Monday, July 21, 2014

He Turned The Lights On

Anyone who has ever had an "encounter" with a dead friend or relative knows just how soothing that can be to your spirit. I have already blogged here about how my father came to me in dreams after he died. Dreams that were so vivid that I know they were real. So, if he ever wants or needs to reach me, that is one avenue that is always available to him. However, I do believe that he doesn't NEED to reach me. Sometimes, I need him and he feels that... and reaches out.

So, anywhoozle... a bit over a week ago I had this phone conversation with a friend of mine that I actually met through blogging. Another story for another day how that worked out. We hadn't talked in FOREVER and were on the phone for hours. I am NOT going to relay that entire conversation for you. (And there goes that collective sigh of relief... you're welcome.) But, we did talk about how about ten years ago this "strange" thing began to happen to her daughter. Every night after work the light on a specific street would go out just as she went under it and then after she made it through, it would come back on. Anyone familiar with spirit and the way they can use electricity would jump to the conclusion (after it happened repeatedly) that someone in the spirit world was saying, "Hi." So she started talking to who she thought it was. Her mom, and my friend, said that she was always a bit envious and would have liked to have something like that happen to her. A month ago, it did. She and her husband were out walking at dusk.  The lights came on and each time she walked under one it went out and then came back on after she passed by it. Eight lights in all. One night.

I tell you this to prepare you for what happened to me a few nights ago. I had a nightmare. In my mind, the worst kind. The one where you are asleep in your dream and when you "wake up" something scary is happening. In this case, there were intruders in my house. So, in this dream, I do battle with both of them and actually win. Yeah, that should have been the CLUE right there that it was a dream. I think I killed one of the dudes by kicking at his face and snapping his neck back. About the only athletic thing I am excelling at right now is dancing. So, it would have been more reasonable to dance the guy to death. (And that made me think of a video that I would have given to someone else in HERE'S TO YOU if I were reading their blog. You will find it at the end. I don't want to disturb the Flow I have going here.)

So, after knocking out both of these people, what did I do? I ran for my cell phone which is by my computer. Yeah, that is actually where it was and I knew it even in my subconscious. I dialed 911 and tell them I am IN THE MIDDLE of a home invasion. I needed help now. And then the operator asked for my address and I gave her my old address from back in 2009. Wrong. I tred again. I gave her the Georgia address we just left. Wrong. I trid again. I gave her my really old Georgia address from the early 2000s. I COULDN'T REMEMBER MY ADDRESS.

And that is when I woke up sweating and panting and scared. I jumped out of bed, toured the house, noticed the dog sound asleep in her dog bed, the alarm set, and went back to bed. And then I spent five minutes saying my current address out loud to the ceiling. After I felt I knew it sufficiently, I rolled over, but worried that I was going to fall right back into that dream. So, I spent more time lying there heart pounding in a state of anxiety. Then this bright light flashed so bright I could see it with my eyes closed. I sat straight up in bed. Lights off. But, I knew they were just on. Power surge? my scrambled brain wondered.

I lied back down and stared at the ceiling. Waiting. A minute later every light flashed in my room and went out again. I was having difficulty with the power surge explanation, but am still without a clue. I attribute this to being soundly asleep, then horribly afraid, and then ticked off at myself.

A minute after that my night stand light came on and stayed on.

And that was when I knew that it was my dad. He was turning the lights on for me. He was saying it was all fine. I wasn't alone. I was safe. I could go back to sleep.

Or he was saying I needed to get up and go check on my mother. So, I jumped out of bed, threw open my door, ran to her room, and stood over her while she slept watching her breathe in and out. Yeah, she was fine. My dog ran circles around me this time, sure that she was going to eat at 3am. No such luck for her.

I went back to bed, turned out the light, and thanked my dad for his comfort. And this time when I rolled over, I went right back to sleep and not into that nightmare.

I told you the story about my friend to give this one context. I don't think my dad would have chosen lights until I heard that story. It is somewhat frightening to have your lights come on "all by themselves." Until you understand that spirit uses lights to let us know that they are there. And then it isn't scary anymore. Once I understood that, lights became one more way for my dad to reach me.

Now, here is the HERE'S TO ME that I mentioned above. Enjoy....

