Monday, January 21, 2013

You gotta laugh.

Many blogs are covering this BIG day in one way or another.  Yes, it is Martin Luther King Day.  But, that isn't the real buzz.  It is the day of the Coronation, peeps.  Apparently Jimmy Kimmel had a bit on his show several days ago where his crew walked around in the streets quizzing people about the Inauguration this year.  What did they think?  How did it compare to last time around?  They even asked about specific made-up events to get the reaction of the populace.  Almost everyone loved it.  Thought it was amazing, awesome, incredible, best-ever, totally beat the "event" 4 years ago, and totally expect the President to do even better this time around.  Did anyone know the event had not yet happened?  Nope.  Totally explains how we are here if you ask me.  This is not part of the funny portion of this blog.  Seriously.  Not funny.

So, let's fast forward to today. The day. I couldn't watch it again. I did some blog reading. Then I spent the better part of the day in bed with a migraine. However, I did find one blog that decided to take the humorous approach. Maybe that is best. This blog is a big fan of Bad Lip Reading. Prior to this blog, I had never seen any YouTube videos that put together clips featuring humorous clips of Bad Lip Reading. Now, I am becoming a fan. I even enjoyed a clip on Bad Lip Reading recently that was all sports stuff. Yeah, I like Bad Lip Reading. Who knew?

So, what does have our President have to say on this momentous day?  Take a look:

Now that was funny, right? Bad Lip Reading is funny. It just sucks all my stress away. Laughter does that. Let's say what the Vice President has to say:

Bawahahahaha. Now, that one was so good it was a bit freaky. There were times I would swear it was actually him.

Bad Lip Reading. My newest YouTube obsession.

Happy MLK Day everyone.


  1. People didn't even know the event hadn't happened. That is scary.
    Kimmel is cool though.
    And those Bad Lip Reading clips are hilarious. The guys who put them together are good.

    1. I know, Alex, right? They are the same people who vote. Let that sink in.

      I agree. Bad Lip Reading Clips are hilarious. They even make sporting events FUN. hahahahaha.

  2. LMBO!!! I LOVE those bad lip reading things that are going around...

    I remember a bunch of years ago when was taking a Marketing class as an undergraduate... the professor told us that most advertising was geared towards people with a 3rd grade education... and when you look at how the Democrats and the Republicans ran their advertising, I'm not surprised at all...


    1. You know I just read something somewhere that all newspapers are written at a 4th grade reading level. Therefore, it doesn't surprise me that Marketing is geared to nearly the same academic level. This really saddens me.

      While I love Bad Lip Reading, I hate that our schools are failing:(

  3. Oh... BTW... today was Robert E' Lee Day... his birthday (which was January 19, 1807) is celebrated on the third Monday in January...

    Robert E. Lee's Day is still on the books, both nationally and in many states.

    Lee graduated second in his class at West Point Military Academy. As a member of U.S.Army, he served in the Mexican-American War where he met men and soldiers with whom he would form life long relationships.Among these men were James Longstreet, George Pickett, and Ulysses S. Grant.

    Lee was opposed to the Secession of the Southern States... he claimed that nothing good could come from it. After South Carolina seceded from the Union, and war appeared imminent, Robert E. Lee was offered leadership of the Union Army.

    Lee's greatest fear was that he would have to lead military forces into Virginia and wage war there against his home state. Lee resigned his commission and headed home to Virginia. Lee served as adviser to Confederate leader Jefferson Davis, and then commanded the Army of Northern Virginia. After four years of death and destruction, Robert E. Lee met Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox, Virginia, where both generals ended their battles. Lee told his comrades, “Go home and be good Americans”.


    1. I love this Shoes. I have forgotten so much of my History. One of the things that could have made History Class memorable was adding that "personal element." I am nearly certain that this was not in my textbook at school, and that is a shame. I am not saying that the facts weren't there, but the details that made them interesting were left out. All of those generals were people. And many were caught up in a very "sticky" war when the states seceded. They did know one another. They went to school together. They LIKED one another. They were FRIENDS.

      I love that: "Go home and be good Americans."

  4. The victor gets to write the history, Robin... Lee didn't want Virginia to secede, and was willing to continue his military career with the U.S. Army. He even asked for a non-combative position so that he wouldn't have to be involved in the conflict, but his superiors wouldn't consent.

    When South Carolina seceded, Lincoln wanted soldiers and funding from each state to help put down the secessionist attempts. I would argue that some of the southern states seceded so as to not have to fight against their neighbors.

    At the inception of the Civil War, Lee still owned slaves, yet, Lincoln was begging Lee to take the command... so that alone, to me, casts a shadow of doubt on exactly how much the slavery issue actually factored into the beginning of the war.

    Jefferson Davis was also a graduate of West Point, and fought in the Mexican-American War. These men weren't strangers to each other. During the presidency of Franklin Pierce, Davis was his Secretary of War... and also served as a Senator from the State of Mississippi. Jefferson also argued against secession,but agreed that each state had the right to do so.

    Much like today, these people knew each other and were politically stressed at the time when these decisions were made.

    God Bless them all...


    1. This is like shifting out the lens of a camera.

      My favorite line in this one: "Jefferson also argued against secession, but agreed that each state had the right to do so."

      That is a drum that I have beat over and over on so many topics. We haven't precisely gotten to secession yet, but it is beginning to feel tangible. I NEVER in my lifetime thought I would say that. Of course, I don't think those guys did either. Freedom was barely in their rear view mirror. However, states have already filed (albeit, I think it was more of a protest than any real desire to secede), but it is in the air. Once you float it out there, it is like a word that you cannot take back.

      Every day there is more divisiveness. More unrest. More stress. I feel like it isn't a question of will we hit the breaking point, but when will we hit the breaking point?

