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SURPRISE. Drum roll please. It is once again HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY. Yes, you read that correctly.  HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY is back on Thursday.  For those of you unfamiliar with the once again weekly HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY posts, I bet you're wondering what is going on.   Well, peeps, let me give you the skinny on this event...

This is a weekly event landing typically on Thursdays.  The best (or worst) part is that I am not going to explain why I chose "whatever" footage for each of you. If, you watch your footage and are scratching your head at the end, well that means I didn't do a very good job. However, all is not lost. You can email me at and ask me what I was thinking when I chose that particular piece of footage off of youtube and connected it to you. And then I will tell you. Then I will start sending up prayers that I haven't offended the crap out of whoever is on the receiving end of that Because, honestly, I will tell you right now... I admire all of you enormously so I really hope that doesn't happen.

Also, this is not an exclusive venture by any means. I hope that you will take the time to watch ALL of the footage because I don't pick bad footage:-) I also hope that you might check out the blog of the person I dedicated the footage to because they are pretty darn awesome. If you haven't figured this out yet... I pick the footage based on something that you've written or something that I've gleaned from your personality. Think on that for a while... If you are having trouble watching the entire video (meaning it is being cut off on one side), click on it a couple of times and it will take you straight over to youtube. If you click on the four squares at the bottom corner of the video, it will enlarge it to fill your screen. The escape key will bring it back to normal size. The back arrow will bring you back to my page.

Now, let's get this PARTY STARTED!!!!

This one is for everyone:

This one is for Yvonne at Writing My Life Away!:

This one is for Steve at Steve's Nude Memphis Blog:

This one is for JJ The Disconnected Writer:

This one is for Rawkynrobyn at Life By Chocolate: Robyn Alana Engel's Blog:

This one is for Red Shoes at Red Shoe's Chronicles:

This one is for Al Diaz at Father Dragon Writes:

This one is for Jay Noel:
Click here to watch.


  1. Perfect for Al.
    And I can watch Ship My Pants all day long...

  2. LOL, you have to listen really closely in that first one, don't you? :)

  3. Woohoo! I'm rockin' out over here to represent the West coast. I love it! I never listened to the words until now...heard "sex on the beach" and burst into laughter. This was really fun.

    The "ship my pants" commercial is priceless, and I also really liked your tribute to Yvonne. Very appropriate.

    Thank you, kindly!

  4. Extremely appropriate, as always. You really make excellent choices, Robin. And you even got me one with lyrics, you're an angel that puts a smile on my face. Thank you very much. Let's fly then. :D

  5. Alex ~ Ah yes. I love the Ship My Pants. I just played it for my mom. She didn't appreciate it. Alas, not for everyone:(

    mail4rosey ~ Yes, you do!

    Robyn ~ I know! I was driving down the road and that song came on and I thought of... YOU! I knew it had to go on the Thursday post:)

    Al ~ Yes, let's fly. If you can dream it...

  6. Change is essential. Stagnation is the alternative.

  7. Ahahaha! I love it!!! Rawr!!!! :)

  8. OK, first I would like to say, I just shipped my pants. Second, I love CougarTown! And third, I always loved the song "Little Miss Can't Be Wrong" because back in college I knew a girl who was the embodiment of Little Miss Can't Be Wrong and we argued ALL THE TIME. Thanks for the dedication!

  9. wow...the pain you know..good one. It's too true.

  10. I'd never seen that "ship my pants" commercial. Priceless.

  11. JJ ~ Yes. Most people resist change, though... especially Big Change.

    Susan ~ :)

    Yvonne ~ Good!

    Steve ~ You would not believe at how much "wrong" footage I looked at to try and find something that fit your post. This wasn't really "right," but it had the best flavor... even though it was a she instead of a he. Oh well...

    Christine ~ Yes, we do tend to choose the pain we know. It's sad, isn't it?

    LD ~ I think it's hilarious.

  12. That ship my pants is so funny! :)

  13. "Load, dammit, load!" Oops, sorry, where was I? Where am I? Who are you? Questions, questions.

    Right then, put the music I'm playing on pause. Kmart and ship, go hand in hand :)

    "California Gurls" are enough to set of a "Firework" and keep me "Wide Awake".

    I appreciate how much thought goes into each of the videos you post up. Let the dragon continue to fly.

    A peaceful, positive weekend to you, Robin.

    Gary :)

  14. I'm gonna ship my pants :)

    Happy Weekend!

  15. I can flyyyyyy, I can flyyyyy. Now I'll be singing that all day. Prob better than God bless America, my morning wake-up tune. Ha
    I've never actually watched Cougar Town but holy moly, some of those gals are attractive. Women get more beautiful as they age (but only up to a point).

  16. Hahaha you can ship your pants, too, I'm sure.

    1. Grumpster... I ship myself at least once a day..



  17. Great picks, though I always have to watch Katie Perry stuff with the sound down...ahem.

    Love that K-Mart campaign, too :D

  18. Hey there, Ms Robin...

    I came and tried to post... and my 'puter messed up... I don't know if what I tried to leave posted or not... AUGH!!!!

    Anyway... I am still amazed at how you do this!!! I was expecting REM and did not expect what was there... I have a dream I really need to tell you about... it SO goes with this video that you left for me.

    That video for Memphis Steve is JUST right!!!!

    Wasn't that a song by the D'vinyls?? I Ship Myself??

    The spirit of the original comment is gone... I hate that when that happens...


    How has your week end been??

    Thank you for this!!


  19. Mark ~ You are so funny:D

    Shoes ~ Yes, you must email me that dream. Whenever I get something right I am interested in knowing as much detail as you are willing to share!

  20. LOVE the music video you dedicated to me! Is it sad that I still remember all the words to that song?

    I think Mr. Dolby needs to give me some money!


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