Have any of your dead loved ones ever manipulated electricity to let you know that they were watching out for you? If they do after you read this post, please let me know about it!


  1. I've dreamed about lost relatives (and yeah, it's comforting) but never had lights come on.
    Sorry, that really sounds like a crappy dream. Makes me want to recite my own address a few times.

  2. Wow, that video is actually perfect for our today's post. Can I get that mariachi band to follow me around next time I'm at the grocery store?

    No one's ever manipulated electricity for me, but my grandfather has come to me and my mother a few times in the form of his cologne, especially in hard times, as a lingering sign that we're not alone.

  3. No, I've never had the electricity manipulated for me, and only once have I ever felt a comforting presence from beyond. There was no outward manifestation -- just an overwhelming calm that came over me at a moment when I was very distraught, a feeling that everything would be okay.

  4. No, no one's ever used electricity to communicate with me like that, but not long after her husband died, my best friend and I were sitting on the step between our kitchen and pool room, while my hubby was taking his shot. The four of us had shot countless games together over the years, and spend countless weekends together. Anyhow, at the SAME TIME, she and I both turned around, because we each felt a hand clasping our shoulder. We knew it was him.

  5. I've had a dream that felt very real of my grandma visiting me. I'd always missed her so badly, after that dream I knew it was okay to let go. And it's been fine in my heart every since... I remember waking up and praying thanks because it felt like such a gift to actually get to visit her one more time. :)

    I'm glad you feel the comfort of your daddy.

  6. Most of my dead relatives wouldn't help me if they could. Bentley, my Rottweiler, has no need for electric lights, so I sleep quite well.

    That being said, I do subscribe to many of Jung's theories, so I believe it is possible that we carry in ourselves much of the spirit and wisdom of those who came before us, much like animals have instincts. I believe it is possible for us to inherit, so to speak, the knowledge and experiences of our ancestors, even if we never met them.

    I know I'm wandering, but if we can inherit height, eye color, and other characteristics from our family members, why not their experiences? Jung's studies showed, for example, instances where people had phobias to snakes, without ever seeing one. Then, it was discovered that they had deceased grandparents they never met who had been bitten by venomous snakes generations earlier. Did they inherit the fear?

    The bottom line is that nightmares might be more connected to our ancestors' fears than our own. By the way, none of this means anything to Bentley.

    1. Hey JJ- just thought I'd butt in here to say that I have always been so completely repulsed by the idea of eating something that looked to me a lot like a spider. Turns out that for years when my family would eat crab right on the beach on a remote island in the San Juans I would never eat any and it was a really good thing. There are no medical facilities on that island and I found out by accident one day that I am deathly allergic to shellfish. I had anaphylactic shock just by eating something that was cooked in the same pan as shellfish. Good thing I was in town and not on a remote island. Also turns out I have a distant relative who died from this. Your info on this subject is interesting and makes sense.

    2. Thank you, Jasmine. Your story is even more interesting!

  7. I imagine this happens more to those sensitive to receiving it. That lets me out. But, I'm not doubting, and I'll offer no hare-brained explanations. God moves in mysterious ways, who am I to know them all?

  8. I've never felt that the spirit world contacts us directly, but am willing to concede that I could be wrong and that my narrow-mindedness on the matter may prevent me from being open to such contact.

    However, the timing on this post is odd, as after last night I have now twice had dreams involving departed loved ones (my sister years ago, my parents last night), where I woke from a dream so vivid that I questioned whether they had actually passed.

    Neither dream seemed to be trying to send a message-in last night's dream I was in my childhood home, helping my mother prepare the meal, but I was telling stories of recent events (so the dream was taking place today).

    But at 3am, I was awake in bed and had to remind myself that my parents were gone. I remember a similar dream with my sister, years ago.

    So I've never experienced the lights flashing or physical manifestations, but am open to the possibility that maybe these dreams represented contact.

    I have had a calming experience like Dianne describes that I absolutely attribute to my sister. She'd said more than once she would contact me to show me it could happen, but probably has the sense to know I'd freak out if she appeared as a glowing apparition. She was a calming influence on me while alive, so the couple of times I felt that feeling, I thought, if it was at all possible, she was reaching out.


    I have been contacted many times in several different ways by departed loved ones. They can use various modes, but dreams, music, and electricity are some of the most common.

