Friday, January 8, 2016

The Votes Are In And There Is A Winner (BoTB Results)

I just finished counting up the votes from Battle of the Bands. What a close one! The vote was tied up after the first ten votes (five for Ed Sheeran, five for Ruth Moody) and then it was back and forth right up until the end.

In My Life is one of my favorite Beatles songs. The lyrics captured how I was feeling ringing in the New Year, so I was pleased as punch to find two exceptional cover versions. When I listened to them I was a bit like Cherdo. This is what she said in her vote:

When I saw you used In My Life, I thought "wow!" and smiled. Truly, this is one of my favorite Beatles' tunes. This is a perfect mix for me.

Then...Ed Sheeran. BAM, again. Love Ed Sheeran. Just look at that confident, handsome red headed crooner singing a Beatles' tune in front of Paul McCartney, Sean Lennon, and Yoko. What could possibly pull a vote away from Ed? I smiled with satisfaction as I listened.

WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....Ruth Moody? I don't even know Ruth Moody's work. But I listened and got the shocker of my BOTB-life. Ruth's clear soprano coupled with a delicious grouping of the police. Someone just stole Ed Sheeran's vote. I'd have said it couldn't be done.

I, too,  really liked Ed Sheeran until I heard Ruth Moody. That girl can sing! I thought the violin suited the song. I could go on, but I liked everything about her version. So, I also flipped from Ed to Ruth... just like that.

The final tally:
Ed Sheeran ~ 10
Ruth Moody ~ 13 (including my vote)

To everyone who voted, thank you. If you commented on my IWSG post, thank you. If you're wondering where I've been... who can say? How does a chicken with its head cut off see anything??? This chicken is working at stabilizing things and will blog visit soon. I also plan on re-launching The Soundtrack of My Life (maybe Monday). So, don't give up on me. I WILL get it together. 


  1. Nice close Battle. And I'm not giving up on you, GIRL WONDER.

    I'm expecting to be back in the saddle again soon, also.

    Me quoting me here:
    "My work schedule just changed from 62.5 hours per week to 37.5. All hours worked in 3 days, so that gives me 4 days off every week (barring emergencies or unforeseen crapola). I should soon be more current with my correspondence, visitations and comments."

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. The thing about being paid hourly is that when you work all the time, lots o' cash (but no time to spend it). When you work less hours... not enough cash and too much time to spend it. At least in your case, it's almost a 40 hour week, so that's sumpin'.

  2. That was indeed a very close one. Warm greetings and best wishes!

  3. I lost the battle but I won the knowledge of another great singer. I think you know with my sporadic posting that i'm not going anywhere! I always look forward to your posts and I hope you're feeling better.

  4. Hi Robin,

    Although I've been rather in the background in regards to your BOTB, that was a fairly close vote. My son is a big Ed Sheeran fan.

    Now then, my kind friend, please, please don't feel pressurised to get the momentum going more on your blog. I've been very ill for over a year and yet I know that the most important thing is that we look after ourselves to try and maintain our mental and physical health well being.

    Take it easy and when you're ready, you will know.

    Gary :)

  5. I don't remember voting in this battle. I'm sorry I missed it. That's one of my favorite Beatles songs.


  6. What a great battle - love the close ones. Good job, Robin!

    Even though I'm in the minority for Ed, I'm okay... loved his simplicity.

    I'll be back for your next "Soundtrack." Hang tough, (smile).

  7. I hope you're doing okay and not still battling with a migraine. Hugs to you.

  8. I think my vote lost (at least, I think I voted? I'm a bit scrambled after the holidays). Happy New Year! :)

  9. What a race that was. Nice pairing with results that I like.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  10. Ruth M. has a great voice and wonderful bone structure to her face. It all adds up to a very pretty woman with a very pleasing singing voice. A good choice to vote on.


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