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Battle of the Bands/Soundtrack ~ Maybe I'm Amazed

Battle of the Bands is, once again, colliding with my Soundtrack posts. Yep, I'm doing those again. Here is a quick list of other people participating in The Soundtrack Of My Life:


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If you decide, at any time, you want to start posting these on your blog, let me know, and I'll add you to the list.

Given how long it's been since I've done a Soundtrack post (7/15/15), I think I better do a very quick recap. We're in my junior year of college. J1 told me that kissing me would be like kissing his sister (ouch!), and then he changed his mind after giving it a whirl. Kissing me turned out to be nothing like kissing his sister.

Even though J2 was my first "real boyfriend," in some ways J1 felt more like my first real boyfriend. I was always on shaky ground in my own mind with J2. I suppose, given that very rocky beginning, I was on shaky ground with J1, too. But, it didn't feel that way after we finally surpassed that first hurdle... at least, it didn't until it did. However, we aren't there yet.

Those first months with J1 were truly a Grand Romance. The world felt right and good and made for me.

It was October (1988) and my sorority went on an annual hay ride Date Night. Of course, there was the hay ride. Cooking out round an open fire. Just a *bit* of drinking. And then a haunted house. All in all, pretty fabulous. This was also my first "date" with J1.

Here is a picture from the Hay Ride:

After the hay ride, J1 and went to the beach. My college was very close to Lake Michigan. It was a very beautiful at night. Almost magical. Okay, magical. It was there on that beach in that moonlight that J1 told me he loved me for the first time. I can honestly say that, even now, it felt like something out of a movie.

So, you've heard the story. Now, it's time for the song.

Maybe I'm Amazed by Paul McCartney and Wings. It's been covered many times. Honestly, narrowing down who to feature on this battle was tough. Only your votes will let me know if I decided well on this match up.

First up is Terry McDermott:

Next up is Carleen Anderson:

Please vote for the version of this song you prefer. If you want to get into the Ins and Outs of why you like one better than the other... I LOVE long comments!

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  1. "Maybe, I'm Amazed" is probably my favorite post Beatles song by Paul McCartney so I really enjoyed your battle. Terry McDermott version is probably technically better than Carleen's version. But her version was a bit different and I liked it a bit better so Carleen Anderson gets my vote.

  2. Carleen's voice was very smooth, but I liked McDermott's youthful sound in his version. He gets my vote.

  3. Ooh, I love this song! I've seen Paul McCartney in concert several times and when he does "Maybe I'm Amazed" it makes the crowd go nuts. After the death of Linda M, I thought it was sad.

    My vote goes to McDermott! No specific reason, both are good - I just liked his spin on it better.

    Good job on the battle, Robin!!

  4. This is a great McCartney song--at least one that I've always liked though never have I owned a recording of it.

    These are both nice versions that don't bring much new to the song.

    Overall I think I prefer McDermott's voice over Anderson's, but he is doing too straight of a cover of the original. Good, but why would I choose this over listening to McCartney's original.

    On the other hand Anderson takes the song to another level with some funk added for extra interests.

    I'm going with Carleen Anderson's version--excellent vocal with some outstanding solid playing from the players in the band.

    Arlee Bird
    A to Z Challenge Co-host
    Tossing It Out

  5. Robin, a good ole McCartney classic. Terry McDermott not only sounds stronger vocally than Carleen Anderson, but I just loved his cover better period. I just thought Anderson sounded like a lot of other female artists. My vote goes to McDermott. Have a bandtastic day!

  6. I loved this song when it was on Paul McCartney's first solo album after The Beatles broke up. I still do. I still love that album, for that matter.

    Anyway, I'm going with Carleen Anderson because it sounds more natural, not like someone's been coaching them.