      You made an interesting point. War is about divisiveness. Always. One group against another. States rights vs Federal controls. Blacks vs. whites. I have always thought it was more about the former and less about the latter. Why? Because I knew the latter would work itself out. People never allow social injustice to carry on indefinitely. Just as they would never allow the intolerable work conditions in the North to last forever. In the South, people would be made free due to pressure to do so and start paying them a wage. In the North, someone would start paying better and people would flock to work there, thereby setting the standard for working conditions. We live a free market society that whoever brings the BEST product to market WINS. Whoever has the most productive employees WINS. Someone can set rules and regulations, but corrupt people will always work to get around them. Instead, let the honest man beat the corrupt one honestly. Simply by being better.

      The truth was that we didn't need a war. But we got one. And we don't need all of these rules and regulations that we are getting now, but we are getting them. And they are causing the desired effect: division. And it will cause the desired effect: hostility. You get enough of that and it will cause the desired effect: War. And our politically stressed government officials will be in the same boat as those so many years ago. And the states, when it comes down to it, might decide to secede simply because they have family in a neighboring state, and they don't want to have to kill them.

      How about we stop signing Executive Orders? How about we quit with the rules and regulations? How about we "go home and be good Americans?" Can we give that a try?

  5. Basically, you had me at "Coronation." You are my new BFF!

    1. I can't claim that one. I read this hysterical blog called MICHELLE OBAMA'S MIRROR Reflections from MOTUS: The Mirror of the United States.

      I never comment there, but read it daily. Anyway, that person has been calling it the Coronation for some time now. HILARIOUS. And so spot-on.

      Anyway, I knew we would get along as soon as you said you lived in Texas. I don't live in Texas (FL), but I like Texans. They tend to live life on their own terms. I like that. It actually is what this country is about and seems to have forgotten. If it weren't so desert-like I would probably live there...

      Anyway, so nice to meet ya. (Oh, I've also done some time in GA. About 15 years worth, so even though FL is south it isn't southern, I can still put my Scarlett on:)

  6. ROBIN ~
    I just now watched that 'Lie Witness News' video.

    I even had to call my Brother into the room so he could see it for himself. Yeah, those people interviewed: American voters. That explains a lot, doesn't it?

    And some of them weren't just lying, they were embellishing and lying for all they were worth (just like their "messiah" in the White House).

    That video was simultaneously funny and sad as hell.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I know. The populace is so out of touch that it is downright frightening. My first response was to laugh. Then I realized that these people could VOTE. Then I was horribly depressed. Egads.

  7. Robin
    I did see the Bad Lip Reading on YT but I can't watch the inauguration nor speeches. My thymus won't allow it. I do believe the lying voters. They probably think Clinton is still in office. They most likely LOVE water, the fluoride-heads.

    1. I was with you on watching the Event. Couldn't do it. Even reading about it after has been difficult.

      I knew that we were in trouble when I saw another talk or radio personality hit the streets BEFORE the election and not one person got a question right about any candidate running other than the President. And the only thing they knew, with certainty, about him was that he was black. When asked if they were bothered that he had a problem with gay people? Yeah, but they'd get over it. When asked if they were bothered that he was Mormon? Nope. Everyone is entitled to their own religious beliefs. When asked how they felt about as Sarah Palin as the VP nominee? Hate her hate her hate her. When asked if they think he will beat McCain AGAIN this year? You bet he will. When asked if he will finally get Osama Bin Laden this term? EVERY person asked was confident that it would FINALLY happen because our President is on top of things. (Not one knew the guy was already dead.) Even the TV or radio people (I think it was radio, even though it was a film crew, so I don't know) were absolutely shocked.

      I was Dismayed. Disheartened. Disappointed. These were the same yo-yos who would be voting in about a month. And they were CLUELESS.

      If they don't know all this other stuff, you can bet they have no idea about the water. We just bought a whole house water purification system. Personally, I think all the chemicals hitting the soft tissues of our bodies is cancer-causing. But, I can't prove it. It is just a personal belief I have. So, I do what I can for where I live. When we lived at our old house, which was on a well, we weren't getting all of the chemicals from the city water supply. Now, I am just doing what I can to combat what they are putting in there.

      The real problem here is a lack of education combined with the widespread belief that our government would never do anything to harm us. Ever. I learned with my chronic illness that there comes a time that you have to decide that your doctor isn't in charge of your health. You are, at best, partners looking for the ways and means of getting you healthy. And that is only if you have a very good doctor who thinks outside the box!

      Thanks for stopping by Manzi. Hope to see you here more often. The door is always open:)

  8. First off, I love all the great and real discussion that is going on here. It is exactly what I am looking for- people with real ideas about how to deal personally with all the BS that is hitting the fan. And especially to *SHOES* thanks for the history lesson. Up north, we are NEVER allowed to know anything positive about Lee or any other Southerners. It goes against the Soviet Socialist Republic of Washington codes or something.
    All of that said, I am also looking for lighter ways to deal with the sadness, grief and absolute disbelief I have for what is becoming of my beloved America. And those BLR videos are a great start. I would love to find humorous ways to get my opinions out about current leadership. Sometimes humor is the only way to go...

    1. I have THE BEST friends. That includes YOU. I think all discussion is valuable. Anyone can bring a non-hateful viewpoint to the table. So long as they are not attacking anyone on a personal level, it all goes here. I think we can learn from one another. I know I have<3

  9. Whatever happened to Washington's Birthday? Lincoln's? They went by the wayside and got lumped in with "Presidents' Day." Bow to pressure, if you must, and give Martin his day, but to lump George and Abe with Barack tells me I'm not in Kansas anymore.


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