Saturday, August 1, 2015

Battle of the Bands ~ Drink You Away

For those of you keeping up, today is the last day of camp. Obviously, I wrote this before I left, but I'm telling you with certainty that I had a blast. (I really hope I don't contradict myself later!)

Today is the 1st and Battle of the Bands. I'm still on vacation, but will now have limited Internet time. I promise to do my best to visit all of your battles. I'll be back to "normal" on the 12th. Well, as normal as it ever gets around here!

Once again, my Soundtrack story has run right into Battle of the Bands in what I consider a marvelous and spectacular way. The story and song go together and are actually chronologically correct!

So, if you'll recall J1 returned my junior year. Well, after a couple of weeks it was obvious we were headed toward the big Something. As in a relationship something versus a friend something. And then J1 hit the "break pedal" hard.

He sits me down for a serious conversation (that I think is going one place and it turns out it's going in the opposite place), so I was blindsided. He says to me that we can't move into that boyfriend-girlfriend space because... wait for it... "Kissing you would be like kissing my sister."

Yep. Those exact words. (For the record, I look NOTHING like his sister. In case you thought that this was a variation on Stephen T. McCarthy's story, which is a fantastic story, and you can read it HERE.)

This was devastating. I think he left immediately after his grand pronouncement. I started crying. My friends broke out the alcohol, at which point we all started drinking. I was drinking and crying. Worse, I can never be friends with Southern Comfort after this horrible evening. Southern Comfort was anything but comforting.

So, what song goes with this awful story? Drink You Away.

Drink You Away was originally recorded by Justin Timberlake on his album The 20/20 Experience. Timberlake is one of the writers. However, the song was never released. David Fanning recorded the song and it reached 58 on the country charts. Let's take a listen and then vote for your favorite.

First up, Justin Timberlake:

Next up, David Fanning:


We've got so many new Battle of the Bands players that I'm having difficulty keeping up. (We post a new battle on the 1st and 15th of each month.) For those who've been following this feature/blog for a while now, can you believe that once upon a time -- for a long time-- there were only five of us??? Well, now the list grows each battle. So, if your name is not on here and you're participating, please leave me a message in the comments. Thanks for your patience!

 Also, please vote for the version of this song you prefer. If you want to get into the Ins and Outs of why you like one better than the other... I LOVE long comments!

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  1. I have some bad Southern Comfort memories that I don't want to dwell on early in the day like it is now nor probably later. I've never been one to drink to forget, but I've drank to get drunk and that's not usually a good idea.

    I'm not much of a fan of this song, but I've never heard it before either so maybe it could grow on me. The Justin Timberlake version didn't sound so great on my computer or maybe it just didn't sound that great period. It was too jumpy or something.

    I prefer the sound of David Fanning in this particular song.

    Tossing It Out

  2. Ah no - what a devastating turn of events! :( I thought for sure you and J1 would become a couple.
    I've never heard this song before, but it sure lends itself to the country genre. Please give my vote to David Fanning. His vocals are much better, IMO.

  3. If I have to pick one, I pick David Fanning but ....I am not much of a fan of this song either.

    Sent here by John Holton.

    And psst-then J1 hit the "break pedal" hard.....that should be "brake". Now I suppose you'll never let me back in here again...

    1. I deliberately used break as in break up, but tried to be clever by pairing it with pedal.

  4. I feel much the same way about Peach Schnapps. Never did care for SoCo though.

    I can only take so much JT, so we'll go with Fanning here.

  5. Never been a fan of JT, and this song was no exception. Never heard of David Fanning before, but give him my vote.

  6. David Fanning wins this one with me.

    did not enjoy JT's take on it at all!

    Southern Comfort - it ain't! :)

    Glad you liked my old "Dating My Sister" story.

    Never heard this song before, and what little I know about JUSTIN TIMBERPOND had left me thinking he was a total fraud, pseudo-talent who could ONLY make it big in times like these, when young people wouldn't know talent if it punched 'em in the eye. And that's probably still true but... I gotta admit, the Timberpond recording was better'n I expected it would be. He ain't a whole lot as a singer, but there was some decent music going on back there. Overall, he sounded more "musical" than I anticipated.

