Sunday, September 8, 2013

Lightning and the Battle of the Bands Results

How many of you have ever had lightning strike close to your house to travel through your electrical box and fry most of your electrical devices?  Or maybe just close enough to take out some of your electronics?  When I was a teenager a lightning strike hit close enough to fry a brand new TV.  Then, when living on my own, lightning hit a tree right beside my house, traveled to the electrical box and zapped everything.  I called the Fire Department because I thought the house was on fire.  Turns out it was just every electrical device in my house still smoldering.  A few years later, after I moved in with my mom and stepdad, lightning hit again... this time taking out the garage door.  Since we moved back to Florida - yeah, I am talking about since November of last year - lightning has hit close enough to our house that 1st time) disabled the HTML input on my DVR, 2nd time) disabled every input on the DVR so that it had to be replaced, 3rd time) killed the power source on the TV in the living room, requiring replacement, 4th time and most recent time) traveled the cable line taking out the cable, internet, and phone service.  It also fries all of my mother's night lights each time we get hit.  She is really tired of replacing bulbs.

I am thinking of investing in lightning rods.  No, I don't live in a barn, but I think five would be appropriate, given my lightning attraction, much like this barn...

And that explains why you haven't seen much of me on your blogs, posting comments, etc.  I got attacked by the lightning.  Right now I am gratefully utilizing my neighbor's internet connection.  It isn't great, but it sure beats none.  It will be a few more days before the cable company sends someone.  Six days from lightning strike to being able to get someone out here.  When I got the confirmation call a little while ago, I stressed that the lost service better be discounted from my bill.  The customer service lady assured me that it would be...

I will believe it when I see it.  I had to fight with these people to get them to send me one technician to repair all three services.  Yep.  They wanted to send me three separate techs on three separate service calls to get me back up and running.  Insanity.  I think I might be waiting six days because I got my way... Perhaps, it's another case of being careful what you wish for, because you might get it!

It's been a week, so it's time for the posting of the results from The Battle of the Bands.

Madison Rising won it by a landslide.  Jose Feliciano received one vote, so it wasn't a shut-out.

The next installment of The Battle of the Bands will happen on 9/15.  I hope that you come back and join in the fun... again... or for the first time, if you missed this one.  I am predicting that it will be another song all of you know, but that the votes will be more split.  We shall see...

And if you missed the HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY post, just click on Older Posts.  It will take you directly there.  Lots of funny stuff on that one:)


  1. Doesn't surprise me their version won.
    Wow, sorry about all of the lightning strikes. I don't think anything has ever hit a house I lived in. Maybe you do need those lightning rods.

  2. argh! those service techs are so frustrating! hope you get it all taken care of

    cant believe all the lightning damage!

    & yay for madison rising!

  3. I'm thinking you should run right out and buy a lottery ticket...if you get that many lightning strikes you're bound to beat the lottery odds, too!

  4. Wow! You are soooo electric that lightning follows you everywhere!!! :) I am deathly afraid of lightning. Have been since I was a young girl. I'm always scared that it's going to strike me, even to this day, if I'm outdoors when a storm is brewing or there is thunder, I just know that lightning is around somewhere, and I rush somewhere indoors! Glad you're okay and hope your connected to the cyberworld again, soon!

  5. I'll tell you one thing, ROBIN: I wouldn't want to be standing too close to you. Nothing personal at all, but you're kinda... dangerous to be near, aren't ya?!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  6. Definitely Madison rising. As for your personal story, shocking!

  7. Oh wow, sounds like it likes you...or hates you. lol. Maybe you will get super powers.

  8. I'm glad Jose Feliciano has had a successful career in spite of this humbly defeat.

    Be careful. Lightening really likes you. That's a bit odd and scary. I've never had a close encounter with lightening.


  9. Geez. I have friends that have had issues with lightning, but not like you. Maybe you SHOULD get a few lightning rods.

    I know they make super expensive surge protectors, but I don't think they can do squat when lightning strikes that close. They might help with an electrical surge due to losing and then regaining power.

  10. You've been hit a lot. Maybe you are a lightning rod.

    One bolt charged right over my car during a thunderstorm when I lived in Arkansas. My dash was digital and I remember the speedometer racing up to 85mph and flashing and then bottoming out. I could feel the charge inside the car and it was freaky.

  11. It sounds dangerous living where you do and I can't imagine what the damage has worked out to in dollar figures for all the strikes over the years.

  12. Gotta go check out Thursday. I feel for you on the lightning strikes. We lost two TVs, our phones and a computer the first big storm after we moved into our current house. the lightning came in on our cable line. We wised up with the surge protectors since then.

  13. Yipes, I always figured you were an attractive young lady, but that's ridiculous! Remind me not to stand next to you during an electrical storm.

    Yeah, we've been hit a few times and had some of our electronic stuff fried, but nothing like you. Then again, Florida is notorious for the amount of lightning it has. Lucky you. Maybe you should unplug everything in the house when it starts to rain. (Like every day, right?)

  14. What a bummer! I've been kind of paranoid about this happening and always unplug the major things in our house when we go away for a while. One of my former employees had this happen to her because of a power surge so it's not just lightening that can do this.

    As usual I'm the Lone Ranger. I voted for Jose. I really did like the other version, but Jose's was shorter and that was a plus.

    Wrote By Rote

  15. Thank you everyone for the comments. I tried posting to all of you individually, but since I still don't have internet here, the signal I am using is weak. It keeps giving out before I can get the comment finished. Lightning = Bad News.

  16. Jeeze... lightening seems to follow you. Scary. When I was a kid, lightning hit our house, traveled around the room and went boom, right behind my sister. It almost hit her. Another time, it traveled around the room, and stopped and blew up the phone there was a comb laying on the stand and it caught the comb on fire.

  17. Hey you... I got knocked down by lightning a few years ago... even wrote about it... I doubt think I was actually struck, but it was close enough to knock me to the ground and daze me for a bit...

    Im sorry to hear that lightning has caused you troubles at your house!!! YIKES!!!!


  18. Hi Robin,

    I hope you can see my rather late comment. It's four in the morning and I only just got to your site.

    Not a good situation with that zappin' a happenin'.

    Anyway, Madison Rising won. Although Jose did a great version of "Light My Fire."


  19. Wow that's terrible luck! I agree that lightning rods are good investments for you.

    Hope your internet gets fixed soon!

  20. Robin
    You are just a lighten magnet. Better get those rods up and in the mean time, move in a barn if you have to. I don't really know anyone who has been struck with lightening and here you come with 5 times. It's a funny thing, but my son and I were just talking about lightening striking. My grandmother used to often talk about my grandpa's brother who was killed by lightening (long before I was born) and I think that put the fear of the storm gods within me.

  21. That's crazy! I'm glad all is well, save the loss of Internet. And hurrah for generous neighbors! :)

    Hope all's up and running the way you want, sooner rather than later.

  22. Bummer on all the lightening. Wow- pretty freaky! Hope all your power issues get fixed soon.

  23. You do have the power of attraction working for you, don't you?! Too bad we don't get to choose what we attract sometimes!
    I do hope you find a solution to your problem soon as all that lightening sounds positively annoying.


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