Saturday, December 13, 2014


Before I roll into this post, I want to remind you to check out the HERE'S TO YOU THURSDAY post if you missed it.

Now, onward.

Mom and I just watched an episode of Judge Judy on the DVR while eating lunch. Crazy people on that show. I used to think they found the dregs of society and put them on that show. I've come to believe that the dregs are now in the majority, and that is just a valid cross-section of the American people. Stupid. Very stupid. But, also very entertaining. I would tell you about the cases we watched, but not relevant to this post. What struck me was at the end (when the ruling's been given these clowns stand out in the hall answering questions, only proving that all parties are morons). One of the morons said, "We're still conversating."

Yep. Conversating.

This isn't the first time I've heard this word on Judge Judy. Another moron, in a totally different case, told Judge Judy (during the hearing) that he was conversating with someone. She said, "What?" And they went through a period of instruction wherein he was informed that "conversate" or "conversating" is not really a word. I thought it was just this one dude who used conversate like it was actually a word. Until today. Now, I know it's a pandemic. I looked it up on YouTube. All kinds of people (see Morons) are conversating there.

One particularly entertaining video explained the phenomena. Sorta. It started out with a young black dude listening to some rap song (don't know it), but it's by some guy named Biggy (spelling????) and that guy used the word "conversate." So, this guy and his brother engage in a conversation about the validity of conversate as a word. The one who starts it insists it is NOT a word, while the brother can't accept that because Biggy used it. He kept saying, "Even though Biggy used it???" Yeah, even though Biggy used it... not a word. So, they go out and interview folks about whether this is or is not a word.

Here's the shocker: Many people thought it was a word. Why? People everywhere use it all of the time. What people? The only time I've ever heard it is on Judge Judy. Oh... I forgot Biggy. I imagine Biggy's using it makes "most people" think it's actually a word. (If you want to watch this footage for yourself click here. Be forewarned: approximately the first 90 seconds is a rap song by the presumed Biggy. The last 30 of the 90 is the guy backing it up and playing it repeatedly. He wants you to know this video is designed to educate you on the word "conversate" and, I assume, to let you know who's responsible... Biggy.)

PSA: Conversate is not a word. Even the Urban Dictionary says it's not a word. Here's what it says:

Conversate: A word used by backwards, ignorant, illiterate inner city trash who mean to say 'converse'. 

Thank you for clearing that up, Urban Dictionary. I can always count on you to explain these words that leave me scratching my head.

Don't misunderstand me. I fully expect "conversate" to creep into the dictionary due to sheer usage. It will have the "slang" tag attached. I commend Biggy (still don't know who you are) for his power of persuasion over the language. I tried to get a word added to the dictionary via this blog. I think I had about 15 readers at the time = fail. I see now that there were four comments. Maybe I overstated my blog following at that time??? :(

What was the word, you ask? Pissabilities. You can read about how I came up with it here. Very entertaining blog bit, if I do say so myself!

I still think it's a great word. A former blog friend, current Facebook friend, used pissabilities in a comment just to make me feel good not too long ago. Frankly, I was shocked that she remembered, given how long ago I wrote that post. It gives me hope that pissabilities might catch on. Maybe I should find out who Biggy is and pass it on. He seems to have a broader reach... just sayin'.

Have you ever made up a word? Heard the word conversate before today? Or pissabilities (please say Yes!)? Fan of Judge Judy? Shocked and despaired by the state of the language?


  1. Ironically, I was going through old blog posts to find something for the Deja Vu Blog Hop. I found a post that I titled, Discomboobled. I've never heard of that word, but I used it. Where's the mind when you need it. The funny thing is nobody corrected me in the comments. Yay! I'm not the only one who's discomboobled.

    Happy Holidays, Merry Whatever!

    1. Since the intent of the title was to indicate confusion, perhaps everyone thought it was purposeful? Believe me, there are many discomboobled folks out there... most of 'em are conversating right now!

