Thursday, February 17, 2011

The Thursday Junk and Apology.

I am just going to spit this out so that I don't choke on it: I don't have a Thursday post for today. Whew. That was terrible. I have been doing some blog reading and commenting, but not enough to put together a Thursday post. *So sorry.* I have already explained that in cases like this we BLAME THE MIGRAINE. It turns out that since I have ongoing migraines, and they have been bad this week... it is completely legitimate. I have made myself write some blog posts. Kudos for me. But, mostly I have studied the inside of my eyelids and contemplated ripping off my head with my bare hands. Not doable, by the way. However, I am prepared to throw out more junk for your reading pleasure in lieu of a Thursday post. Yeah, the storm doesn't stop here even while my migraines rage. So, here's the junk (in bullets, just because it is more fun):

*Flash sent me a Friend Request on Facebook.
*You don't remember him? Or you are new? He's the ex-boyfriend who cheated on me and stole my pain medication. Yeah, he's a prize. (she says with disdain)
*He also sent me a quippy email about wanting to be friends and signed off with my ex-husband's name.
*Then he LOL'd and signed his own name.
*I think he thought he was being cute.
*OMG. This "man" is in his forties but has the maturity level of someone who is ten.
*I showed it to my stepdad and he says to me, "Are you going to accept it?"
*Is hell freezing over tomorrow?
*Does everyone think I am seriously stupid???? As in permanently, irrevocably stupid? As in cannot be fixed stupid? As in a glutton for punishment stupid?
*The more I thought about Flash signing the ex's name to the email, the more I remembered the one thing that they both said to me. And that was this gem: "No one will ever love you the way that I loved you."
*Both times, I thought to myself, "Thank God. I couldn't take it again. I barely lived through it this time."
*And I know that they both thought when they said it "as much as" instead of "the way that" because they considered their love to be wonderful. They both employed the same approach.
*Let me share: while you are doing something unloving to someone, you tell them that you love them. Over and over. In fact, you tell them how wonderful they are. It validates the awful thing you are doing as you are doing it. It somehow makes it a loving thing. The idea is for you to start thinking of hurtful things as loving things. It starts out small and just gets bigger. As in more vicious.
*They were both right. "No one else will ever love me the way that they loved me." Thank God.
*I got an email from the ex-husband after the bowling party. He was concerned that I was angry with him because he made a parting comment about a goody bag when we were leaving. He suggested I take one because they contained candy and I could stand to gain some weight.
*I didn't take said goody bag, and I forgot about his comment about three seconds after it left his mouth.
*Apparently, he stewed over it a day or two before sending the email.
*I wanted to say that after all of the things he said and did during our marriage and after our divorce, that comment on the goody bag just didn't even register on my meter, which is the total truth.
*Instead, I just said I wasn't mad. Also the total truth.
*My father checked himself into the hospital this morning. He has been having gastro-intestinal issues for quite a while. They are running tests.
*My poor brother is just loaded with sick relatives. His MIL is in a nursing home. His FIL has been living with him and his wife and that has been really hard on them. He is not in the best of health and is also in the hospital right now. Apparently, his catheter became infected and they determined that he also needs a pacemaker.
*My brother is working 12 hour days at his job and is feeling really overwhelmed.
*As for me: I am just worried about my dad. I have this bad feeling I might be spending some time up north.
*Our own version of Dumb and Dumber. Sick and Sicker.
*I will make a better effort to get out the usual Thursday post next week. I just read this over and this is sucky in comparison.
*Oh, and one last thing about the Grammy Awards show post. Miss Angie misunderstood one of my comments. They don't base who gets the awards on who shows up. The base what awards get presented on who shows up. In other words, if someone wins, but they are a no-show, that award doesn't get presented. That is why so much of the awards show is filler (aka performances) as opposed to people actually being presented with awards.
*Okay, I think I have barfed up every thought that I have on just about everything.
*Well, not really, I have other stuff rolling around up here, but it is unrelated to everything else that I have said. I probably should save it for a future post.
*Okay, can't save this. I loved your comment, Phoenix, about I LOVE THE WAY YOU LIE, PART 2. Me too. I find the whole thing very enlightening. Moving sideways... what was up with Marshall's pants at the Grammys? The man has a fine behind, but refuses to wear a pair of pants that do him justice. It is just one more thing that makes me want to cry. Seriously. Real tears.
*Marshall, I know most women are dying to rip your pants off. Honey, I just want to get you in a pair that fit.
*He and I are just about the same age, but now I sound like his mother.
*This has to be a good place to stop.
*Probably about twenty minutes ago would have been a good place to stop.
*Not another word.

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  1. lol. a pair of pants that fit..I have no idea what his rear looks like as I have never seen him in a pair that wasn't ten sizes too large. And flash is a first class ass. Having him come back and remind you of how big of an ass he is..bonus.
    I don't believe I have ever had anyone tell me to gain weight. I can only imagine it's as irritating as having people tell you to lose it.

  2. Oh man, I really hope your dad feels better soon. I hope YOU feel better and your dad can go home soon. What a bummer week!

  3. A lot of sickness going on. I can't imagine an almost constant head hurt. You have my sympathy. I've also heard of many people having the flu that leaves you hacking for a month. Winter.... blah. We all need that glowing sunshine. I just looked out the window at the moon. It's so bright out that I could read. The full moon always serves my memory to riding home along the lake (when I was little) and watching it reflect off the ice or water.
    You are in my thoughts

  4. Sometimes it's good to shake things up. I came by specifically to see what you'd picked for everyone today, but I'm glad I saw this instead. xx

  5. Sorry to hear you are feeling bad still. Try a massage I can't tell you how much they have helped me. They have helped with the pain and I am sleeping again. ((((Hugs you))))))

    Carol-the gardener

  6. lol! wow, i thought i had a bad day! hope everything works out for you and start feeling better soon!

  7. Wow, you and your family have full plates to say the least. I hope everyone gets some good news soon.
    Yes, Em could use some proper showing off of his a$$ while some a$$es could stop showing just how much of an a$$ they are...unbelievable how some people think that somehow only they can add that something special to our lives.

  8. lol I love your bullet posts so much - very stream of consciousness but also very organized. And yes, Marshall Mathers could definitely stand to wear a single pair of jeans that actually define his, ahem, assets.

    Feel better, hon. And I'd high five you right now if I could for getting such thick skin against Flash and the Ex. Look how far you've come from even last year - so awesome.

  9. Ah, those two charmers -- the ex and Flash -- make me think of Nick Lowe's "Cruel to be Kind": ....

  10. Hasn’t been a decent Album of the Year since Sgt. Peppers in 1967


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