Friday, September 22, 2017

BoTB Results and More on Dixie Dog

Before I post the results from this battle, let me begin by saying Thank You. Thank you to everyone who stopped by and commented. Thank you if you voted. Thank you if you visited and got caught up. Thank you. I want to follow that up with this: if I haven't gotten around to your blog, I will. I'm a bit swamped at the moment, but I think that will get better this weekend. I think I voted on all of the BoTBs that were posted. If I missed yours, apologies!

I had some questions about Dixie. I am going to take just a minute and answer them here. She is a dachshund. I was asked if she liked other dogs. The answer is yes and no. She likes some dogs. However, she likes to be the boss. I think that has a lot to do with how well she gets along with the other dog in question. If that dog wants to be the alpha... let's get ready to rumble! So, as long as she can be the boss, she is great with other dogs:)

Okay, how did the vote shake out on Battle of the Bands? It was back and forth (a great battle since those blow-outs are no fun). Ultimately, you guys finished like this:

Saskia Griffiths-Moore: 4 votes
Norah Jones: 5 votes

Oh boy. This is a case where my vote actually matters. A vote for Saskia creates a tie. A vote for Norah creates a larger margin of victory.

Drum roll.

I really like Norah Jones on this song. Her voice is so sultry and to my ears embraces the sentiment in the Long Way Home. I just love it. That said, I think that Saskia did an amazing job on this song. I'd never heard her sing anything prior to this, and I was blown away.

So, congratulations Norah Jones on your win!


  1. Robin!!!! Hello!!! I feel like I haven't seen you in forever and a day. I'm glad you guys chose to evacuate for the storm. Better to be safe than sorry. Dixie dog is adogable...sorry, couldn't help myself. :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend! Here's my blog addy:

  2. Nice way to come back to BOTB! I like it when there is balance to an outcome.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out


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