  2. Tyrone Shoelaces (gasoline can in hand) and Basketball Jones (book of matches in hand) were conversating 'bout the pros and cons of burning down Ferguson's Welfare office. Meanwhile, in Kansas City, Missouri, Biggie, Biggie Smalls, The Notorious B.I.G., and 50 Cent were giving a benefit concert to raise 100,000 dollar for the Ferguson Disaster Relief Fund.

    I don't find anything at all wrong with the two sentences above, do you?

    Not surprisingly, Robin, I like your word "pissabilities" and I plan to use it.

    I'm still working my way through the video tribute at HTYT and will comment when my life resumes on Monday or Tuesday - whichever comes first. But you already know how much I appreciate your thoughtfulness.

    I have invented a number of words, most which I don't remember until the moment I need them. However, my favorites are probably the words "Congrutiating" and its opposite, "Incongrutiating".

    Yak Later, Girl Wonder.

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

      Oops! Correction, please!
      There WAS something wrong in the two sentences I wrote above: The benefit concert was taking place in St. Louis, Missouri - NOT in Kansas City, as falsely stated. (That'll teach me to check my facts before conversating.)

      ~ D-FensDogg

    2. This comment...:)

      I read those first two sentences several times...

      1st thought) Is this for real?

      2nd thought) Tyrone Shoelaces and Basketball Jones. Seriously?

      3rd thought) I spelled Biggie wrong. (Note I spelled it Biggy.)

      4th thought) Which Biggie is responsible for conversate? Biggie or Biggie Smalls?

      5th thought) When did the name (or nickname) of Biggie become so popular???

      6th thought) When three out of four people have a variation on the word "big" as part of their name... the name has jumped the shark. It would actually be cooler (now) just to use your real name. Just sayin'.

      7th thought) In line with the previous thought, that makes 50 Cent (small change really) the "original" or perhaps just more honest than the rest.

      Yeah, I applaud you raising awareness for pissabilities.

      Could you use congruitiating and/or incongruitiating in a sentence?

      On the Postscript I realized this:

      The first two sentences were not made up by you. I think you're a clever guy, and completely capable of making this up. Alas no.

      I look forward to the comments (on your blog and here). Your conversating is always so entertaining.

    3. Part 1 Of 2:


      >>... 1st thought) Is this for real?


      >>... 2nd thought) Tyrone Shoelaces and Basketball Jones. Seriously?

      No, not seriously.

      >>... 3rd thought) I spelled Biggie wrong. (Note I spelled it Biggy.)

      But he'll never notice.

      >>... 4th thought) Which Biggie is responsible for conversate? Biggie or Biggie Smalls?

      According to my One-Minute-Research (which is occasionally flawed) it's actually The Notorious B.I.G.

      There is also a Biggie Smalls, but I don't believe there's just a Biggie.

      >>... 5th thought) When did the name (or nickname) of Biggie become so popular???

      Sometime shortly after my 23,974th hangover.

      >>... 6th thought) When three out of four people have a variation on the word "big" as part of their name... the name has jumped the shark. It would actually be cooler (now) just to use your real name. Just sayin'.


      >>... 7th thought) In line with the previous thought, that makes 50 Cent (small change really) the "original" or perhaps just more honest than the rest.

      I think it has more to do with the size of his gun.

      >>... On the Postscript I realized this: The first two sentences were not made up by you. I think you're a clever guy, and completely capable of making this up. Alas no.

      Alas, YES!
      There were only four words that I didn't make up: "Tyrone Shoelaces" and "Basketball Jones". (Damn, Girl! Where were you in 1973?!)

      I want to point out that "100,000 dollar" was NOT a typo. I figured that if it's "50 CENT" then it's also "100,000 DOLLAR".

      Robin, take a little trip with me to '73.
      (Occasionally, you might find me in a comment section saying, "No, he don't sell popcorn". When you do, you'll now know where it came from...)


