Saturday, January 12, 2013

The Report From Australia

From Australia's lips to your ears:

This country has been through a gun ban.  Did it reduce crime?  No.  In fact, crime WENT UP.  Home invasions WENT UP.  It was like an invite to the criminals to come on in.  And now the police are saying it was a HUGE MISTAKE to take the guns away from the GOOD CITIZENS.  Why?  Because they can't protect them.  Yep.  The criminals didn't turn in their guns and the police can't protect an out-of-control criminal population.  It was bad enough when the criminals thought twice because someone MIGHT have a gun and be able to hold their own.  Now they know every house is a SOFT TARGET.  It is open season on EVERYONE.  Murders are UP.  Home invasions are UP.  Crime is UP.  In fact, the government can't even decide on a definition of "home invasion."  Seriously.  Additionally, the police are quitting because they are scared of the criminals.  Yep.  The criminals are winning.  Banning the guns?  Epic fail.

Take note Americans.

Listen to the poor folks in Australia who have already learned this lesson.  Stand up for the 2nd Amendment.

If you are wondering why I included a clip from the show Firefly, it is because it is a TV show (now canceled) that showcases a future where the government tries to impose too many rules and regulations on its citizens and they rebel. The Browncoats believe that their cause is just and they fight for their independence from a too powerful government. In the end, they lose. However, as Malcolm Reynolds says, "Just because we were on the losing side it doesn't mean it was the wrong one." Being that it is a "future" time they have space capability, so they take to the sky.  And they live a life on the run from a government that would rein them and rule them. I am quite certain that government would demand Malcolm Reynolds turn over his guns. And I am equally certain of his response: "Over my cold, dead body."

So, whenever I hear any politico prattling on about banning guns, I think what Malcolm Reynolds say to this nonsense. He might only be a character in a TV show, but his code is dead on right. And the horrible nightmare going on in Australia right now is proof that is so. Right now, everyone in that country would love to jump on a spaceship and get the hell out of Dodge. Space is looking safer than their own house!


  1. Replies
    1. I hate that this has happened to these people, but I am glad that they are SPEAKING OUT.

  2. You don't hear that on the news! Very interesting. And good to know.
    Mal was a smart dude.

    1. No, Alex, you don't. Very interesting that you don't. The gun ban has been an epic fail and yet the press is keeping a tight lid on it. Shocking.

      Mal was one smart dude.

  3. I saw a great bumper sticker with an AR-15 on it, with the words COME AND TAKE IT underneath. I will be getting one of those bumper stickers...

    1. Get two if you find them:D I am sure we will see each other again and I know I will run into something you will like!

    2. Forget the bumper sticker; get the AR-15!

      ~ D-FensDogg
      'Loyal American Underground'

    3. I think that is too much gun for me, Stephen. I am all for responsible gun ownership. I also believe in parity. So, anyone who passes the background check, blah blah blah is entitled by the right of the 2nd Amendment. I am really done talking "around" this issue.

  4. Robin: Be reasonable. How can a dictatorial Marxist/Solicalist/Communist government control an unarmed society? Stalin and Hitler were people too, waka do, waka do, waka do. We should focus on kindness, understanding, and love. If a rapist breaks into your home at night, just explain to him that there is a support system out there. That's what I would do.

  5. I'm becoming convinced that Americans have a death wish for the country. I guess that's why bleak dystopian fiction is so popular. I think much of the rest of the world would kind of like to see us fall. It's always interesting to see the big guys topple and the heroes fail. I'm sad to say that the great American spirit may be waning and turning to wimpiness and submission.

    Wrote By Rote


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