  7. Great photo. Love that you guys are strappin' bota bags! I wish I still had mine. Do they even sell those anymore?? Lol.
    At first I was going to give my vote to McDermott. He did a good job with the cover. But Carleen Anderson did something different with it. McDermott's was close to McCartney's but Carleen took the song and made it hers. I like that. So my vote goes to Carleen.
    Michele at Angels Bark

    1. Every time our sorority had an "event' there was some sort of monogrammed memorabilia for it. This was one of my favorites (events and bota bags). Yep, I still have mine!

  8. Hoo-Wee, GIRL WONDER, this one ain't real easy on me.

    It's a really good song to begin with.

    My first thought was Terry sounded too much like he was doing a nearly note-for-note cover. I agree with what Lee said. But, you know, it's a good song, so doing it like McCartney isn't really a "bad" thing.

    Then I listened to Carleen, and the introduction hooked me. Then the "funk" bit immediately started and I got unhooked. ...But WAIT! The more I listened, her version really started to grow on me - I even began enjoying the funky texture of it and the grit in her voice. She was really making this song her own. I was hooked again!

    But WAIT! There's still more...
    Unfortunately, toward the close of Carleen's version, I got unhooked from her line again. She just went too far with it. The vocals started getting wilder to the point where I simply no longer believed that SHE BELIEVED the words she was singing. It just turned into a big theatrical showpiece, and the addition of the background vocals at the end - on what is supposed to be a very personal song statement - did not work at all, in my opinion.

    So, in the end, my vote goes to TERRY.
    And it's too bad, too, because Carleen could have knocked this one out of the park but she didn't know when to turn it down. She kept climbing and climbing and adding and adding (doing a Janis Joplin) until she turned a home run into a strikeout. She needed a producer who could have taught her that sometimes "less" really IS "more".

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

    1. When I first put together this battle I was going to use a version of this song by Jem. However, I've learned in past battles that slowing a song down doesn't usually bode well. So, at the last second I swapped it out for the Terry McDermott version of the song.

      However, here is the Jem rendition:

      What do you think? Should I have left it Jem vs Carleen or was the change to Terry a good one?

    2. Ooohhhhh... Good question!
      Of course, I only have my personal opinion to offer but...

      I liked the Jem version quite a bit. I have no idea who she is - never heard of her before - but it was good. Oddly, my favorite part of it was the simple piano playing. The piano parts were actually pretty brilliant in a brilliantly simple, ear-catching way.

      I liked Jem's approach, but it was almost TOO-OPPOSITE of the Carleen approach. In my opinion (for what it's worth), at some point, Jem needed to dial-up the understated emotional impact and punch it home. She could have done it at the end, or she could have done it in the middle, and then brought it down again. Either way would have worked well.

      Jem's too-easy-going-all-the-way-through approach was a case of "less is not quite enough". Music's a weird thing, huh? There's lots to think about, and arrangements pretty much make or break a song.

      I, me, myself, would have probably voted for Jem whether you put her against Terry or Carleen... but I still would have gone away feeling slightly "less-than-satisfied".

      But, based on my BOTB experience, I think your other voters would have voted heavily AGAINST Jem, if you'd put her against Carleen... or Terry.

      So, in the end, I'd say you probably made the right choice, if your goal is not to please me but to create the closest possible BOTB contest. And it seems you've got votes falling BOTH ways here, where either singer could win it in the end. I call THAT a "successful Battle Of The Bands".

      ~ D-FensDogG

    3. Yeah, that's what I thought. I'm glad I changed it.

  9. ALL ~ Thank you for voting. Thus far, the votes are very back and forth. So, I'd say this battle is shaping up nicely:)

  10. Terry McDermott is really great. I certainly get the Paul McCartney vibe from him.
    But I think Carleen Anderson did a great with her rendition and it was not so similar to McCartney the way Terry's was.
    I think because it felt it was more distinctive, but still enjoyable, I'm going to cast my vote for Carleen.

  11. I love this song so much that I feel no one should sing it except Paul McCartney--and me if I'm ever so fortunate to go to a second Paul McCartney concert. I vote for Terry McDermott because he comes closer to doing Paul justice.


