting the winner from his last battle against the winner of mine. The song is/was In A Sentimental Mood. Over at his place two jazzy contenders went head to head (Benny Goodman vs. Ella Fitzgerald) and over here two piano/contemporary artists tackled the song (Dr. John vs. Billy Joel). If you followed those battles, you already know that Ella Fitzgerald won at his place and Dr. John won over here, so now it's time to decide the ultimate winner. That means Ella and Dr. John are squaring off for the title of who does sentimental best.

First up is Ella Fitzgerald:


Dr. John:

and for our Canadian listeners, try this link

Please vote for the version of this song you prefer. If you want to get into the Ins and Outs of why you like one better than the other... I LOVE long comments!

For more Battle of the Bands fun, check out the other BOTB bloggers to vote on their battles:


  1. Ella. It needs her vocals.
    We are to get hit within the next hour with rain, lasting all the way into the wee hours of Saturday. I might be floating home from work tomorrow.

  2. Good luck with the coming storm. I can understand why you might be a bit preoccupied.

    This is a pretty tough choice as I truly enjoy Dr John's dreamy version of this song. For my taste on this languid afternoon of mine there's something that speaks to me more in Ella's version. Maybe it's the words speaking, but the music works too. In my sentimental mood today (or maybe it's just lazy) I'm going with Ella in this round. But it's a tough call that could change any moment, but you'll have to record my vote for Ella.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. Just watching the news tonight about the impending storm. I hope you stay safe and you suffer no damage from the hurricane. Scary stuff. I was visiting family on the coast of North Carolina when Hurricane Floyd hit. We opted not to evacuate and I was so scared. Crazy!

    This is a tough final round here. It's hard to beat Ella Fitzgerald and her voice is just incredible... but I'm preferring the instrumental version by Dr. John so please give my vote to him. His version is fantastic! It's a toss up though as both are fabulous.
    Great battle! And fun too.

    Michele at Angels Bark

  4. Good luck in the storm! I hope it's not as strong as the think.
    The weather guys are a bunch of Chicken Littles.

  5. I have been thinking about you and the hurricane coming your way. I hope everything is battened down. Did you get my card??? I hope so. I tried the link for Dr. John but it keeps wanting me to download something and I am wary about that so I can't vote. Ella sounded great!

    1. Birgit: You don't have to download anything. Just click on "listen", top right.

    2. Needs Adblock Plus. I tried it without the adblocker and you're right. It does send you elsewhere. You were right to be cautious, Birgit - that other site was red-flagged!

    3. I did just what Debbie said and just listened. I don't usually download from sites I'm not familiar with anyway.

  6. I hope you'll be safe and survive the storm unscathed, Robin. Best wishes!
    I tried the Canadian link and there's no need to download anything; just click on "listen", top right. I like both versions, but Dr. John's piano is so smooth. Please give my vote to him.

    1. To clarify: That site is only safe if you have an Adblocker installed, otherwise it tries to send you to a suspect site.

  7. Ella gets my vote. I've been watching the storm too since it was coming close to me, but just east.

  8. Ella gets my vote too. Good luck with the storm. We're keeping an eye on it here too.

  9. Okay Robin, this is unusual for me but Dr. John Spoke to me... pure sentimental thoughts came flooding. Show my vote or him, please.

    I'm in NC, and watching the storm too. Be safe.

  10. I vote for Ella's sweet voice. Instrumental isn't enough for me today. We went out yesterday afternoon to get more non-perishable items for our pantry, and I filled all the pitchers in the house with water. So far so good, though my internet comes and goes.


  11. GIRL WONDER, I can think of a few reasons I would not want to live in Florida, and hurricanes is definitely one of them. I sure hope you don't suffer any damage and that it turns out to be more "the-sky-is-falling" panic than anything else.

    Both versions are great. But I voted for Benny Goodman over Ella in my Battle the last time, and as terrific as she is, she's not getting my vote this time either.

    Unfortunately for Ella, DR. JOHN does my all-time favorite version of 'In A Sentimental Mood'. I can't even imagine this song being done by anyone better'n the Doctor does it. Wow! It's so lush, so sentimental-sounding, and that piano playing -- sheesh! -- that Doctor sure as hell knows how to operate on those keys! That has to be one of the greatest instrumentals ever.

    Stay safe, GW.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  12. Dr. John for my vote! Thanks for giving us Canadians an option, Robin. I like the instrumental flavor of Dr. John's piano, although I'd like hearing him sing the song, too. I do like Ella, but in this instance, it's just not grabbing me. She a smooth operator, but the music is just a bit too slow for me this morning. . .Hope you stay safe during the storm.

  13. I was moved by Dr John. I hope that you are staying safe during this hurricane. Keeping you and yours in my thoughts and prayers.


  14. Well, I have to go with Dr. John on this one. Wishing for vocals, but the piano is so slick, I can live with it. Ella, my apologies, but this doesn't do you justice and I'm not sure you can take this one from the doctor.

    MORE IMPORTANTLY...stay safe and head for the hills, girl! Be careful and prayers for you - double prayers!

  15. This is a toughie, because I voted for both of these, but Ella with Joe Pass wins it for me.

  16. I was afraid one of you was going to post this.

    This is tough...if I vote against Ella, my mother (may she rest in peace) may come back to haunt me, but gosh durn it, the piano on Dr. John's version IS haunting!

    I love me some Ella, but with apologies to Mom, I am going to cast a suprise vote for Dr. John.


  17. We both hope you're staying well over there! And dry. Best wishes that everything passes/has already passed with minimal damage.

    I thought I would vote for Ella, but then Dr. John charmed me with his tinkling of the ivories again. Also, I just like saying tinkling of the ivories. One more vote for Dr. John.


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