Saturday, January 19, 2013

The Best Salesman Ever

I wasn't planning on posting anything tonight.  I have felt pretty lousy all day today.  My migraine cycles up and down.  It was up today.  That happens.  It derailed my plans for unpacking boxes.  Yeah, I am still working on that.  It is the project that never ends.

Anyway, I was just passing my mom and her TV.  She was watching the evening news and I ended up stopping in my tracks.  Once again, the topic was guns.  Gah.  Apparently, there was a gun show in Jacksonville today and it was very well attended.  First Coast News was right there to get the news straight from the attendees.

"Our President is the best gun salesman ever.  The more he talks about guns, the faster they fly off the shelves.  We can't keep guns in stock."
~Vendor (I missed his name because mom and I were laughing so hard.)

I have read more blogs and articles about guns in the last month than I can even tell you.  The President keeps saying that America doesn't want guns.  I think the number of gun sales since the President started all of his talk about gun laws suggest something else entirely.  We The People are in favor of the 2nd Amendment.  We The People are in favor of background checks.  That is the only sound legislation that we have heard proposed yet.

No matter who you are, saying something doesn't make it true.  It doesn't become more true if you say it with children behind you.  It doesn't become more true if you get children to say it.  And for someone who has said that he wants his administration to be one of Transparency, things couldn't be less Clear.  Exactly what was in those Executive Orders?  And why do we need reminding that "everything" needs to go through Congress when it is so obvious that it doesn't?  However, thank you for having a child remind us to call our Congressman to push him/her to stand strong on the 2nd Amendment.  I am not sure it will make any difference, but I did send an email.  So, thanks for that.

So what is Clear?  Americans feel safest when we are protecting ourselves.  We know that we are the "well regulated militia" that the 2nd Amendment is referring to, and it is our duty to uphold the 2nd Amendment.  That is Clear.  The other thing that is Clear is that you are excellent at selling guns.  Way to go, POTUS.  Gun manufacturers everywhere thank you for your lip service.


  1. The Second Amendment in America is quite literally the ONLY THING holding up the complete installation of the "New World Order".

    If "they" can get Americans to give up their firearms, "they" can have the world tyranny they've been working for since long before anyone alive today was born.

    With every mass shooting that "they" orchestrate or help promote (via their dishing out of psychiatric drugs with deadly side effects) "they" move two steps closer to the Global Government that is going to make Orwell's '1984' look like 'Tea Time with Tiffany'.

    Keep up the fight, ROBIN.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. I agree with you about the 2nd Amendment. Once it goes down, so do we.

  2. Well, the coronation is tomorrow night. I have never been able to stomach watching him or listening to him so I'll not be tuning in. I am still mad at those who did not vote in the last election. They helped make this happen. Hope the migraine has let up. Take care.

  3. Good morning, Robin...

    I trust people with guns more than I trust the Federal Government... especially the one currently headed by Obama. I am still of the opinion that the time of death of our country will be that ill-fated day back in November when he was re-elected president of this once great land.

    Of course, I didn't trust the Bush administration either. For all the Hell raising the Democrats did while he was in office, I thought Bush to be more Democrat than he was Republican, given his propensity to spend and bailing out the financial services industry.

    I guess the Dems are made because Bush didn't spend more money.

    Did I say that I didn't trust this POS POTUS?


    1. Shoes,

      I agree that Bush made some really bad decisions that were cot Conservative. He really lost his way. When you do that sort of thing, you pave the way... for, well... this. More spending. More bail outs. What started out small has gotten much larger. You can't introduce something without it getting bigger... not in this government arena. And you would think that ole Bush would have known that! So, I think you may very well have a point, Shoes. Makes you wonder about that hell raising by the Dems, doesn't it? It's beginning to all feel like one big circus show, isn't it????

      However, like you, I felt like the country died back in November when Obama was re-elected. The heart has been ripped out. The body is just so large that is just doesn't know it yet.


    2. I really should proofread before I hit the "send" button. I meant "not" Conservative.

  4. You have not offended me yet, but I will be patient. The reason is that I believe in our Constitution, and you keep referring to it. As soon as you change your mind, I'll be the first to e-mail you. In the meantime, you're making too much sense for our current society.

    You must begin to follow the Far Left shepherds. They are the ones who have been blocking proper background checks in the name of freedom, as they throw around terms like racism, and then move to confiscate weapons from the law-abiding segments of society. If you want to offend, suggest that we should leave the decisions as to what is best for America to the only true American, Barack, especially during this period of Coronation. When you support this kind of thinking, you will offend me, like half my countrymen have done over the last four years.

    1. I don't doubt that at all... the email that is!

      You and I both know that we are hanging on to The Bill of Rights by a thread. It feels like a tooth and nail fight. We thought we won this war when it was signed 237 years ago. We never thought we would have to fight it again. Of course, the Founding Fathers knew we might... hence the reason the 2nd Amendment exists. We absolutely cannot let it go.

      As you have said repeatedly, until the people understand what they have to lose, they will never fight for it. So, I will never suggest someone leave their brains at home and let someone else do their thinking for them. We are not Sheeple. We are the People.

    2. Robin: You make me proud.

  5. Amen! Oh and glad you decided to post today!

    1. Yes, me too. Let's stop the madness, shall we?

  6. Oh girl, you know I'm here with you on this one. No coronation for me today either. Spent the day having my sink drain cleared. Reminded me a lot of what needs to be done in US government right now! A good cleansing of muck would be so welcome!!!

  7. Guns, guns, guns. Now's the time when I wish I owned a gun shop.

    Wrote By Rote


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