    I'm not sure if I've experienced anything relating to lights. When I say I'm not sure, I mean I don't specifically recall, but that gives you some idea of how often I have been contacted - so many times I can't even remember them all.

    However, I am convinced that the FIRST time my Pa contacted me, via music, he wasn't even dead yet. He was basically in a coma.

    Also... (OK, this is a weird one and it will seem even weirder because I'm not ready to describe it in sufficient detail...) I believe my Ma may have used electricity (combined with music) to also contact me before she was dead - and while she was actually still conscious and able to speak to me. (If it wasn't her, then it was my Pa indicating that she was about to "die" and that he was waiting to greet her in Paradise. She passed away the very next day.)

    The next 'BOTB' I post, on August 1st, actually relates to this event. It's the same song that was playing when the "thing" happened. The reason I've kept it a secret for 9 years is because I am expecting something to happen in the future to validate that it was indeed a supernatural event, and I "feel" I'm supposed to keep it under wraps until the whole Spiritual scenario plays itself out.

    Very cool & interesting post, my Friend!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I think that validation happens all of the time. So, if you think it is coming... it probably is.

      That has made me think of a strange thing that happened between me and my cousin. We both experienced very separate, but strange things, that when we talked about them explained the whole deal.

      I look forward to that August 1 post!

  10. Alex ~ Yeah, that wasn't a good dream.

    ABFTS ~ I read your post after I wrote this one and didn't even think about how perfect the song was... hahahaha. I guess great minds are thinking alike today:D I have a grandma that always lets me know she is around by scent. Her perfume fills the room and then it is gone. Whenever that happens I feel comforted.

    Dianne ~ I think our gut instincts are right and if you felt that came from outside yourself and was a loved one reaching out... you are probably right.

    Susan ~ You are not the first person who has experienced being touched by a loved one. That is cool.

    rosey ~ My father coming to me in dreams had the same effect on me. It felt like a gift.

    JJ ~ I think that there is far more that happens here than we can ever possibly understand. So, I am open to the idea...

    CW ~ It is my experience that you are more likely to experience it if you are open to it.

    LC ~ Here is what I have experienced in my dreams with loved ones who have passed that lets me know that they are dead and this is a real conversation vs. me just dreaming about them. The dreams are always super vivid. And my dead relatives are young in these dreams. I would say 30s. And none of them died in their 30s. I don't know how they would look to me if they passed younger than that. I think it would be healthy (if they were sick) and very vital looking. If there is a takeaway from the dream in your childhood home isn't it that death isn't the end? That your loved ones still care, are still watching over you, and that sometimes you can even meet in dreams and talk to them? And they to you. And isn't that cool? If we see this world as one that God created and He can do anything, why is it hard to believe that this could be true? Wherever you land on this issue, I hope it brings you peace of mind.

  11. I haven't (yet) had the lights go on/off, but my dead family members have visited me at night and/or in my dreams. It was so real with my Mom once, I felt completely comforted when I awoke.

  12. The lights thing is pretty cool and also a little bit scary. I hate nightmares and I'm sorry you had to go through that. I hope to be in more contact with you myself- soon.

  13. Wow this is incredible. Really makes one wonder...and believe. I have had my grandparents visit me in the most vivid dreams...almost as if the dream is an awake state. It always makes me wonder...

  14. Your post reminded me of when my mother in law passed. I swore her spirit came to live at our house. There was the time my keys disappeared out of my purse. I found them the next year in the back of the freezer when defrosting it. There were nights the TV came on with the volume turned all the way up when everyone was sleeping. There were times I came home from work and everything was on in the house with no one home. This went on for about a year after she passed really weird things and out of the blue it all stopped.

  15. I would have wanted to get out of that dream so badly. When I have bad dreams, I wake up sooooo relieved that they're just that --- nightmares. Haven't had the lights come on for me. I'd probably have a heart attack.

  16. ah! so scary and creepy! so glad you got a happy, comforting ending.

    happy tuesday!
    and thanks for commenting on my broken branch falls blog tour!

  17. Robyn ~ I think that we can sense what is real from an actual dream. Does that make sense? I have dreamt about loved ones who died and knew that it was just that... a dream. And then I have had vivid dreams about dead loved ones that I knew were REAL. And, yes, it is comforting.