      Another favorite line of mine is (Link:) "Tell them you heard it here first on Roller Derby." [Not to fear, this one is only 37-seconds long.]

      I sure hope you aren't going to tell me that you've never heard 'SANTA CLAUS AND HIS OLD LADY'!

      Continued Below...

    4. Part 2 Of 2:

      >>... Could you use congrutiating and/or incongrutiating in a sentence?

      Sure. The root word is obviously "congruent" (and "incongruent") which I know you know. And CONGRUTIATING is when you are simultaneously involved in two or more activities that are thematically congruent.

      For instance, in my recent BOTB blog post 'SOUND SYSTEM SHOWING-OFF SONGS' (Or, 'TUNES TO TURN UP TO ELEVEN'), I wrote the following:

      I recall one particular road trip I made to Las Vegas when I had the 'Once Upon A Time In The West' soundtrack playing in my car and glancing to my left, I saw a train rumbling through the dusty, desolate Arizona desert. It was the perfect music for that image; a flawless example of what I call "Congrutiating". (The movie is a Western about a railroad man.)

      I came up with that word in 2007 or early '08, back when I was reviewing at I had a buddy there named Aaron. I called him A-DogG (and yes, my pseudo-pseudonym D-FensDogg is partially a tribute to Aaron).

      A-DogG and I had absolutely mind-melting, head-spinning exchanges in the comment sections at They were more long-winded and "punny" than anything I've attempted here at Blogspot. He and I just had some weird in-sync vibe thang going and we could play off of each others' comments like it was a memorized Abbott & Costello routine or something.

      A-DogG really liked my word "congrutiating" (which I just invented in the middle of one of our many comment section exchanges) and so we began defining it with examples for each other. Below are some I saved from our exchanges in 2007 or '08:

      Nonincongrutiating (synonymous with Congrutiating):
      Listening to U2 while reading The Struggles of Northern Ireland.
      Listening to Pete Seeger while reading Chomsky (I think my head would explode!!)
      Listening to "Born to Run" or "Eye of the Tiger" while watching Marcus Allen reverse field in the Super Bowl.
      ~ A-DogG

      Watching ESPN while snacking in a La-Z-Boy chair.
      ~ A-DogG

      Reading Chomsky while listening to The Star-Spangled Banner.
      ~ A-DogG

      [Robin, as you can tell, A-DogG was NOT a liberal!]

      Listening to Michael Medved while reading THE CREATURE FROM JEKYLL ISLAND.
      ~ STMcC

      I could put it in a sentence by saying...

      Goldie Hawn congrutiatingly listened to Bob Dylan's 'Blonde On Blonde' album while watching 'Born Yesterday' on the Boob Tube with the sound off. (By the way, I worked on 'Private Benjamin' in one of the boot camp scenes and Goldie Hawn was TRULY an A-list ditz! Whenever I think of the expression "dumb blonde" I get an instant mental picture of Goldie Hawn.)

      Barack Obama incongrutiatingly posed in front of the symbol of "Truth, Justice, And The American Way" with a copy of 'The Communist Manifesto' in his back pocket.

      Get the idea?

      ~ Stephen

    5. Okay, I was five in 1973. Cheech and Chong were simply before my time, and one of the things I didn't go back and pick up. Maybe because my mom would've had heart failure if she caught me watching or listening to them. She was a very straight arrow back in the day. By the time I could've done some investigating on my own, I guess I was distracted... and didn't.

      However, I thank you for the links to explain Shoelaces and Jones. I'll also know what you mean when you say "He don't sell no popcorn" as well as the "You heard it here first..."

      I get congrutiating and incongrutiating now. I like it!

      I hope you kept up with ADogG. Sounds like you are/were birds of a feather.

  3. Ah yes, there are so many language pet peeves of mine. In the end, I think you're right about the makeup of our great nation. I keep trying to believe people for the most part are intelligent and reasonable, but every time I deal with the public in general they prove me wrong.

