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Battle of the Bands/Soundtrack ~ The Story

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First, the story.

The romance with J1 went really well for about a month. Yeah, a month. I can tell you WHAT happened, but I'm less clear on WHY it happened.

J1's sister became pregnant. Her boyfriend wanted to get married. Her parents, particularly her dad, weren't crazy about the idea. He really wanted her to finish school. It was a thing.

Why was this J1's problem? The answer: it wasn't. Not really. But, he and his sister were always close, and he said he needed to quit school to be there for her. Does this make sense? No. Because if dad was unhappy with the sister's situation, J1 quitting school only compounded the problem.

I, too, didn't want J1 to drop out (again). However, once he set his mind on something, let's just say this: hard head.

Do I think J1's quitting school had much to do with the sister? Not really. I think it gave him a reason to do what he already wanted to do, though I absolutely didn't think that back then. He still felt lost at school, with no clear idea of where he was going or what he wanted. Things were probably intense with me, and when the going gets scary, the scared get going.

Knowing what I now know about relationships, I'd say this was the first Red Flag. Serious Red Flag. This is the sort of flag that you don't ignore. Instead, you wish them well on their Life Journey. Alas, I didn't know anything about Red Flags. Plus, I loved him, so this is still just the beginning of a fairly long, and ultimately painful, story.

Now, the song.

I, like many many many people, first saw/heard this song on Grey's Anatomy during season seven. They did an episode musical style. It turned out better than you might think. There were a few misses, but many of those folks could actually sing. Hands down, though, the best singer of the bunch was Sara Ramirez. Before she contracted on Grey's Anatomy, she was on Broadway. She even won a Tony for Best Featured Actress in a Musical.

I'm going to introduce this song to you the same way I found it, with Sara Ramirez on Grey's Anatomy.

Well, that was so exciting that people all over the world blew up YouTube looking for this song. Turns out, that it was originally performed by Brandi Carlile (not to be confused with Belinda Carlisle of the 80s group, The Go-Gos). Now there is much discussion in the YouTube threads about who sings this song better. Ergo, I decided to settle that argument once and for all right here.

Please vote for the version of this song you prefer. If you want to get into the Ins and Outs of why you like one better than the other... I LOVE long comments!

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  1. OH MY GOSH!!! I was exactly one of those people who went on ITunes the next hour after watching Grey's Anatomy and bought that song. She does an amazing version and my vote goes to her. Brandi does the song really well but I own Sara's version on my ipod and I stand by it. Down the road a contestant on The Voice did an amazing job and I also bought her version because it counts as a vote when you buy the songs. Great battle!!
    Oh and J1- totally used his sister as an excuse to quit school. You know school isn't for everyone and the number of friends I know that went to make their parents happy but ended up quitting later is a quite a bit.

  2. I think there's a lot of young people go to school because they feel like it's what they should do because of what others think. I see merit in the idea of kids out of high school going into some kind of public service--military, community, humanitarian or anything else that puts them in the real world for a while so they can get a better idea of who they are and what they might want to do with their lives. Young people can be pretty messed up and need life to set them straight. More school right out of high school doesn't necessarily do that.

    "The Story" is a nice song. I've never heard it before and I've never seen Gray's Anatomy. But I like the song and both versions here. Vocal wise in this song I somewhat prefer Sara's style

    In general I prefer the vocal style of Sara. Brandi's voice can get a bit harsh with a few weird embellishments. However, that said, I prefer Brandi's version when I take everything into consideration instrumentally and delivery wise.

    A vote for Brandi Carlile.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

    1. Hope the migraines and all are lessening for you and I hope you are well. I put up another Soundtrack of my Life post up at my memoir blog so I do hope you'll get a chance to check it out.

      Take care.

      Arlee Bird
      A to Z Challenge Co-host
      Wrote By Rote

  3. Its a great version from Sara on Grey's Anatomy indeed.

  4. Vote for Brandi; this song is an absolute favorite of mine. Yes, from the GA soundtrack, but not the Sarah version; I first heard it on Vol. 3 of the soundtrack, in 2007, in Brandi's own inimitable (sorry, yes, I did say inimitable) voice and style — a full 3 years before the "music event" (March 2011) came out. I did love Sarah's rendition; she's got an amazing voice. But Brandi's original does it for me like no one else ever could :)

    Great, great pick for a battle!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  5. I'm not familiar with this song, but I like it a lot. This is one of those songs that reminds of a love affair where one person is seriously in love with someone and they know that the someone loves them also, but they also know it's not really going to work. So, although they were 'made for them', they are actually hoping the other person will walk and break their heart, instead of them having to do the walking and breaking. Does that make sense? Probably not. And, you're probably wondering, how in the world I would come up with all of that from a song. Well, you know me, or maybe not.

    I like both versions for different reasons and admit this is kind of a tough choice,. I'm going to vote for Brandi Carlile. She slightly edges out Sara to my ears.

    Sounds like the BF needed a way to get out of Dodge (college) and used his sister as an excuse. Something you probably shouldn't take personally. I think college is a hard time for everybody in one way or another, and trying to form romantic relationships with all the other turmoil going on is usually a disaster. My college experiences were fraught with peril on a number of levels, but then so was everything else in the world at that time. Ha!

