Saturday, March 1, 2014


Despite all of Arlee's hinting about this upcoming Battle of the Bands, it didn't really penetrate this addled brain that the 1st was TODAY until YESTERDAY. What's up with that????

So, I sat down and looked over my list of potential match-ups and decided that Time After Time was perfect... given my own inability to handle the realities of time... and I am well acquainted with "falling behind."

As always, I was surprised by the number of covers out there. What I had written down was Cyndi Lauper vs. "someone"... but then I decided to switch things up. For one thing, if I used Cyndi's version of the song, I just knew that I would get an earful from Stephen T. McCarthy. He is not a fan. ::understatement:: Plus, I do read your comments and SO OFTEN we are swayed by the version we heard FIRST. It is the one we grew up loving, or have a memory association, etc. So, what if we toss out the most known version (the Cyndi Lauper one) and let the covers battle it out??? Yeah, I like it, too.

I found three very different covers of this song. It is not my first choice to put three songs on here because of the time it takes to listen to them all.  Yep, I am aware of that. Keenly. It also splits the vote three ways instead of two. That also is less than wonderful. However... I hope that you will have patience with me and give them all a listen. Appreciate that all three of these artists listened to this song and then applied their own brand of musicality into the original song. In the end, the "feel" of each one is different. And that is what we respond to as listeners... the feel of the song.

First up is the version that *I think* most closely resembles what you are used to hearing (and it may garner more votes simply because of that). Quietdrive uses different instrumentation than the original, but the pacing of the lyrics is similar. It was released in 2006. Wikipedia describes their style as Alternative Rock.

Take it away Quietdrive:

Eva Cassidy died in 1996 of melanoma (cancer), but her second studio album, Time After Time, was released four years later. Cassidy was unwilling to confine herself to a specific style of music. She wanted to be able to sing it all. And she did. The Washington Post commented that "she could sing anything — folk, blues, pop, jazz, R&B, gospel — and make it sound like it was the only music that mattered."

Take it away Eva:

Last up is Miles Davis. I really hope that I don't need to educate you on who this guy is. In 1985 he released his version of Time After Time.

Take it away Miles:

Now comes the hard part... or not... decide which version you like best and tell me all about your reasoning for that decision in the comments.  What did you like and not like about each version? I will be back on the 7th to declare the winner based on your votes. 

Other battles can be found by clicking the following links, so be sure to visit them and cast your votes there!


  1. I like this song. It reminds me of Romy and Michelle's High School Reunion. I'm also a fan of Cyndi Lauper and enjoy just about everything she does. I think she's a very talented lady. But we're not here to discuss Cyndi so let me get to the business of voting.

    Jazz fans may berate me and I may incur the wrath of McCarthy for saying so, but I found Miles' trumpet screeching to be like putting my head in a vise. The rhythm and arrangement of the song was nice but nothing extraordinary. I could actually find this version to be rather listenable if it weren't for Miles playing on it. The sound reminded me of yesterday when I was getting my teeth cleaned at the dentist and they had that little contraption that goes "Vwzeeeeezzz!" and makes me clench my fists and tense up. Miles' version hit me like that in a Muzak sort of way. No vote for the Davis Dental Drill Ensemble.

    Eva's version was sweet and nice and treacly. I mean she's got loads of fans who would probably pummel me with hairbrushes and Louis Vitton handbags for saying so, but I was laying back to her version for a while....and then I woke up and realized I'd missed half of it. She's good. She's an angel (literally I guess now). But no vote.

    I thought the Quietdrive was very different from Cyndi's but like you say the closest to what she did. And that's more like I think the song should be done. I enjoyed their approach to it and might prefer it over the Lauper version if I listened to it enough. Yes, Quietdrive gets my vote in this horserace.

    An A to Z Co-Host
    Tossing It Out

  2. I actually like Lauper's version. I didn't when it came out, but I can appreciate it now.
    Eva's version - wow, just too slow.
    Davis - sorry, reminds me of elevator music.
    Quietdrive's version is the most accurate and clean, so they get my vote.
    Yeah, maybe it does have something to do with what we are familiar with.

  3. Robin-

    Love the song choice. This is one that hits close to home for me. Cyndi Lauper made a few of my Philly homeboys very wealthy by covering their songs (Robert Hazard's "Girls Just Want To Have Fun." and Eric Bazillian/Rob Hyman's "Time After Time")

    Sadly, Robert Hazard responded by firing his band (including a friend of my brother) and pretty much retiring from music, releasing only a few albums on small labels until his death a couple of years ago. And The Hooters (Eric and Rob being the main forces in that band) never seemed to get back to their previous chart successes, although they managed a few other hits as songwriters (the biggest being Joan Osborne's "One Of Us")

    So, back to your topic. I always loved "Time After Time," even Cyndi's version. She gets a bit of a bum rap for her "signature" songs, as she has done a lot more in her career that warrants listening, but is remembered for songs like "She Bop."

    I would be partial to the Hooters version of this song, with Cyndi's as a close second.

    Of these three choices, while Quietdrive gives the song an original arrangement, I don't care much for it.

    The other two versions are quite good, with Eva's vocal being pretty, but with a slow arrangement that threatened to put me out.

    Davis's arrangement was nicely done, but as Alex said, it was a little too much like Muzak (although some of that vibe is probably due to the song itself, as he did not vary so much from the original).

