Sunday, July 14, 2013

Show and Tell.

Manzanita posted a video of her granddaughter singing in her last post.  I said something in my comment saying that her style reminded me of Lucinda Williams.  I asked if she knew who that was, and she responded by saying, "No. Tell me."

Now, I could have waited until Thursday and posted a Lucinda Williams video.  However, she didn't say Show and Tell Me.  Of course, I can't effectively do one without the other.  So, there will be some video footage included here.  Who is Lucinda Williams?  Tough question.  I have never heard her on the radio and I listen to a variety of stations.  Wikipedia states that she is an " American rock, folk, blues, and country music singer and songwriter."  That said, I have never heard her on country radio.  I have heard one of her songs on country radio back in the 90s.  Passionate Kisses by Mary Chapin-Carpenter was written by Lucinda Williams.  Ironically, MCC writes almost all of her own material.  Almost.

Here is a song by Lucinda Williams to give us a jumping off place:

All of Lucinda's song are so real and gritty. That is just one thing that I really like about them. They are also about subjects most people can relate to, because they have experienced it.  Something About What Happens When We Talk is an experience that I believe I can safely say has happened to everyone at same time.  My favorite line: "I can't stick around because I'm going back south, The only thing I regret now is I never kissed your mouth, Because there's something about what happens when we talk."  Heady, powerful stuff.  Yeah, it didn't work out, but there was something magical when we talked.

Let me tell you how I discovered Lucinda Williams.  It was via a fellow that I was long distance dating Augusta-Atlanta.  He really liked music (all kinds) and was sure that I would like Lucinda Williams if I gave her a listen.  He was right.  After that, I started racking up her CDs every time I came across one.  They are all gold.  My relationship with the guy was relatively short-lived, but my relationship with Lucinda Williams has lasted nearly fifteen years!!!

This is the first Lucinda Williams song I ever heard.  It is the first cut off of Car Wheels and A Gravel Road.  It's called Right In Time.  As you listen, think about every crush you've ever had.  Or that moment when a relationship is just blooming and everything is going so well.  Or maybe when you reach that place when you know that person is the one, but you are still single.  However, you know it's just a matter of time.  Pick your scenario.  But that person is Right In Time with you.

This last tune is my favorite. Yep, that is my strategy... save the best for last. Maybe not the best idea given you probably only watched the first 30 seconds of the first video anyway. hahaha.  However, if you are still hanging in, this song is three minutes of perfection.  It's called Side of The Road.  It is one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard.   "It only means I need a little time to follow that unbroken line to a place where the wild things grow, to a place where I used to always go."

Are you familiar with Lucinda Williams?  If so, do you have a favorite song?  Did you enjoy one of these songs more than the others?  After listening to these songs are you now inspired to seek her out on YouTube or through your other music sources? 


  1. I am very familiar with Lucinda Williams! Great choices!

  2. I met her in person any years ago. She was kind to my daughter and gave her a guitar pick which she cherished for years. An awesome lady.

  3. Lucinda Williams!!!

    I LOVE her!!!!

    Here is my favorite Lucinda Williams cut!!

    She rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    1. I just pulled this out of spam. I commented more on that below.

      Can't Let Go! Love it. It was actually up for consideration when I was compiling songs. I also nearly put up Crescent City. There are so many good ones. She is someone that I wouldn't mind seeing playing live. I bet she plays smaller venues and it wouldn't be too darn loud. The other option is outside. I usually do okay at outdoor venues. But, I would enjoy seeing her play very much:)

  4. I haven't heard of her until now. I like her sound. I've heard Mary Chapin Carpenter sing 'Passionate Kisses,' and I like that song.

  5. There's a lot of soul in her voice. Thanks for posting this, Robin. I never would've been introduced to her otherwise.


  6. I like her music, but I'd never heard of her before. Thanks for the introduction!

  7. I'm not familiar with Lucinda Williams, but it took me a few seconds to recall "Passionate Kisses." My brain had to go back a little bit, but the chorus is now in my head.

    "Passionate kisses...whoa-oh-oh."

  8. Yvonne ~ You have very eclectic taste, my friend.

    Tracy ~ Great story. Thank you for sharing:)

    mail4rosey ~ Lucinda Williams is a very talented songwriter and singer. Just love her.

    Robyn ~ More than welcome.

    Carol ~ It's always fun to find someone new!

    Jay ~ I know... that is reaching back, isn't it? The funny thing is that the song sounds very different when Lucinda Williams sings it. Maybe I should have posted THAT.

  9. No, I wasn't familiar with her, so thanks for the introduction. (Think she'll remember me?) Of the three songs you posted, I like the second one the best.

  10. Hmmm... I posted response to this post... I wonder what happened... :o( I even posted a link to my favorite Lucinda Williams song...


  11. ROBIN ~
    I've only heard OF her, but will have to return later to listen because these people in the house are screwing up my Internet signal. (Videos are out of the question - they won't play.)

    I have finished Part 2 and would have posted it tonight but... same problem. Too many people using the signal with their gadgets (and watching mindless Chinese TV shows - Arrrgghhhh!)

    Anyway... I'll get the second part published tomorrow night FO' SHO! (...barring falling space junk).

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  12. Susan ~ Right In Time was my favorite song for a long time. And then I found Side of The Road on another album. It is a totally different song, but I love it so much. Not sure it will ever be replaced as number one!

    Shoes ~ As soon as you posted this, I went back and checked my spam folder. Blogger is regularly delegating legit comments to spam. I know this because it kept sending my own comments on my blog to spam. I couldn't figure out where they were going. One day someone else posted an entire rant on their blog about how everything was going to SPAM. It clicked. I went to my spam folder and there were ALL of my missing comments, plus some from you guys. Blogger is being hateful right now. Check your spam.

    Stephen ~ I really do believe in sharing. However, there must be a better way for these internet companies to deliver signal. I notice at home people have sharing problems frequently. Yet, entire office buildings share a signal and no one seems to be Unable To Work because the internet is so slow that they can't load anything. Why is that?

  13. This woman's stuff gets played infrequently here in Seattle on country radio. Her stuff is right up there with Tracy Chapman's style or even more like K.D. Lang. I've always liked this kind of stuff and it meant a lot to me especially when I was going through all kinds of hell. You kind of need stuff that is real for times like that. And boy is it interesting to see how different it sounds and feels when you're on the other side of hell... ;) :) It's strange how certain qualities are more intense when things are bad, but I like how I can step back and appreciate things even as a happy healthy person.

  14. Hello Robin,

    Have you any idea how long it took me to finally get to your post? It seems to have taken four days, give or take a time zone.

    Thus, my illustrious friend, if at gone three in the morning, yes time zones, my comment is even more disjointed than normal, I shall use my exhaustion as an excuse. I would kindly ask for bonus points for my comment, however.

    Not exactly my favourite genre of music. However, I do appreciate Lucinda's slightly gravely voice. No, I've never heard of her before. I think I need to listen to "Goose Creek Symphony", that might wake me up. Thanks for sharing this. And oops, time to visit our dear friend, Manzanita. After I get some sleep.

    Sadly, I must go now. Goodnight! :)


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