  12. Technically not a Wings song-if memory serves me, McCartney did all the instruments and vocals himself. Sorry-can't help myself!

    This is a song I have always loved, and both versions stay pretty close to the original, although Anderson changes it up a little.

    Both versions are pretty good, but I'll give the nod to Anderson. But only by a smidgeon.


  13. Those memories of hayrides and the like should be precious. Not everyone has that moment except in fantasy, or unfulfilled dreams. Many out there would give all for that "one night".

    I remember my "one night". It was nothing as real or as mutual or as moving as yours- except to me. An anomalous moment in time, to never be had again. Be happy! We were luckier than many.

    1. I don't know about your night being as "real" or "moving." I think any time we get "one night" it's pretty darn real and moving. PLUS, I'm pretty sure that my "one night" was more moving to me than anyone else, so I think we have that in common:)

  14. Hey Robin! I enjoyed both versions, but Terry got my ear with his richness and clarity. In fact I might even like him as much as McCartney - might. (smile).


  15. At least he didn't say it was like kissing his mother after your kiss, lol. That first love - real or not - is a good "best moment" to reflect on.

    Yes, both of these were well matched. The singers were both awesome. I liked Terry better. That, and the piano. I think I'm voting more for the piano player. Was Terry the player?

    1. No, Terry didn't play the piano for this one.

    2. If he'd said that he was afraid kissing me would be like kissing his MOTHER... well, this would've been a totally different story/song. And that would've been THE END. ha!

  16. Your relationship with J1 sounds like a wonderful memory.

    The second video wasn't available in Canada. Found an alternate link HERE

    I love Terry McDermott and was really pissed off when he didn't win The Voice. Carleen voice's is fabulous, but I still preferred Terry's rendition, over all.

    1. In fact, I like it better than McCartney's! ☺

    2. Thank you for taking the time to find that alternate version. AND posting it.

      I think all relationships that are good and then end... well, there are LOTS of types of memories attached.

  17. I also think Terry McDermott came pretty close to Sir Paul, so I'm voting for him.

    Very cute photo of you and J1!

    I'm sorry I haven't been around enough, Robin.

    I wish that I was a skillful multi-tasker. I'll try to do better.


    1. Julie, we all go through days of just not finding the time for the blog. Make that days, weeks, months.

      Just glad you came around!

  18. Ah the fun of youth. ;)
    I liked both singer's voices and didn't like the endings either of them did for the song. That being said, I loved McDermott's version right up until the end, so I'm voting for him. :)

  19. I have watched every season of The Voice. Its one of my favorite shows and I remember Terry. He made it very close to the end. I love the "raspiness" of women like Janis, Melissa Ethridge, Sass Jordan, etc. I liked Carlene but I cant explain, something was missing for me. Out of the two I will go with Terry.

  20. ^ I'm glad I'm not the only one. Carlene's version was okay but just seemed like it was lacking something. Not sure what, though. Terry's was great, and I easily vote for him.

  21. Of course I have not heard of most of your songs and artists but
    it's fun listening to the challence. I vote for Terry McDermott. I actually
    liked him a lot.
    You look so cute in that photo. You're sweet.

  22. The second video isn't working so I youtubed it. I don't know.... I like them both. I think Terry's is a bit more convincing though.

  23. Sounds like I'm in the minority here... My vote goes to Carleen. I never liked the original much, and — as so many have mentioned — since Terry's version came close to it, it didn't do much for me. Carleen's voice, on the other hand, I really enjoyed. Cool battle, Robin!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  24. I'm glad I came back here, not sure why, but apparently it was to vote. I listened to your tunes the other day on my phone and never came back on the computer to cast a vote. Initially I wasn't too impressed with Terry - simply sounded too much like trying to recreate McCartney. I started out liking Carleen, but in the end I'm going back to Terry and giving it my vote.

  25. Oh, first love...

    I'm in for Terry. It had more feeling, I thought.


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