    Jasmine ~ I hope to hear from you soon. And, yes, nightmares suck.

    OE ~ Sometime I will repost the best "dream" I had with my father after he passed.

    GG ~ Anyone who has experienced this sort of thing themselves has no problem believing in it. Ironically, even though what happened with your deceased MIL was annoying... I am willing to bet money that she was trying to just get the message across that she was okay. Did anyone ever talk out loud to her indicating that the message was coming through loud and clear? Sometimes that will make it stop if that is what you want. Our loved ones don't want to scare us. They want us to KNOW that they are fine.

    JL ~ I think the light incident would have been frightening if I didn't have my friend's story to help me put the pieces together. As it was, not so scary. And I wouldn't mind it happening again. I love knowing that my dad is right there.

    Tara ~ Yes, a great ending!

  18. I think it's easier for spirit to manipulate electricity and such. I know many people that are contacted through dreams, though.

    I get laughed at, but I do believe my grandfather visits me whenever I'm outside and a cool breeze comes out of nowhere to help me out. I'll be out walking or doing yard work, in 90+ weather, and this cool wind (which shouldn't be cool, it should be hot like everything else outside) flows through...and stays there for a long time.

    I also have another story from when I was in the hospital on my "almost" deathbed. But that's for another time...

  19. Hi Robin,

    I'm still rehashing your story in my muddled head. I do believe that what you have experienced is symbolic on so many levels. Your dad, knew of those other lights and thus, a guided light during your moment of fright. Panic over and all was right in your family home.

    Having nearly died in hospital and recalling some surreal situations, I truly believe in what you say.

    Take care and keep smiling, Robin.


  20. Jay ~ I am not laughing at that story. On a hot day, you get a hot breeze. So, it makes sense to me that if you get a really cool breeze on a really hot day... well, there could very well be someone in the spirit world helping you out and reminding you that you are not alone.

    Gary ~ Yes, he completely took away the panic and anxiety and I had a restful night of sleep after that scary dream.

  21. One of my aunts visited me in my sleep recently. I felt her so completely, I'm convinced it wasn't just a dream. I've never had the electricity manipulated but one of my cousins has experienced that.

  22. Our family has been in a few car accidents where no one's been hurt, and I really believe that my dad is our guardian angel. It's a lot more subtle than the lights, but it's nice that we both have found ways to take comfort.


  23. Wow I got goosebumps reading your post! That is such an amazing but scary experience. Thank you for sharing your story!

    Chanzie @ Mean Who You Are.

  24. (It's Liza). First off, let me assure you that I totally believe that there are ways in which we connect with others who have gone before us. That said, I would want to just make sure that there is nothing wrong with your electricity, like a short, or a power surge. I'm not trying to take your comfort away, I believe in it. But just to make sure, I might think about asking someone to have a look at your wiring.

  25. Carol ~ Yes, I think we know when we are experiencing something that is more than just a dream. Thanks for sharing.

    Julie ~ Yes, I believe that our loved ones can and do protect us!

    Chene ~ Maybe I should have called this one "Goosebumps."

  26. I've had experiences, but none that dealt with electricity. Experiences like that are so hard to interpret unless you can feel the actual mood in the air.

  27. Thanks Robin, for the kind words at my blog.

    I'm sure when a plane I had missed in Chicago turned around and came back (for a problem in the brake line which took an hour or so to fix) that my mother had sent them back. I had been attending her memorial service and trying to stay ahead of Hurricane Ivan in 2004. . .Everyone on that plane stared at me as I got on, and I was dressed all in black. When I sat down, my seat neighbor said, 'I guess we came back for you'. . .hmmm.

  28. I've had a couple times when I was pretty sure I felt my mom's hand on my face (she used to cup her palm against my cheek) but I've never had the lights go on or off. That's a bit eerie.

  29. You snapped his head back? Now that's the kind of stuff that gives me nightmares. Luckily I never remember any of my dreams. The lights went on... If want you say happened is true, I'm happy for you. But now I'm thinking... I hope my late Grandma God rest her soul doesn't see me doing... you know... naughty stuff. How would I ever be able to face her without lying through my teeth and saying, "It wasn't me"? Do you know what I mean?


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