Friday, August 7, 2015

The Soundtrack of My Life, The Old College Try

So, how did the battle turn out between Justin Timberlake and David Fanning? Who did you think created a better version of Drink You Away? Not counting my vote...

Justin Timberlake: 7
David Fanning: 18

I was really torn. I really like both versions. In fact, when I wrote up this battle (and this post) back in June I was still undecided. I figured that some time to ferment couldn't hurt... In the end, I vote for Justin Timberlake. Yeah, I know my vote doesn't change anything. Ah well, such is life.

I bet you're wondering what happened after J1's grand pronouncement.

Turns out, he showed up at my door the next day. I don't think he did ten rounds with Southern Comfort, but I feel safe in saying that he also had a really crappy night.

However, he did spend his time introspectively (which was better than my choice of "working it out") and came to the conclusion that his problem was rooted in the fact that his sister had been his best friend. They were only a year apart and very close. He'd had several girlfriends over the years, but none came close to feeling like a best friend. I think I told you that we were good friends the previous year (before he left), so this was new territory for him... merging a close/best friend with a girlfriend.

Ergo, it felt too close to the relationship he had with his sister.

However, after giving it a try, he decided that kissing me was nothing like kissing his sister. What a relief!

Were you best friends with your SO before you became an item? Did you make the transition easily? Or was it more like a ride on this crazy train?

If you're enjoying these posts, feel free to share your own Soundtrack. This isn't a hop. No requirements at all, but a suggestion to do it one song at a time. (If you participated in the hop several years ago, you can still do this. Just post them one song at a time, with the freedom to add more songs if you'd like.) I'll link to all participants at the bottom of each of these posts:


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Mean Who You Are


  1. Great thoughts and that's a nice lyric video. Greetings!

  2. I love love love this song! In fact it was "our" song before my hubs and I married. I actually ended up marrying my best friend . The transition was weird for a few hours. After the first couple of real kisses, it wasn't weird anymore. When Todd first suggested that we try dating after being best friends for almost 15 years, I got really mad. I thought now he went and made it weird. I was so hesitant of ruining a friendship in case the dating didn't work. It felt like home though and we got to skip the whole 'getting to know you' stage.

    1. Oh and I lost this battle. My vote went to Justin too.

  3. I hope he didn't really know what it was like kissing his sister.
    Yes, my wife and I were very good friends before we dated. We're still best friends to this day.

  4. This was a great battle, Robin - and glad to have you back. I'd love to see more info about your time at camp. Did you have fun?

    I love, love, love that Queen song.

    My first real crush was on a guy that I had been best friends with; one day, it just crossed over in my mind. Soon afterwards, he took my hand, gave me my first kiss, sang to me, and we went on a first date. Sounds like it should be heaven, right? Nope. I could never make the transition from friend to girlfriend. Maybe it was my age and inexperience. It felt like a continuous case of awkward. Sigh. I WAS crazy about him.

  5. The song is one of my favorites, although whenever I hear the thought of not wanting to ruin a friendship by taking things to a romantic level, I always smile. At least in my experience, once one of the pair throw out the idea of wanting more, the friendship is never the same anyway.

    Not to mention my theory that when a man and woman are friends, one of them wants it to be more anyway.

    All that said, I've never pulled off the switch from friends to more, and the love of my life was my best friend (I wanted more, by the way), we tried romance (twice), and while I have nothing but positive feelings and wishes for her happiness, have not spoken in sixteen years (my choice).

    I wonder if Harry was right-can men and women really be friends?

    But when someone you love becomes your best friend? Hold onto that one.

    So while I love the Queen song, this one, by Todd Rundgren, more aptly sums up my love life.

    Welcome back, Robin!

    Your vote on this one floors me! You, a Country music fan, vote Timberpond over Fanning? Granted he's not pure Country but he's a lot closer than Timberpond is.

    Now I'm worried about Dixie AND you!!

    Southern Comfort is nasty stuffs (like high-octane pancake syrup) but it was my drink of choice - mixed with Coca-Cola - back in high school and a couple years beyond. When we couldn't score SC we'd settle for Boone's Farm ...which was even worse.

    Were you best friends with your SO before you became an item?

    Did you make the transition easily?

    This is one of the few Queen songs I like.

    Robin, take two Willie Nelson songs, go to bed, and call me in the morning.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  7. I was great friends with my ex at first before we got together. We were together for 16 years and they were, for the most part, a great 16 years. We are still great friends now and my hubby and my ex get along quite well. Love that tune by Queen

  8. Looks like I was on the winning side, this time. ☺
    Glad to know J1 came to his senses. Hope you were over the hangover by then.

  9. Welcome back! I hope camp was everything you'd hoped it would be.

    My hubby and I met when I was twelve years old, so yeah, we were friends first, and didn't start dating until we were high school sophomores. Prior to that, we did lots of things together in a group. We're still best friends.

  10. The wife and I were never friends. I have friends, and none of them I wish to plow. I kinda like to separate those two categories.

    I did once date a girl where it felt like I was dating my sister. And I don't even have siblings. But it was such an awkwardly non-sexual relationship that I ultimately broke things off because it felt more like hanging out with a family member than being with someone I was really attracted to.

  11. Was not friends before I married my SO, Had only known her for five months really. In retrospect, getting married was a mistake for not knowing her well enough. 13 years later, I received divorce papers on my 13th wedding anniversary. What a gift!
    Well, at least I voted for the winner in this battle. So all is not lost. LOL


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