Monday, August 20, 2012

Are You Keeping The Toxic Junk?

I am on vacation again. I know, it is insane.

A person can barely drag me out of the house and now I am everywhere.

Mom and I are in St. Augustine for the week. We stayed last night in Jax with a friend of hers from church (back from when we lived here a few years ago). And are considering moving back to the area, so one of the things we will be doing this trip is looking at real estate. Yeah, this is looking less like a vaca and more like work. I KNOW!

However, it hasn't really started yet, so I have nothing to report on the house hunting yet. Aren't you thrilled????

I am so excited about meeting fellow blogger and his wife today for lunch. So excited that I am awake at 7am. Okay, a migraine woke me up. But I am still seriously excited. And I will probably go back to bed for a nap once my pain pills hit and this blog is done. But still... so psyched!!!

When things are on my mind and then I dream about them, I don't know if it was a chicken or the egg thing. Were they on my mind causing the dream or did I dream about them causing me to think about them? Does this happen to anyone else?

Yesterday, while at my mom's friend's house on Super Soul Sunday on OWN Oprah pulled out an interview she did with Deepak Choprah. He is a doctor who was an MD that just wasn't finding the answers he was looking for in traditional medicine and started looking in alternative medicine. Turns out that that there are LOTS of answers there. Shocking, I know. Right? At that time, I think he was promoting his book Ageless Body, Timeless Mind. I know I have all the words. Could be in the wrong order. Anyway, it was fascinating.

There were several things that I took away "hard" from that interview (meaning that they really hit home). The first was that the body perceives every emotion about something the same way as it does the action itself. So, in my case, I spent three years wrapped in daily anxiety to the point that they were causing excruciating migraines over what to do about my marriage. The thing was my SPIRIT already knew what I needed to do: get out. It was toxic. If it wasn't, I wouldn't be having these horrible migraines. Why did it take three years of migraines that debilitated my health so thoroughly? I believed in the vows I said, yada yada yada. However, my SPIRIT knew that it was killing me and tried to tell me. Anyway, the worry about what to do.... Do I stay? Do I go? That was as bad as the divorce itself. And that was terrible. As anyone who has been through it can tell you.

Another example, every time you relive the awful thing your former spouse did to you, you might as well be right back there. The body/spirit doesn't care about what is actually happening. All it cares about is your emotion to it. So, if you stay stuck on something for ten years, you might as well as have never left it. Another example: if it takes you two years of worrying about whether or not to get a surgery, you have done yourself more harm than good. You have essentially been in that surgery for two years. The body doesn't care what IS, it operates only on what your emotional state thinks IS. Our emotions are more powerful than we understand.

The doctor talked about a study that was done with some type of carcinogen (or other toxic food) that was given to lab animals. I think rats. Anyway, as expected almost all of the groupings died. Only one grouping survived. Maybe they were hamsters. Not sure now. It was such a bombardment of information. Anyway, what made the difference for the surviving group was that before they were fed, the scientist picked them each up, held them, petted them, talked to them, and loved on them. That difference changed how that food was processed. What was toxic turned to something non-toxic in their bodies.

The lesson about food for you and me is to never eat while we are angry, according to Chopra. That will make even good food toxic. Better to skip the meal. And never eat with people that you do not like. Our bodies respond to so many things on a cellular level.

Well, I will try to write more later this week. I know there is more rattling around in this brain. I am just not thinking of it. Plus, I will be able to report on my fascinating meeting with fellow blogger, JJ, The Disconnected Writer. That, all by itself, is something to look forward to reading!


  1. Other than the house hunting burden, it sounds like you are having a relatively relaxing good time and visit. Hope you have a great vacation. Enjoyed reading your posting.

  2. That's so, so cool that you'll meet JJ!!! And there is a great deal of wisdom contained herein. As I try to purge my brain and system of things I'd rather not think about (but just can't help, even though it's greatly reduced), I know it's slowly toxic and destructive. The ideal would be to compartmentalize everything into a tiny imaginary box, tie a pretty ribbon around it, and tuck it all away on a shelf to be forgotten. Because when the stuff is strewn all over the floor instead of being tucked away, I keep tripping on it ... and it hurts.

  3. I thought you might be meeting up with JJ!! How cool.
    Have fun and I hope y'all find a great place as I know you would be happy back in FL.
    So hear you on all the past junk. Lately I've been musing in my mind about how the people I've left behind (to their own devices) wouldn't even recognize me now. I have become way to much of a free spirit for their kind and they would just hate on that. Makes me smile to think of it. And yes I've dreamed about it too. Very vividly this week.

  4. I know reliving my past while I was trying to get through it was pure hell. Anxiety and the whole nine yards.
    p.s. now I understand my aversion to eating with my lol.

  5. My wife and I had a fabulous time meeting with you and mom yesterday. You are one terrific lady, and I am honored to be your friend. Enjoy the rest of your vacation.

  6. Girl...I know you must be loving being out so much these days. I don't envy you the house hunting..but still, visiting all those beautiful places must certainly be loads of fun. Enjoy the time, no matter what you might be doing. Awesome that you got to meet one of your blogging friends! I love hearing about those encounters so you will surely have to blog about it when you return. Big hugs to you, always...xoxo

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