Sunday, August 25, 2013

Feedback On Thursday

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I would like some feedback regarding my Thursday posts.

Several of you have indicated that you have difficulty with the page loading due to the number of videos.  I want the experience to be an easy one for everyone.

I tend to think that people are more inclined to watch the videos if they are right there and only one click away.  That is why I embed them, as opposed to offering up a link to YouTube, whenever possible.  However, I am well aware that if I posted links instead of embedding that it would likely solve the loading problems some of you are experiencing.

So, my questions are these: What would you prefer?  Links or the videos embedded as they currently are.  Would you watch any of the videos (other than one dedicated specifically to you) if you had no idea what it was and had to keep clicking over to YouTube to see it?  Be honest.  Would you even watch the video for everyone if it wasn't just one click away?  

I want to make this experience delightful for everyone, but if only a couple of you are having trouble, I don't want to "solve" this problem by making it not only difficult for everyone, but so troublesome that it is no longer worth the effort (for anyone).  That is how our government handles problems, and we see how well that is working...

So, please give me your feedback.


  1. Only once did I have a problem with the videos showing up. I came back later and there they were. I saw keep the videos embedded.

  2. I had no issues with it loading and I agree having the vids right there makes me more likely to watch them all.

  3. For some reason, the vids on the posts sometimes start playing as my browser is loading the page (and I have a slow browser). Sometimes several of them play at the same time -- which kinda freaks me out! lol -- and it takes a while for me to scroll down, figure out which ones are playing, and turn them off. You make great choices of vids, but I'd find it easier if there were links. And it's so considerate of you to ask people. :-)

  4. Well, ROBIN, your page DOES load very slowly for me. Sometimes I don't even have the time to wait for it to load, so I just return later. And at times I have even been kicked offline while trying to bring up your page. But then again, I have an ancient computer system and problems with it are pretty routine, so perhaps most of your more "New School" readers don't experience the same issues I do.

    To tell you the truth, I think I'd probably be likely to watch whichever videos I'm inclined to watch regardless of which format you posted them in; I don't think it would affect my actions either way. So, for the sake of faster, more problem-free loading, speaking selfishly, I think I'd vote for links over embedded vids. (Maybe a link but with an accompanying photograph to incite the reader's curiosity?)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  5. Thank you Alex, Brandon, Lexa, and Stephen for your opinions and ideas. I am still thinking on it.

    Anyone else care to weigh in here? I want to know what you think!

  6. Woo HOO! Is it possible? Could I POSSIBLY be considered "new school"? (Or new ANYTHING, for that matter?) I don't have any trouble loading, and honestly? It's more likely that I'll look at an embedded video than follow a link. I will check a link if I know what it is, and it sounds like something I want to see, but follow a blink link? I dunno if I would or not. I guess it'd depend on how much time I had to spend.

  7. I have no problems watching them the way they appear now, Robin. This is unusual, because I am so tech-challenged. If I had to do more work, I would be less likely to watch. At this point, I watch about 3 or so (not usually all) of them.

    Thanks, Robin.
    I hope you have a good week.

  8. I like them embedded. I'd watch either way though. What I don't like, and it doesn't happen here, is when a movie plays automatically. I had that happen to me recently with an html share I got for a giveaway (the host put an auto play video in the review). I just ended up taking the whole video out.

  9. Even though I am having trouble, if I wait long enough they do appear. (And I am getting a new computer so hopefully they will load faster.) I like the idea of the videos being here rather than going back and forth, looking for the link.

  10. Susan ~ Look at you on the Cutting Edge.

    Thank you Robyn, Rosey, and Manzaninta for weighing in on this troublesome question of link vs. embed.

  11. I don't have any problems pulling up a site with embedded videos.

  12. That's a tough one. My DSL is pretty fast, and it does take just a few seconds to be able to scroll down. But it's nothing that prevents me from watching the videos or anything.

    Keep 'em embedded.

  13. I like the videos right there but then my new computer is pretty fast. With my old computer I might have given a different answer.

  14. I didn't have any trouble viewing...


  15. It does take a second or two to load, But once loaded no problem with the page. But video's are easier for me than links, just cause I'm lazy! :)

    I do think it depends on the computers age, or maybe the humans age, not sure which! :) Yes, I'm old!


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