Monday, July 7, 2014

BOTB Results and What Is Happening Here

I am late on the Battle of the Bands recap. Sorry. The song was I Won't Back Down and Tom Petty nearly swept your votes with 17. Ryan Star only got one.

JJ The Disconnected Writer said this in the comments:

Robin: I love this segment, but this is the toughest one yet. I knew the Tom Petty version, of course, but I also like the Ryan Star version. Here is why I vote for Tom Petty.

In my lifetime attempts to achieve peace and harmony, I recognize that conflict is a part of life, and I always attempt to avoid it at all costs. However, in our lives, we must occasionally dig in. The Tom Petty version arrives at that time and his heels are dug in as he approaches the upcoming battle. He cannot be defeated.

In the Ryan Star version, the singer has already engaged in battle, and not very successfully. However, despite the beating, he cannot be defeated.

My choice has nothing to do with artistic talent. Like most people, music moves me, and I choose not to believe I can be on the losing end of life's struggles.

I thought that was a perceptive way of interpreting the song. It explains why I really like both versions. When I am feeling on top of my game and ready... I love the Tom Petty version. It was my favorite song on that album for many, many years. When I first heard the Ryan Star version I was already nine years into my battle with chronic migraines and still not seeing any sort of end in sight. Or hope for that matter. But I still believed that it would get better. So, it was all about how I felt. When I first heard that Ryan Star version I felt like I'd been through what was bordering on a 10 years war with no reprieve and I got my butt whooped in every single battle. But, I was still singing the song. I still wasn't backing down. Let's just say my position wasn't fortified, but I refused to accept defeat. I think it is beautiful. It is the song of the extremely weary person who stands facing a stacked deck and still says, "You can stand me up at the gates of hell, but I won't back down." I cried when I heard it the first time. So, even though Ryan Star lost again, here... he is a winner with me (not that it matters, because it only brings his vote count to 2).

If you voted, thank you! We will do it again (different song) on the 15th.

Some highlights of what is going on in my world, bullet-point style:
  •  I strained my rotator cuff  in my left shoulder about a month ago. The first time dancing, the second time I nearly fell in the shower and caught myself by wrenching that shoulder (again), the third time dancing, the fourth time I nearly fell in the garden... I think you see how this is going.
  • I was told to go easy on it, take anti-inflammatory medication and do my level best not to tear it. A tear involves surgery and possibly/probable loss of motion.
  • Since I keep straining it, I think my dancing is about to get pared down to the bare minimum. I hate it, but I am tired of my shoulder hurting all of the time.
  • Since I changed my schedule and work on my novel in the morning and blogging later, my edits are coming along much faster.
  • Remember my numerology post... well, I have changed several reactions of my MC based upon what her numerology chart says about her. I like how that is developing. She feels more real to me with each change.
  • I was surprised and pleased by all of you who sent your information for numerology charts. I am running behind with all of this other stuff, but I will get to them!
  • My garden is actually producing this year. Last year it was in a shady spot, so we moved it. Last year, we also planted a month too late, since we were on vacation during the planting time. 
  • Ergo, last year our garden produced no tomatoes, no cucumbers, and very late in the season... a few peppers. It was a huge disappointment. Or learning experience, depending on how you look at it. I choose learning.
  • This year, it has produced like crazy, but we have fought the bugs every step of the way. I started picking the tomatoes green or they would be eaten. I sprayed with an organic spray that did not slow them down and dusted with seven about a week ago (good-bye organic garden), but that has made a difference.
  • We have one banana pepper plant that is producing like crazy. I wish I knew the secret so that I could make all of them act that way.
  • Last, but not least, our choir at church is on hiatus so each week someone does special music. I am slated for a solo two weeks from yesterday. I finally chose my music yesterday.
  • I am going to include a video if you want to hear it. Of course, it won't sound like this. The pianist will accompany me (so imagine that instead of all the string instruments) and my voice is not as good as hers. And I won't be doing all that humming.


  1. Sorry about your rotator cuff. Yes, I do see a pattern emerging.
    Glad your garden is thriving despite the efforts of the bugs. Fresh banana peppers sound awesome.

  2. Isn't it interesting how a change in your routine can make you more or less productive in writing? I also find different times of day work better for certain kinds of writing. I can revise and edit at any time of day, but first drafts are best written in the deep dark hours of the night. After 10pm, and even better after midnight!

    Take care of your shoulder and let it heal!

  3. Wow...lots of great info, bullet-point style! I like it! I'm sorry about your shoulder. Sounds like you and I share the Klutz Gene. There's a chapter in my memoir with various falls and spills and complete klutziness! I LOVE the Allison Krauss song! Wish I could hear you sing it. Maybe you can put it on You Tube and then download it here?! Thanks for always stopping by my blog and commenting!

  4. Sorry about the physical woes....wish I could see your solo...

  5. Hi Robin,

    You are doing an awful lot. Maybe you need to slow down a bit. Most unfortunate about your rotator cuff. Gardening can be therapeutic. I'm going to almost miss my garden.

