Saturday, April 1, 2017

April Fool's Edition of BoTB

Don't you love that Battle of the Bands has coincided with April Fool"s Day???

In the past, I haven't done anything to celebrate this crash. But, this year is different!!!

I am embracing the craziness of this day in this battle. I hope you love the concept as much as I do!!!

Before we get to that I'm going to share with you my favorite practical joke on April Fool"s Day. I was a freshman in college and had two roommates. They both had 8am classes, while my first class was at 9am. They usually got up early and went to breakfast together. I usually dragged myself to my 9 o'clock class barely making it in time. Not a morning person. So, I knew they'd never suspect how I was going to "get" them for April Fool's Day. Picture this: I wait until they both go to bed and then set their clocks forward an hour. In terms of me getting more sleep, this didn't work out at all. Of course, I was hyper-sensitive to their alarms going off. Struggled not to giggle in bed and waited with anticipation for them to figure it out at the dining hall. Per my expectations, they came back and roused me with some fury (not that I was sleeping!). I laughed so hard. I'm not sure they recall this incident with the same degree of fondness as I, but there it is.

Do you have a favorite April Fool's memory???

Now, let's get down to the battle at hand.

I decided to pit two viral videos against one another. Both have been remixed into song. Both began as news stories. Both are hilarious. It's a question of this: which one do YOU like better?



Please vote for the version of this song you prefer. If you want to get into the Ins and Outs of why you like one better than the other... I LOVE long comments!

For more Battle of the Bands fun, check out the other BOTB bloggers to vote on their battles. I've stopped trying to keep up with who is running a battle and who isn't. To see who is participating, go here: Stephen T. McCarthy's Battle of the Bands Blog.


  1. I really like the way they do these adaptation videos--pretty ingenious and they come up with some pretty listenable music. Both of these are pretty good. I prefer the first one "Ain't Nobody Got Time for That"--got my body to moving in the morning.

    I can't recall pulling any massive April Fool's pranks. These days my most memorable April Fools was in 2010 with the first A to Z Challenge and there were more than a few folks who thought that I was going to prank them on April 1st. But they saw I was serious and now nobody questions A to Z these days.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  2. Ha! GIRL WONDER, I loved your April Fool's prank on the college roommates. And I loved this Battle, too. Everything in the post had me laughing out loud multiple times.

    One of the best pranks I ever pulled wasn't actually on April Fool's Day, but... circa 1982, in the heart of 'The League Of Soul Crusaders' era, one night Torch, Judge Al (Nappy) and I went to Pooh's house and found him passed out in his bed. And I'm pretty sure this was Torch's idea:

    We knew that whenever Pooh came to, he was going to be severely hungover and discombobulated, so we added to that initial confusion by turning everything in his room upside down! The only thing we couldn't upend was the refrigerator, so instead we turned every item IN the refrigerator upside down.

    We figured that when Pooh awoke from his stupor, for a few moments he would think he'd been sleeping on his ceiling.

    Love this Battle. I only recently discovered these two "real" viral videos. 6-B introduced me to Sweet Brown, and I stumbled upon the second one about the intruder on my own by accident at YouTube a few weeks ago.

    Both of these adaptations were really clever and funny, but I have a sweet spot for SWEET BROWN so I'm gonna slip her my vote.

    That dude in the second video though -- HA!-HA! -- man, if he were threatening to come after me, I would seriously be quaking in my boots. WAY too funny!!

    Great, novelty "TWISTED BOTB"!

    I'd stick around and write more but... I ain't got time for this! ;o)

    ~ D-FensDogG
    Check out my new blog @
    (Link:] Stephen T. McCarthy Reviews...

  3. My college days were filled with tricks on others. The girls next door to us had a bit of a friendly rivalry with these guys who lived across the way. We would listen through the walls to hear the girls planning to 'get these boys'. Then we'd rush over to the guys place and do the things to their apartment that the other girls had been planning on doing. The guys would automatically assume it was the girls next door and get their revenge. They never really knew it was us doing it.

    Interesting battle. I'm going to have to go with Sweet Brown as my vote.

    #AtoZChallenge #BOTB 1970's Billboard Hits - A is for...

  4. Sweet Brown, ain't nobody got time for that Bed Intruder

  5. Hi Robin; I was never into April Fool's Day pranks, but that was a good one you pulled. ☺ I've been taking a break from BOTB, but will be back on May 15. In the meantime, the A to Z Challenge is in full swing. Loved your music theme last year!

    This was a fun battle. I think the first one had a catchier vibe. Please give my vote to Sweet Brown. I remember that story!

    Debbie @ THE DOGLADY'S DEN
    Latest post: Azzurro: Going AWOL in Switzerland

  6. What a fantastic battle. The troll in me absolutely loves it. I don't do April Fools pranks (ain't nobody got time for dat), but I do vote on battles. And when I do, I vote for Antoine Dodson aka the Bed Intruder Guy. Hide yo' kids, hide yo' wife, they votin' for everyone out hurr.

  7. They were both so good, it was difficult to pick one. I'll go with the 2nd song.
    Good college April Fool joke.' I was imagining changing the clocks and for me to do that, they would have to be the wind up type. I can never get those digital ones set. LOL

  8. Hey Robin. I'm taking a break from my break and making some rounds today. I was thinking that I'd find you doing the A-Z: I SOOOOOO Loved your A-Z last year. That was so much fun~! I opted not to do the A-Z this year either. I just needed to unplug from the computer, period. But I miss all my BOTB buddies and will be coming back to it soon (a month or so).
    I gotta say: I am loving your April Fool's Battle! What fun!!! Those are some terrific videos. I like both of them and it's really hard to choose which one I like better. Can I split my vote and vote for both of them?? They are both deserving. They both crack me up. But if I have to choose one, I'm going to go with Bed Intruder.

    Brilliant battle Robin. I'm so glad that I didn't miss this one!

    Michele at Angels Bark

  9. I can't listen right now...and I'm regretting it. I bet those are hilarious!

    My best April Fool's Day was on my husband. After 4 kids, he was pupped out and wanted no more. I got my niece, who was pregnant, to give me a positive pregnancy stick and then I stuck it in the bathroom trash. He about had a heart attack. Good times.

  10. "Ain't nobody got time for that" is my favorite of these two, but "Bed intruder" was pretty good,too.


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