    1. Reality Television has gone a long way toward verifying the right of it. It scares me that other countries watch this crapola. They know we're ripe for the picking... :(

  4. I think the word that has literally killed me the most this year is literally, which used to be used to describe something in a literal sense, but now literally was redefined by the American dictionary to just mean "heavily emphasized."

    I could literally conversate all day long about the pissabilities of proper English making a recovery. Literally.

    1. I didn't know that literally had run amok in the dictionary and been redefined. So, if you want a word that means "precisely, exactly, and with no exception" and not just "heavily emphasized," what do you say? Which word has replaced literally to actually mean literally? I think someone needs to conversate with the folks who decide these things, because this is a serious problem. Literally.

      I'm at a loss. I've just heavily emphasized what you just said. As much as I like a circle (and you know I like a circle), this is ridiculous. Please tell that ridiculous still means ridiculous. As in crazy, insane, nonsense. I'd look it up, but I fear what I might read. Literally.

    2. Like... "This job is literally killing me!..." "I could literally fly like superman..." And I mean that in a literal kind of way.

      Hi, fellas.
      Hi, Robin.

      I am literally blue.

    3. I think some jobs do literally kill people.

      You've gone a bit out on a limb with the Superman one... unless you're using literally with the new meaning "heavily emphasized."

      Hi Blue.

      Yep, I knew you were blue. Nailed it. Literally.

  5. You are funny and it is sad that people feel the Rap singers (singers??) are literate. When I hear how horrible people today speak the English language (That's right English, not American), I think of the beautiful words found in letters sent by young soldiers during the civil war. These were read by actors on the great documentary by Ken Burns on the Civil War. These young men were so eloquent and it was beautiful to listen to the words being spoken. Now the average 21 yr old says "Whad'sssss up". I don't profess to be great in speaking, writing and feel my grammar is , well, not the greatest, but I try. Have I made up words...Yup. One I use is Executroids

    1. One of the points the guy made in the video (which was fairly entertaining on the entertaining meter), aside from conversate not being a real word, it also wasn't inserted because of the rhyme factor, which is the only reason to mutilate the language in a song. If you take a word and twist it for your rhyme, well you get something of a pass. (That's actually a bit clever.) But conversate didn't rhyme with anything. It was just wrong.

      Of course, the bigger problem is that the English language is tanking on a daily basis. All of the abbreviations aren't helping. Eventually true discourse will be a lost art form. People will communicate strictly with OMGs, LOLs, and BBLs.

      Executroids. Good one! I like a clever non-word, and people who know the difference between non-words and actual words.

  6. Conversating... Is that like talkating only different? Maybe they're so smart we think they're dumb. No?

    1. Exactly. It's like talkating, but different.

    2. I take it you don't speakate a lot? I mean... when you're not talking, of course.

    3. I never speakate, conversate, talkate... or any other -ate when I'm conversing. hahahaha.

  7. Conversate. Let's put that right up there with Valentimes Day.

    1. Yes. Let's do that. It's right up there with this one:

      They gonna make theyself some money.

      Theyself. Not improved with a plural: theyselves.

      Honestly, it's bad enough that people can't keep straight two, too, and to. I can forgive not knowing when to use who vs. whom. That is actually a hard one.

      But theyself. aaaccchhhh. I think we need to conversate about that.

  8. This gave me a big chuckle. Judge Judy is hilarious. I like her, and I like how she scolds morons.

    Smiles and cheer. xo

  9. Spitsfix - that's when you clean something by using a bit of saliva.
    I enjoy Judge Judy.
    That's some definition on conversate - wow!

    1. If you've never referenced something in the Urban Dictionary, it's worth a look-see. Many, many words I'd never use... but even this resource (which thrives on all manner of tasteless words) doesn't give the Thumbs Up to conversate.