  6. Robin, when you're young and in love red flags can go off right and left and you'd never have a clue. We see red flags more so in retrospect through a mature mind's eye and know what to then look for in future relationships, our own or those of our children. Unfortunately, children have a way of wanting to trudge the same path to learn first hand the hurts that Mom & Dad tried to warn them about. Anywho, I really, really like this song and I it was Brandi Carlile who I first heard sing it. Can you guess who I'm voting for? I'm giving my vote to Brandi. I love her vocals better than Sara's. Nice battle!

  7. Both versions are great but I really like Sara Ramirez better. She puts so much heart and passion into the song. She's also a great actress. I didn't realize she won a Tony. I didn't know she used to be on Broadway. Talented for sure. Sara gets my vote.
    Great battle!
    Michele at Angels Bark

  8. Sometime the song I hear first sticks in my head and this was the case with this song today. I loved the powerful voice of Sara Ramirez and couldn't get her out of my head while listening to Belinda.... Brandi Carlisle. Brandi did a great job, but I think the vote this time goes to Sara R. for a wonderful performance. She's got talent for sure.

  9. They're both good, and it's hard to pick. Brandi Carlisle and Sara Ramirez did the vocal almost the same, with the same dynamics and all, but in the end, I liked Sara's dynamics better. She gets my vote.

  10. WOW! I vote for Sara Ramirez. That is one powerful performance. I've never seen Grey's Anatomy. I almost wish I'd watched it.


  11. Sounds like J1 was definitely using his sister's situation as an excuse. It takes some people longer to "find themselves" than others.

    I've never seen Grey's Anatomy, but Sara did a nice job with the song. That said, Brandi's original version (which I've always liked) is much grittier and dramatic, plus I love the rocking instrumental part in the middle. Please give my vote to Brandi.

  12. Been a fan of Brandi from the beginning, and while I like the cover, I don't feel it does much to improve upon the original.

    A vote for Belinda's sister...

  13. I think you had to be right about J1. No one gives up their "future over a sister/dad feud.

    Vote: Brandy. Probably It'd be different if I was a GA fan, but I've never seen it.

  14. I have never watched Grey's Anatomy-I think I am one of the few. This is a nice song but I was bothered by some of the styling of Brandi's version. About 3/4 she cracks her voice which didn't sit well with me plus she does this little bit with her voice that reminds me of country which i didn't care for. I was also not one for the rock influence-I found it distracting. Sara has a strong voice and sang it well as someone from Broadway would sing it. To me it fits a Broadway style better so Sara gets my vote

  15. Oh, SARA by a mile! (Weird title for this song though: 'THE STORY'? Not 'I WAS MADE FOR YOU'? That's dumb, Dumb, DUMB!)

    Never heard this song before. I was watching the video of the first version, because videos NEVER sway my voting. I am very much able to watch and listen and not let the images influence what my ears hear. BUT... this was that incredibly rare time when I became conscious that my eyes were going to tweak my ears, so very quickly I scrolled down so the video wouldn't be visible to me.

    I loved that version.

    Then I listened to the second version, again without video images. And I knew for certain that SARA RAMIREZ had my vote - with or without video images.

    [GIRL WONDER, please see my response to yer comment on my blog!]

    Excellent Battle. Good song, good versions, but... one is still much better'n the other.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  16. Brandi wasn't bad, but Sara Ramirez has some real 'umph' in her voice. Sing it, girl! One very easy vote for umph... aka Sara.

  17. Robin, Bryan knows "umph" and I couldn't agree more! Brandi was also very good, but Sara really knocked it out of Grey-Sloan Memorial Hospital. Sorry about J1. That must have been a really difficult time for you.


  18. A song like this I can't help but be swayed by the video, just a little bit. This is a passionate song with deep sentiments. I can see why everyone would be blowing up uTube after watching it. Sara is a passionate, evocative singer. To be fair I paid attention to Brandi's video also, but like voice, it was a little flat for the song content. Brandi may do well with other songs though, she does have a nice voice.

    Give my vote to Sara.

  19. TOUGH BATTLE! I finally made a choice and the reason left me speechless. Maybe you'll understand, Robin.

    I'm voting for Sara, because I once had an 'out of body' experience and remember having a talk with myself that resembled the one featured. Like a spiritual pep-talk.

    She's definitely a talented Broadway singer/actress!! I'd never doubt that! The way they present the scene sent me to another place in my heart.

    Retrospect, I think Brandi's version fits your story of J1. Disappointments happen to all.

    Please log my vote for Sara. Thanks, Robin. Well done!

  20. It took me two seconds to decide which one I liked best: Brandi Carlile's. It's the sound of her voice. No matter how great a song is or how great a singer someone is.... if the sound of his/her voice doesn't do it for you, you might as well be singing the song yourself. Do you know what I mean? So, in short, I like Brandi's voice more.

  21. Sara's version is too Walt Disney for me, umph or not. Brandi has more depth and richness to her tone. Plus it's her song. I vote for Blue, Brandi.

    I'm feeling sad for you. It's always easy to be outside of a situation and say "Red Flag means run!" But when you're in it, and in love, a red flag simply means there's something to discuss and hash out and work through and repeat.

  22. Brandi gets my vote. Sara sings it quite well but it is a TV spot while Brandi gets the advantage of a band and studio.

  23. I'm a fan of Brandi. I think it's more soulful...more true. Hope you are starting to feel better, Robin.


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