Thursday, January 21, 2016

BoTB Results and SOML ~ Did Someone Say Party???

First, we're going to reveal the results from Battle of the Bands. Who won it? Daughtry or Corvyx? (Did you note the spelling Bryan? Not Cervix. Corvyx. hahahaha.) I really like both versions. I think Daughtry was grittier while Corvyx was smoother. I really like Daughtry and all his grittiness, so my vote lands there (but I think Corvyx did an excellent cover to this song!). What was the final tally with my vote included?

Daughtry: 13
Corvyx: 14

It doesn't get any closer than that, folks (unless it's a tie;). I confess that you guys upended my expectations for this battle. I really thought Daughtry would win it by a slim margin since the Corvyx cover is really good, but it is Daughtry's song. Once again, you've proven me WRONG.

I haven't done a Soundtrack post in a while. In fact, blogging has been a struggle. Migraines are roaring. It really hasn't been a great start to the new year. And still, I think 2016 is going to be better than 2015. But let's step back in time to 1989. Yeah, we're jumping in the Way Back Machine.

My senior year of college was largely uneventful. Frankly, it was a big party. Not saying I didn't study or go to class, but my focus was not in the places my parents would've preferred (or even adult me would've preferred). I was very involved with my sorority and parties and generalized drinking and parties... your average obnoxious college kid.

J1 was pretty well absent from my senior year. The last I saw of him was that surprise visit during the summer. He fell off my map. I didn't call him when he didn't call me. I did meet J3 (yes, he's a new one) over winter break at home. I'm not sure he's even worthy of being mentioned since it never really got serious. We dated when I was home, but I was still emotionally tangled up in J1... even if I wasn't actively doing anything about it.

So, for better or worse, my senior year can pretty well be summed up with one word: party. Frankly, I'm glad I lived through it. And, yes, that is a colander on my head. We were playing 3 Man. If you know the game, 'nuff said. If you don't... I repeat, so glad I didn't die.

Me and J3 Playing 3 Man

If you're enjoying these posts, feel free to share your own Soundtrack. This isn't a hop. No requirements at all, but a suggestion to do it one song at a time. (If you participated in the hop several years ago, you can still do this. Just post them one song at a time, with the freedom to add more songs if you'd like.) I'll link to all participants at the bottom of each of these posts:


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  1. Are you wearing a colander on your head?
    Does pizza and beer every Monday night while watching football count as partying? Yeah, I wasn't very wild.

  2. Close battle! Remembering the College Daze

  3. Great battle, Robin.
    I don't anything about the colander, and it's okay not to tell me :)
    Pink has a couple of songs I like - this one is alright.

  4. Nice tight BATTLE you had there. Those are definite the best.

  5. I still stand by my spelling. It's just not a great name to market yourself with. You don't see me calling myself Utorys.

    I went to a tech school for college, and lived at home (no dorms) so I never got the party experience. But I do still like to wear kitchenware on my head from time to time. Or as I like to call it, kitchenwear.

  6. Have to see if KC knows that one. I didn't...

  7. I voted for Corvyx:) I had a year where I consider it the lost year-it was a damn fine year:) I am certain there are pics of me with stuff on my head....somewhere

  8. Very close! How did I miss the Corvyx/Cervix correlation??? Hilarious! My college days were pretty lame compared to yours. Love the collander on your head! PARTY ON!

  9. I'm surprised Daughtry didn't win, but it was a good battle, Robin. ☺ Love the photo! We all have those moments we'd like to forget about, I'm sure!

  10. That was indeed a close battle with a surprising outcome. I though for sure Daughtry would end up taking this one.
    College can be an easy place to fall into partying bad habits. My final years degenerated into a party mode until I just dropped out not to return for the graduation for over 30 years. It was kind of dumb actually.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out
    Wrote By Rote

  11. Tight battle.

    I never went to college. I went straight to the partying.

  12. I love the soundtrack of your life feature. It's so cool.
    I can't believe Daughtry lost. Yes, the other artist did a good job, I thought his video might inadvertently sway a few more votes his way.

  13. Both these guys were great; it was hard to choose. Well done, Robin!


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