  10. Twisting languageing and words is fun and makes dialogue interesting- as long as you know they're not real words. You know, you have to know the rules to know when to beak them?

  11. Holy carp! How very cleaver of you, making up words.

    1. I wouldn't say that's my strong suit. I got lucky *once* by accident. We both know someone who excels at this sort of thing....

  12. HI, Robin...

    Shows and LANGUAGE such as this, insult the intelligence of us ALL! I despise shows of this nature, especially Jerry Springer. And don't get me started on MOST of reality TV..... Love your word though! CLEVER and so SPOT ON!

    I've made up of few fun words that I call "Michaelisms" such fun, but I don't take them seriously....

    Hope you are well, and hope you have a wonderful Holiday season, Robin!

    1. I hate reality TV, too. It depresses the crap out of me. People really are stupid. And crazy. And awful. Just awful. I'd much rather watch a movie that holds to some standard of "good." Even if it is make-believe.

      I couldn't bear to watch Jerry Springer when it was on. Of course, I still caught snippets when I didn't control the TV. Always shocking stuff. Did you know that he has a new show on the Game Show Network (which is really going south, I'm here to tell you) called Baggage. I watched the last fifteen minutes or so of an episode the other night. Has to be some of the worst 15 minutes of TV I've ever watched. It's a dating show. In this case, one guy and three women. He eliminates them based on the "baggage" they reveal. Yes, I know we want to know that stuff, and it may end up being a dealbreaker, but it gives the person very little context when it's all you've got. And then when they were down to one man, one woman... he reveals his biggest baggage and she gets to decide if they go out or not.

      So, this idiot really rakes these gals over for their baggage each time it's revealed. (Granted, some of it is pretty weird... but he should've been kinder considering he knew what his own baggage was... unlike us until the end.) So, as I said, just the two of them... and he reveals his baggage is that he insists any girl he seriously dates participate in a threesome. Have to say that both the girl on the TV and I were shocked. She told him, "No," and they parted ways.

      As I said, feels like humanity is rooting around at the bottom of the barrel. So depressing.

      Oh yeah, hope you are well, too. Can you believe Christmas is only 10 days away????

  13. I do make up words now and then. I figure if it's obvious what the word means then it's legitimate to use.

    Here's an odd fact: My second wife and her ex-beau were on Judge Judy in the late 90's. To my dismay she won the case and her beau got severely castigated by the Judge. I felt bad for him since I knew that he was probably in the right and she had become very weird and dishonest. What does the Judge know anyway? Certainly not my ex.

    Tossing It Out

    1. It's one thing when you make up a word... and you know it's a pretend word as does everyone else. It's when people use pretend like they are real ones that bug me. Heck, I want folks to use my word, pissabilities, but we all know it's not real and won't ever be in the dictionary...;)

      I've now seen enough Judge Judy to think 1) she gets it right most of the time 2) she gets it wrong some of the time, and 3) what's morally correct behavior and what can be decided by the law aren't always the same thing. There have been quite a few cases where she's ruled against the plaintiff because there wasn't a legit contract in place when the money was loaned. However, it's pretty clear that the sole beneficiary was the defendant, and if he/she were a good, honest person they'd repay the money. In those cases, she will often say that to the defendant. ("The moral thing to do here is repay the money, but I can't make you do it using the law.") You can watch that person's face to know what will happen (most of the time, it's pretty obvious they don't care one whit about being moral or honest). They got away with scamming someone else for some amount of money and are pleased as pie.

      That sucks about your ex and her beau. Like I said, she doesn't always get it right.

  14. Honestly, I think Norm Crosby or someone who would remind me of him used that word at time or two. I've always said that the best thing about American English is that if you don't know the proper word for something, you can always make one up.

  15. You have so many comments, I don't have much more to add, other than...conversating? Ugh!

  16. To quote Professor Higgins in My Fair Lady, regarding language: "There even are places where English completely disappears. In America they haven't used it for years."


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