Friday, January 1, 2016

Battle of the Bands ~ In My Life

You'll all be glad to know that I didn't actually experience full-on mental breakdown. There were a few bad days, but your comments on the last blog helped infinitely. If you commented, thank you!

Once again, I'm reminded that just letting go of stuff isn't my strong suit. (I think I might be gaining on why migraines are so pervasive in my life... Just sayin'.) So, I chose for this Battle of the Bands a song that is all about remembering in a good way. Not holding on to it so that you can beat yourself up forever, but just loving the people who loved you while they were here. And being thankful for that.

The song is In My Life. I'm not going to use either of the two most known versions in this battle. Ergo, The Beatles and Judy Collins are out. You can't vote on them. In any case, those are both artists that people have really strong feelings about (love or hate), and I prefer you come into this one with less preconceptions. One of these artists I can say I'm familiar with (but don't really know well) and the other was totally new to me. So, I think the slate will be fairly clean on this one.

Let's begin with Ed Sheeran and his acoustic take on In My Life.

Now, let's listen to a totally different take on this song. Here is Ruth Moody.

Please vote for the version of this song you prefer. If you want to get into the Ins and Outs of why you like one better than the other... I LOVE long comments!

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  1. This is a song that holds so many memories (good ones) for me from listening to the Beatles original over the years to my oldest daughter using it for her wedding entrance. Such a beautiful song for sure.

    I this match I have to go with the Ruth Moody version---beautiful vocals and a wonderful violin--yay.

    Have a great 2016!


  2. I've been wondering what all the fuss over Ed Sheeran was all about, and having heard his take on this song, I'm still wondering. Ruth Moody has a gorgeous voice, although it was a little overwhelmed by the bass at the start. When the bass player switched to arco (i.e. playing with a bow), Ruth's voice came through and the whole ensemble sounded much better. Give my vote to Ruth.

    Glad to hear you're starting out the new year in a better frame of mind. (I think my own frame could use some sanding and re-painting.)

    You already know I'm not a Beatles fan, but this is one of their better, nicer songs.

    ED SHEERAN doesn't really do very much with it - he sings it straight, very much like The Beatles did, with minimal musical backing - and it's a pleasant little song, so that's acceptable. It doesn't need much more than a straightforward ballad approach.

    Ruth Moody... First of all, I didn't think ANYONE under the age of 55 still carried the name "Ruth". IMO, that wasn't a very pleasing name even when it was popular in the 1940s or so.

    Anyway, she can definitely sing, but... the reason I generally much prefer male singers to females is because that high-pitch of most female vocalists kind of grates on my nerves. When you think of my two favorite women singers, Karen Carpenter and Mahalia Jackson, the thing you'll note they both have in common is that neither of them was a soprano. For females, they had pretty deep, huskier voices.

    So, Ruth's high-pitched voice kind of did her in for me in this Battle. Technically she's good, but that sound, at times, is kind of like an electrical shock going through me.

    Yep, ED gets my vote with his plain, minimalist approach.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  4. Here is to a more optimistic view for 2016. I do hope your migraines are less this coming year. This was a good battle as I love this song especially by the Beatles. I give this to Ruth because I feel she had a much stronger voice and captured the feeling of the song better so Ruth gets my vote

  5. A good battle. The song is incredible to start with. Ed does well with the stripped down version. Ruth added more to the song. The harmony vicals were pleasant and in the end I liked her version the best.

  6. Strange... I like neither one. Ed's is too fast, Ruth's is too slow. Okay, if I had to choose, I'd say I find Ed's version more appealing. Ruth makes me fall asleep. Sorry.

    Happy new year, Robin :))

  7. What a competition. While listening to Ed, I thought I have to vote for him. Plus it was amazing to see John Lennon in the audience. But Ruth's voice seemingly floats through through clouds, and the violins really work. She gets my vote.

    A warm, blessed new year focused on self-care, Robin.

  8. Happy new year, Robin! Glad you're feeling better :) Ed gets my vote for this one. Cool battle!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Happy 2016, Robin! I enjoyed both versions. This is among the few Beatle songs I like. (Also, it looks like I'll need to take this off of my 2016 Battle list - yep!)

