Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Then I Kissed Her ~ Battle Results

I was doing so well.


You commented on my last blog post. I commented on your comment. I made excellent strides at pacing myself and visiting other blogs. I really thought I had it all under control.

Some of you already know that was a big misconception on my part (you posted a Battle and I was woefully absent). I am so sorry. I really hope that I am better this time. If not, I will at least begin with the folks I missed last time... sigh.

So, my mom had a hip replacement last week. I should have realized that this was going to consume my life. Alas, I didn't. And it did. She is healing well, and she's getting around much better now. So, that is the good news. But, I'm still very much on call all the time. I know I never would've made it as a doctor... yikes.

Anyway, my apologies if you are feeling neglected. (Note: I am so happy I opted out of A-Z this year. I never would have been able to juggle it all.)

So, here are the very late, once again, results from my last battle. It was surprisingly close. I suspected that The Crystals would win this due to familiarity. We tend to like what we know. (This is fact. The science is settled on this!)

Actually, the science was very much in contention based on how this turned out. I think most, if not all, of you knew the version by The Crystals, and still The Beach Boys were neck and neck in the beginning. And then, shockingly, they pulled ahead and BEAT The Crystals. Some of you indicated that you didn't much care for the song or that it was close. Others simply voted against the "wall of sound." Whatever. I was surprised at the end result.

The Crystals: 7
The Beach Boys: 11

I voted Beach Boys, but I was very torn with regard to my own vote. I've liked The Crystals version for many years. I still really like the movie Adventures In Babysitting; that song opens the movie. So, it has a special place in my teenage heart. However, I've always liked The Beach Boys and their harmonies. I wasn't familiar with the "wall of sound" until you folks started talking about it in the comments. It was then that I realized I appreciated the more stripped down (which it really isn't all that stripped) version by the boys.

For those of you who never saw Adventures in Babysitting and don't know what I was babbling about above... here you are:

If you're thinking that looks like a silly movie... why would she even like that??? I must confess I spent my teenage years singing into my hairbrush and/or my curling iron in my room. With dancing. With drama. So, I could relate to this entire scene as a teenager. It still makes me smile. Teenage girls are quite silly;)


  1. That movie had Thor. Sort of.
    Glad your mother is doing better. I wouldn't have made it as a doctor either.

  2. I liked the Adventures... movie. I took my kids to see it in the theater when they were all still fairly young. It was a fun movie.

    You're doing okay considering. I know how that medical stuff can consume ones mind and time. Things will get back to normal, whatever we might consider normal.

    I thought the Crystals might win too, but for me it was an either choice was good. I almost voted for the Beach Boys myself. It was a good contest. See you next round.

    Arlee Bird
    Tossing It Out

  3. Please never worry about not being able to visit. I do understand and I know what it means to care for a parent. My mom had her 2nd hip replaced and I had to care for was not easy but I also got used to it because then her eyesight went. Anyway glad The Beach Boys won...I think I picked them

  4. I loved Adventures In Babysitting. Having Southside Johnny as the frat party band may have contributed to my affinity, and the scene with Albert Collins in the blues bar (Babysitting Blues) was classic.

    It seems that hip replacements are a forgone conclusion. Nils Lofgren (E Street Band) has had his done. Keep in mind that blogging is a past time, not your life.

    I'm surprised more by the margin than the outcome.


  5. I watched thee video you posted, and I can't believe I missed a movie like that. You can bet I'm going to watch it now. :-)
    Great post!

  6. My instructor educated me concerning this blog and she let me know Assignment writing service you should see the video in that blog and truly she's comfortable time and hats off for your mother.

  7. Nope. Uh uh. Can't agree with that one. Still prefer the Crystals version.

    Hope your mom continues to heal quickly.


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