    Please know you don't have to apologise if you post a bit later than planned. As I said, you really have to look after YOU! :)


  6. Alex ~ Given that our results from last year's garden were so terrible, everything that we get this year is a success!

    Dianne ~ Yes, it is interesting. I am still finding time for blogging... maybe not as much... but still. It is time re-arrangement. And it is working rather well.

    Becky ~ I think the loss of 70% of my inner function is rearing its ugly head. That is where balance lies and the ability to find yourself in space. Since I do my gardening stuff right after I roll out of bed... chances are pretty good that my balance will be off. I just need to be more careful.

    LC ~ I have considered trying to record it. We shall see....

    Gary ~ Yeah, that is why my dancing is about to be seriously cut back. I didn't think I was apologizing about my posting. In case it sounded that way, I am NOT apologizing. This schedule works better for me and I am keeping it! Ha!

  7. Ouch for that rotator cuff. Not a good injury. Hope it heals fast...well, hope you stop that falling stuff so it will heal. I know nothing about numerology and if there's numbers involved on any chart I can't understand it at all. We're in a holding pattern with our tomatoes. Lots of green ones. No red ones yet.

  8. I hope your solo is blessed! I'd skip the choreography, though, lol. I musta missed the numerology thing somehow.

  9. When I decide to write to music, Alison Krauss is a top choice.

    I'm sorry you keep straining your rotator cuff and have to scale down the dancing. That's a major bummer. But I'm glad your editing is coming along, and that you'll be singing solo at church. That's exciting.

    Take care, Robin.

  10. I'm sorry you hurt yourself. You sound like me - just a bit clutzy. Although I'm sure you can walk down a wide ahll without hitting walls.

    Good luck singing in church in two weeks.

  11. Take it easy on that shoulder. Rest is best. Good luck with the song. My garden is not producing yet but I'm expected lots of tomatoes and cukes.

  12. clee ~ I am still having fun with the numerology thing. Never thought of myself as a numbers person before....

    CW ~ I mentioned it on my IWSG post.

    Robyn ~ It is mostly good. The rotator cuff is a bummer, but at least it is just strained.

    Diane ~ Yeah, I am a bit of a klutz.

    Susan ~ Thanks. I will. It should get exciting in your garden soon:)

  13. I'm also sorry about your rotator cuff. Maybe when it starts feeling better, you can have physical therapy to strengthen it. Great quote from JJ!! Good luck with your solo, and I hope you play it for us!


  14. You are busy indeed! So much has opened up for you, now that the migraines are not front and center. Amazing! There has been so much blessing around here too. I am thankful, grateful and in awe actually.
    I am catching up with the blogging and learning to live a new life in the sun- it is all good!!!

  15. Sorry about your injury, good luck on your editing, and yay for a blooming garden and fresh veggies soon! :)

  16. Yee-ouch, I'm sorry to hear about the shoulder! I didn't know you enjoyed singing. Music is a big part of your life, yes? My daughter's too. She was made for moving/rhythm. :)

    Good luck w/the solo!

  17. Julie ~ I will look into the recording, but I am only sharing IF it goes well. Ha!

    Jasmine ~ Yes, the migraines easing up has made a big difference. They still strike and get me, but not like before:)

    Lexa ~ Thanks!

    rosey ~ Yes, I have always enjoyed singing. It is a big part of my life....:D

  18. You need a vacation from all of those physical difficulties you've been going through. I'd like to see a video of your solo performance. I guess you were referring to the Krauss video, but I hope you really did mean that you were going to put up a video of you singing-that would be cool. Hope the solo goes well. In the theater they'd wish you well by saying "Break a leg", but I guess I better not say that to you.

    Tossing It Out

  19. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I wrenched my own shoulder a few weeks ago and it still isn't right. I hope to God nothing is torn, but if it is I'm not going for surgery. I've had enough of those with my knees already. Sure hurts though. All I was doing was tossing something back over my shoulder when I hurt it, but everything since has felt like agony. I hope yours gets better soon.

  20. Love Tom Petty. Sorry to hear about your shoulder. I wrenched mine years ago and kept re-injuring until I gave in and babied the silly thing forever. It's pretty good now, but I still can't throw a ball (not that I was ever good at it, but...)

  21. Take care of your shoulder and let it heal. One of mine is funky from an auto accident several years ago, and I still have to baby it a little. Wish I could hear you sing :)

  22. Is there any kind of brace or wrap you could wear to protect your poor shoulder until it has a chance to heal and strengthen?

    I like your music choice. Our church music director likes to tap kids she knows are in band in school to take a turn providing music for the service while the choir is on summer break. Sometimes they do instrumental pieces, sometimes they accompany a soloist. It's a nice way to get them more involved.

  23. Your BOTB match-up ended up very similar to mine, almost a shut-out, although in my case, even I didn't vote for the underdog.

  24. Hi, Robin,

    I hope you don't have any more accidents. Your shoulder couldn't stand it.
    Hope your solo goes well when the time comes and good going with the gardening.

  25. I would love to see a video of you singing this song!


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