      Closure comes from the heart, and is not always based on what we can or cannot prove. "In My Life," that has been a method that protected me; kept me going in a direction without SO much pain. I wish you joy this year.

      Ed sings this so simply, yet I was able to hear the actual vocal harmony of the original. Sounds strange, I know. Still it gave me comfort that, what I always thought of as a quiet, peaceful song, kept it's particulars in Ed's version. He gets my vote.

      Excuse the delete... typo issue!

  10. Such a hard decision. But I think I'm going to go with Ed Sheeran for this one.

  11. One step at a time, my friend; one step at a time. We move forward in hope! The new year is here and let's see what we can do with it. I love a clean slate. :-)

    When I saw you used In My Life, I thought "wow!" and smiled. Truly, this is one of my favorite Beatles' tunes. This is a perfect mix for me.

    Then...Ed Sheeran. BAM, again. Love Ed Sheeran. Just look at that confident, handsome red headed crooner singing a Beatles' tune in front of Paul McCartney, Sean Lennon, and Yoko. What could possibly pull a vote away from Ed? I smiled with satisfaction as I listened.

    WHOAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA....Ruth Moody? I don't even know Ruth Moody's work. But I listened and got the shocker of my BOTB-life. Ruth's clear soprano coupled with a delicious grouping of the police. Someone just stole Ed Sheeran's vote. I'd have said it couldn't be done.

    Happy New Year! FANTASTIC battle. Everyone is really pulling out their "A" game today. I don't think I've ever enjoy BOTB more.

    Or maybe it's just the magic of that clean slate...anything less is SOOO last year.

  12. Hello dear friend! Happy New Year to you! Well, to be totally frank with you, I do not like either of those versions. I'm not a fan of Ed Sheeran and Ruth Moody just didn't do this song justice. I've always prefered a male singing this song. I just feel the song more, if that makes sense.

  13. Wow, can I vote for both?? When I heard Ed's version I immediately thought I'd vote for him. I love the simplicity he brings to the song and I like his acoustic version. But then when I heard Ruth sing, I was blown away. Love the violin in this version too. She has a great voice. I'm completely torn. But I'm going to go with Ed Sheeran because I think he did a fabulous job, especially in light of singing before Paul McCartney, Ringo and Yoko. Wow! What pressure!! I almost feel bad not voting for Ruth though... :)

    Happy New Year to you Robin! Hope 2016 is your best year ever!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  14. Can I vote on looks? No? Darn. Give me Ed.

  15. Ruth Moody has a beautiful voice. I don't think I"ve heard of her before, but her voice does sound so familiar, so maybe I have? I vote for her version. Happy New Year!

  16. Hi lady! I'm late to the game but what's new? Lovely battle and my vote goes to Ed.

  17. Ruth Moody...perhaps because she caught the soulful quality that makes me think of the Beatles version that you wouldn't let me vote for...

  18. Oh, Ed Sheeran, you lazy-eyed angel. He reminds me of that old timey joke, "Anyone ever tell you you have a face made for radio?" Kidding aside, though, dude has a killer voice and stole this one for me easily. One vote for the Scottish ferret.

  19. Happy New Year, Robin! I'm not participating this round of BoTB. What a good song choice! I instantly knew which artist I liked after hearing only a few bars. I'm giving my vote to Ruth Moody. I'd buy her cover over Sheeran (I do like him, though). Have a good week and I'm looking forward to continued fun in Blogosphere this year with you, my friend! ;)

  20. Happy New Year, Robin! I'm sorry you're still struggling with those blasted migraines. I hope and pray you get relief soon. You deserve it. I'm not a big fan of either version but if I had to choose, I'd pick Ruth.

  21. Oh....I get a chance to vote. I've been occupied...... like those handles your turn on a porta potty and they say occupied. LOL I know.... I'm corny.
    I'll vote for the girl.... Ruth Moody.

  22. Wow, Ed is a ginger and still performed in the UK? And got an applause? That's amazing! I give him a lot of credit. But I've never been a big fan. Personally, I like Ruth Moody's version better. The strings helped sway my vote.

  23. Ed Sheeran and his simple straightforward style for me, please.


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