Sunday, February 20, 2011


It is Sunday. Yep. That revelation became clear mid-afternoon today. Time is really having its way with me. If time were code for Really.Hot.Man that would be fabulous. Instead, it is more like code for Really.Sucky.Migraines. Gahhhh. Both involve inordinate amounts of time in bed. The migraine just means I am there by myself listening to my head pound. The other alternative would be much more fun. I think that I really shouldn't spend so much time dwelling on the other alternative. So, let's move on.

For those of who read my last post... you know that my dad checked himself into the hospital. Turns out that he did have a mass in his colon. They removed a portion of it to be biopsied. We have not yet gotten the results. So, will let you know something when there is something to know. As my brother pointed out, he and I are different people. I tend to worry about things ahead of time. He waits for there to be something to actually worry about. Of course, that worked to my advantage in places like, say school. I actually got my papers and things done, thoroughly researched, and on time. He didn't always get them done. Period. So, therein lies the difference. The idea of just not doing a paper... Even now, I just can't fathom it. Yeah, he and I are totally different people. Hence, there is the worrier with the migraines and the non-worrier who is very healthy. Case A and Case B. Something to ponder later. After those test results come in.

In the meantime, we have some 80s songs picks and an Inspirational song pick. Wow. It feels like FOREVER since this blog has blasted back into the past to hash and rehash what was burning up MTV. One point that I have to keep picking up and putting down (for those of you who weren't there or who have forgotten) is just how important being pretty was in the 80s. That went for the girls and the boys. Mostly for the boys. Seriously. Pretty boys were the rage in the 80s. Long hair. Big hair was in (for everyone) and eyeliner looked good on everyone (apparently), because everyone was wearing it! The 80s was the decade that men rocked it out looking a bit la femme. They got to swing that long hair around and the teenage girls swooned.

Especially for Jon Bon Jovi. They really swooned for Jon Bon Jovi. And he was totally swoon-worthy. And his band wasn't too bad either. But, Jon was The Deal. Women all over The USA cried when he got married. Seriously, it was on the news. There were reports of teenage girls locking themselves in their rooms and having a day-long cry. Refusing to come out. Yeah, it was the hormones. And they probably grew up to be certifiable. But still. He was H*O*T and he still is. 20 years later and he still stops traffic. That is saying something. Mick Jagger stops traffic, too. But, it is because he is so scary looking. He has been rode hard and put up wet way too many times. Not knocking The Rolling Stones. That particular stone has just rolled way too many times. Just sayin'. And he was never a looker to start.

I found the video choices for Bon Jovi to be interesting. They are almost all concert videos. You know my feelings on that. I think that when you have MTV working for you, you should work it. However, Bon Jovi kinda sorta does in their own way. Their concert vids aren't straight concert vids. They are mish mashed with their tour footage to give you a feel for what they are "really" like as people. That is not a bad idea. And they also give you a feel for what their fans are like. That is an interesting look back. I am going to post two different tacks they take. The other one is a mish mash of them "making" a video/their effects for a concert. Again, it gives you a sense of them as people.

Both of those songs came out in 1986-87. Bon Jovi was asked to do the entire soundtrack for the movie Young Guns and he accepted the project. The biggest hit from that movie was the song Blaze of Glory. Finally, a Bon Jovi video that uses footage from the movie in the video. Most big movies did this because fans loved the song, loved the video, loved the movie. It became a big circle. Each "event" helped propel the other to success. The more the people loved the video, they were likely to buy the soundtrack and watch the movie. The more they liked the movie, the more likely they were to watch out for the video on MTV. If they liked it, the more likely they were to buy the soundtrack. It was just a big old moneymaking circle.

I really loved that movie back in the day. I haven't seen it since "the day." Now, it makes me itchy to watch it again. Emilio Estevez really did pull off Billy The Kid. And I think that I saw a young Kiefer Sutherland. Man, I love me some Kiefer Sutherland. I am missing 24 like a crazy person misses whatever drugs crazy people take. The red pill. The blue pill. The yellow pill. Something tells me the crazy person doesn't care. They just say, "Give me my pills!" Yeah, like that.

You might be wondering why I am ~ once again ~ going with my Inspirational song last instead of first. Well, I am so glad you are wondering. It is because I am sticking with Bon Jovi. Bon Jovi, more or less present day. This one came out a few years ago. Really love this song. It is my "don't mess with me song." And I can't believe how great he still looks. Actually, I can. Some people just age well. Like fine wine.

So, the next time someone ticks you off, just tell them to have a nice day. Bless their heart.


  1. I liked that young guns movie..
    Good one.
    I love me some bon jovi as well.

  2. Yep ....that's the best thing to do...bless your heart and move on. I saw Bon Jovi in concert..hum,hum, yeah...way back in the day! Glad I did gets to my sister since she still is in LOVE with them.

    Hope you feel better soon...

    Carol-the gardener

  3. I hope your dad's results are good ones! I am like you, in that I worry even before there is anything to worry about. I am a worrier through and through! lol Oh and I love Bon Jovi! :)

  4. Hey you... I hope all is well... I liked the Bon Jovi songs you posted, especially "Dead Or Alive"...

    I like guitar slingers...


  5. Hope the biopsy results are good. I know the waiting is difficult. Keeping you & yours in my thoughts and prayers. Hugs

  6. Praying for your dad.... I hope the test results come back as nothing more than some kind of benign cyst.

    I gotta say that Jon and Richie were (and still are, to be honest) my only "Rock Star Crushes". Tico and Dave aren't bad either, but Jon and Richie just keep getting better every day. Fine wine was a perfect comparison, btw. JBJ is 48 and Richie is my hubby's age - 51. Not too shabby for a couple of "old dudes".

    Oh yeah... I also love me some Kiefer and miss the hell outta 24. Hubs and I never missed an episode and waited impatiently for each new season to start. I'd love to see it come back in a slightly different format where Jack wasn't always right on the verge of certain death. I mean, just how many "lives" does one bada$$ good guy have in him?

    Hang in there, girl. As hard as I know it can be, try not to stress over your dad's tests. Remember... Putting positive energy out there into the universe brings positive energy back to you.

    Blessings and Peace,

  7. Bon Jovi 4 EVER.

    Seriously. Nothing better than singing (loudly, preferably in the car so others can see/hear/join in/snap pictures with their Smart Phones) "Livin' on a Prayer" or "Dead or Alive."

    Oh, those power ballad rock songs. How they grab my heart strings. :)

  8. So hoping everything is good with your Dad. I'm sending you strong wishes.
    Thanks for the Bon Jovi rewind. That was some seriously good stuff. And yes, he has aged oh so well.

  9. JBJ? Be still, my heart!! Or maybe it's just the nostalgia kick!! Hope tomorrow is a better day for you!!

    Thanx for your kind comment on my blog - you can be my new best friend!! Laughs aplenty downunder here in OZ ...

  10. In the south a lot of folks say Bless your heart but many misunderstand the meaning behind it...and it's NOT bless your heart. Same with 'Well, isn't that nice." LOL

    My dad was sent to the hospital yesterday and we are still waiting on test results. I hate waiting. Keep us informed on your dad!

  11. May your Dad come through with flying colors. But don't get down on yourself because you worry. The colon can be quite a concern. Me, I've solved that. I've developed a "relationship" with my colon. Ha. We understand each other. Double Ha. I joke about it but I've always realized how important it is to have good colon health.
    Love and Peace


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