    Nevertheless, the DAVID FANNING cover was much cleaner sounding and his vocals were such that I could actually hear the lyrics he was singing. Not bad, and gets my vote with ease.

    Haven't gotten your letter but the mail hasn't arrived yet for today, so I might have it in a couple hours from now.

    ~ D-FensDogG
    'Loyal American Underground'

  8. I'm going to go with David Fanning. Not a Timberlake fan here, but I did give him a fair shot (sort of). Musically, though, his version--original and all--just didn't seem to gel properly, especially when followed by Fanning's. So. Fanning it is for me :) Good choices for a battle!
    Guilie @ Quiet Laughter

  9. This initial thought is going to sound funny, but I'd rather vote for neither version.

    For one reason-the music does not fit the lyric-it needs to sounder sadder.

    That said, I did not dislike the two versions, but in a surprise twist, I am going to vote David Fanning, as while I thought both versions were too upbeat for the lyric, the JT version sounded too much like a party anthem.

    What I want to hear is Tom Waits locked in a studio with a piano doing this song...

  10. Justin Timberlake gets my vote but it does make a good country song. I like his vocals a bit more.

  11. David Fanning for me. I can hear what he says much more clearer and he seems to give the words the meaning it is supposed to have. Justin's version doesn't come across as much of anything to me-he could be singing about lollipops for all I know:) I have never been told this but I have cried over an idiot and then found solace in the bottle with a very heavy head the next day. Ahh such is life

  12. I vote for Fanning. Liked the guitar work in the piece.

  13. Southern Comfort.....even the name sounds unsetteling. to choose between those 2. I vote for J. Timberlake only b/c the volume seemed to be turned down a little.
    Summer is fleeting.

  14. So, fun story: all my wife wanted for our anniversary 2 years ago was to see JT. Her lifelong concert dream. So we saw him, and I have to admit, I didn't hate the concert. He sounded pretty good live. I've heard this song from the album, and heard it performed live, and I much prefer it to the other version (I also just don't like country).

    So, in things I never thought I would say - I vote very, VERY easily for Justin Timberlake. Even if everyone else doesn't.

  15. Well boo, that sucks, so sorry! As for this song, JT hands down. I'm not a country music fan and while I enjoyed David Fanning's version, JT sings it better -for me.

  16. Where did the month go? Geez, Louise, I had every intention of writing to you at camp and I'm the worst. The. Worst.

    Fanning sounded great. But my vote is for JT! I just like that guy.

  17. I vote for JT. I love country and David did a good job but I like JT's version. I used to not be a fan of JT at all but over the years, I really have grown to admire his work. He's been in a few movies and did good job and he is so hilarious on Saturday Night Live!! I love when he is a guest on that show.
    Cant wait to hear about camp.

  18. What a great story! And a perfect song to go with it. I like David Fanning's version much better than JT's. Put me down for Fanning. Great battle!
    Michele at Angels Bark

  19. First of all, thanks for stopping at my battle right away. It's appreciated.
    As for your story, Wow. I thought the friendship zone was a place only men were placed into. And yes, I've been put there many-a-time.
    Now your battle. I think I'm going to vote for David Fanning. It sounds more country than Timberlake, but I've never been a Timberlake fan. Not that I dislike him either. To be honest, I think I like Fanning version because I could understand the lyrics better. What a great song for heartbreak.It's a remedy I should be quite familiar with.
    Vote David Fanning

  20. Battle of the bands is growing. I have to go with Fanning. The 'friend zone' is a hurtful place to be.
    Susan Says

  21. I vote for David Fanning's harder rocking version of the song. Justin sounds a little too nice. If only we could rid ourselves of heartbreak easily and carry on . . .


  22. I'm liking Fanning better...a little more soulful, and I feel his pain.

  23. Justin Timberlake shouldn't do country music. Vince Fanning.

  24. For what it is, Fanning just did a better job. Cleaner, more soulful. I'm not even a fan of country.

  25. Very informative, keep posting such good articles, it really helps to know about things.

  26. Robin, it looks like I'm going against the grain on this battle. My vote is going to Timberlake. I kinda liked it and I don't know why he didn't record it. This is coming from someone who isn't a Timberlake music. Anyhoo...interesting and fun battle!

    #BOTB Double post with dual between stars


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