    So how do I vote? I am tempted to go with a write in candidate, but in the spirit of this contest, I will stick to the rules and vote for Eva.

  4. I listened to all three and this one is easy for me: Eva Cassidy
    I loved everything about it.

  5. Let me start by saying at my former job we had a cd that played on the PA that contained knock off versions of popular songs. This was one of them- done by a woman with a worse voice over Cyndi's exact music track. Thing was, each song "had to have" one line that was purposely changed. This song's was "Confusion is loving you" rather than "nothing new." Any song that gets this right gets points in my book.

    That said, I enjoyed QD; Eva not so much. Miles was okay; but his and Eva's evoked a "song to sleep to" sense that QD and Cyndi don't. So, for me, I'll take #1.

  6. I really like this song, Unfortunately, I'm not particularly fond of any of the versions you've chosen for this BATTLE.

    I'm gonna go with Miles, basically because it's MILES.

    If you or anybody else is interested my favorite version of this tune can be found here:

    It's a version by Mark Williams and Tara Morice from Baz Lhurman's Mockumentary/Love Story 'Strictly Ballroom', which BTW is about so much more than
    just dancing.

  7. Miles Davis, gets my vote. Excellence in tone, pacing and smoothness.

  8. I love Eva, so she gets my vote. She has the passion, even if it is slow. Nothing wrong with Miles, but I felt like I was in a dentist's office. The first one sounds like one of those whiny boy bands I hate, like the Barnyard Boys (or maybe Backstreet?). I vote for Eva.

  9. ROBIN ~
    Had you used the Cyndi Lauper version, I might well have voted for that one. It was the only Cyndi song I ever really liked. ...HA! Just when you think you've got me figured out, I throw a monkey wrench into the works, eh? Don't feel bad because... I haven't got me all "figgered" out yet either.

    I did not care for the overly synthesized first version. Yes, it was closest to Cyndi's take on it, but without her vocals (which, surprisingly, I liked on 'Time After Time') and so there was nuttin' to totally offset the "artificial" musical aspect of it (also the weak link in the Cyndi version).

    Eva's version was "nice". Maybe "too nice" and definitely too slow for my tastes.

    That leaves Miles with that big, gorgeous, beautifully golden trumpet tone. I can appreciate the lyrics to the song, but if I don't have someone to put them across to my liking (as Cyndi did) then I'm always gonna go for the instrumental version played by a true master.

    Another vote for Miles, obviously.

    You've got an interesting, very competitive 'BOTB' installment going on here, Sister!

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  10. I actually like Eva's. I mean I love the original, but this was a nicer version than the other two. Sad to know she died before her album came out.

  11. Of those three, I prefer Quietdrive. Possibly because it is most like Cyndi Lauper's, but also because it is easy to listen to. Eva's version is too slow, I don't like songs that drag along and the last one is just too much trumpet for me.
    It would be a real toss up between Quietdrive and Cyndi though.

  12. Cyndi's version is still my favorite, but Eva also sang it with a lot of heart. It's tragic that she died so young.


  13. I prefer Quietdrive, probably because it sounds most familiar.

  14. As others have mentioned, Eva's was nice but just too slow. Also (Sorry McCarthy), I just don't "get" jazz. Never have. It's not really my thing. Now, it's not "put my head in a vise" ala Arlee Bird, but it's not my favorite.

    My clear winner is Quietdrive.

  15. I vote for Eva. Her voice is simply amazing. A close second is Quietdrive.

  16. Hi Robin,

    One of my priorities when I finally move is to get a brand new computer. My poor old computer has an absolute nightmare trying to load up your site. So, I went for a walk, did some paperwork, had a cup of coffee and several minutes later, your blog has finally loaded. Phew!

    Hope you're sitting comfortably, Robin. I quite like all three! All very different and all capturing a unique ambience. In choosing, however, I go with Quietdrive. I call that sound, "skateboard" music and I need something a bit upbeat right now.

    Thank you, Robin.


  17. My musical tastes are about as eclectic as you can get. I liked all of these - each one made me feel completely different. I was ready to move with the first, love with the second, and the third left me a little melancholy.

  18. I hope I'm not too late for this BOB I pick Eva Cassidy. I am not a fan of a lot of Cyndi's songs. I like Eva's voice better singing this song. I was just listening to one of Eva's songs called Songbird the other day too!

  19. Those are some pretty nice music videos you posted. Thanks for the BOB.

  20. I like Miles. He plays a mean trumpet! I thought Eva's was a little too slow and drawn out. The first was okay, but not quite my style.

  21. The hubby has Eva's version. Nice.

  22. Definitely Eva's. I'm very late on this but wanted my vote to count. This is a democracy, after all. Isn't it?

  23. I am a fan of the Lauper version but of the three here, I prefer Eva Cassidy. It was slow, but I kept thinking, what if I'd never heard the Lauper version? Then how would I feel about these three. Cassidy's sounds kind of blues-y in a Joni Mitchell kind of way, and that's what won me over.

  24. Wow, tough choice. I liked all three versions for different reasons. The first has a nice energy to it, kinda like Lauper's version. Miles Davis, I mean, come ON! It's Miles Davis; what's not to love? But the second version blew me away. Her voice seeped right into my soul. Amazing voice! I've gotta vote for Eva Cassidy.


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