Tuesday, January 21, 2014

BOTB Results, Coffee News, and Love Is In The Air ~ Commitment

Today is the 21st and it is time for the results in the Battle of the Bands contest. The song was Hallelujah with Leonard Cohen vs. Jeff Buckley. I want to say up front that I REALLY LIKE both versions. Cohen's voice is gravelly and not the most pleasant on the ear, but this song is about how we reach the Hallelujah in our moments of despair, so I am okay with it. I also liked the alternate verses at the end of Cohen's original recording, though he mixes it up when he sings it live, so you never know which verses he'll use. Buckley's version is also raw in its own way. His voice is more appealing to the ear and the guitar work melts me. So, while I LIKE them both, I like Buckley's version more. My vote didn't change anything. Buckley won this one by a landslide. With my vote he has 15, Cohen has 3, and KD Lang got a write-in. The next Battle of the Bands happens on the 1st, so come back and vote. I am thinking it will be something more romantic given that Valentine's Day is approaching...

Now for the Coffee News. Remember last Thursday when I shared my coffee story and dedicated a coffee video to Michael di Gesu in the hopes of winning the pound of Authentic Colombian Coffee that he is so generously giving away?  Well, I won!!!! Yep, you read that correctly. **fireworks going off*** So, I want to give this little gift to Michael to show him my appreciation:

Love Is Still In The Air....
Charity Bradford, one of the contributors to the blog Unicorn Bell, posted THIS asking for people to contribute their favorite romantic scenes from movies and TV. You simply shouldn't challenge a YouTube junkie to come up with this sort of stuff. I spent the next few HOURS looking for footage. Yes, you read that right. Hours.

I now have so much footage that I will be posting every day until Valentine's Day.   Woohoo.

I am tagging all of these Love Is In The Air and you can go back to my January 18 post to watch any that you missed.

The following clips are from the TV show The Gilmore Girls. That was the show that provided all of those coffee clips for Michael on his blog hop. These clips don't feature coffee, but they seemed to fall in line with the overall theme for today.

Here we go...

And one more featuring my other favorite Gilmore Girl...

Are you a Gilmore Girls fan? If so, what was your favorite romantic scene from the show? If not, are you thinking about it now????

What is your favorite romantic moment from the big or small screen?


  1. Hi Robin - you won Michael's Colombian Coffee - how delicious .. and what a lucky day for you ...

    Thank you so much for the Happy Birthday song - it was lovely and so appropriate for me ... as I used to glide, and always over the sands .. but that party looked so good.

    Cheers and thanks so much - Hilary

  2. I saw that you'd won the coffee - awesome stuff!
    Favorite moment - anytime they say 'As you wish' in The Princess Bride.

  3. Gilmore Girls is cute, a bit over the top sappy, but I've watched spurts of it. It might not surprise you that I hate romantic shows, generally. But my favorite romantic scenes would have to be from When Harry Met Sally (e.g., near the end when they finally get together and he tells her all the random things he loves about her).


  4. Congrats on the Coffee! Maybe you can write about it. . .

  5. I love to grind the beans myself and then percolate it on the stove. Best coffee ever.

  6. Forgot to put in my post that the water one uses is very, very important as well.

  7. Hi, Robin.

    Congrats again! YAY! Thanks for the cup of coffee from the "heart".... lovely image!

    Never watched the Gilmore Girls... I may have to check out an episode if they rerun again....

  8. Never saw the show, but do have a major crush on that actress (I forget what silly movie I saw her in but she was the bright spot).

  9. Congratulations, Robin. And yes, I watched the Gilmore Girls. Loved the relationship between the mom and daughter. I especially liked the relationship between the mom and Luke.

  10. Hilary ~ So glad you liked your video (I saw your comment on the original post).

    Alex ~ The Princess Bride is an excellent movie. One of my favorites.

    Robyn ~ I will look for that one...

    D.G. ~ You are right. I see another coffee blog post in my future.

    Myra ~ You are not the first person I've read who mentions percolating the coffee on the stove. Yes, good water makes all of the difference.

    Michael ~ Glad you liked your heart! Let me know if you do....

    LC ~ Lauren Graham. She is awesome. She does a lot of fast talking on GG. Cracks me up every time.

    Karen ~ I totally agree. The mom-daughter dynamic made the show. And I think EVERYONE wanted Luke and Lorelai to get together. They made an excellent couple.

  11. "I need a taco" that line is so awesome! Sadly I've never watched Gilmore Girls even though my younger sister and mom love it. Now I'm curious as to what I've been missing.

    I'm starting quite a list from your clips!

  12. Coffee?


    Now I want coffee...


  13. Charity ~ I agree. "I need a taco" is classic. The Gilmore Girls was a great show. Wonderful characters and snappy dialogue.

    Shoes ~ Ha!

  14. I like Leonard Cohen. Then again, I like Dylan. grin. My favorite Cohen song: Suzanne.

  15. Congrats on your big win! Cute Gilmer Girls clips! The Way We Were is my favorite romantic movie.


  16. Carol ~ Thank you! I can't wait for it to get here!

    Sandra ~ I like Dylan, too. I will check out Suzanne...

    Julie ~ Thanks! I saw The Way We Were way back when I was in junior high school. It made me cry horribly. It was really ugly. But, I agree that it is a great movie. Just very sad.

  17. Not surprised that Buckley's version won. I might have voted for Lang if I'd thought of her version, but then again I'm still kind of tired of the song.

    Tossing It Out

  18. You are tempting me to pull out my Gilmore Girls dvd's and then I'll lose days. Days I am telling you. I can't. Someone hold me back!!! Please!

    Congrats on he coffee!!!

  19. Not a Gilmore Girls watcher. However, I absolutely LOVED the chemistry that showed up on 'Moonlighting' every Tuesday night at 10, back when I was in grade school. The show was truly awesome up until the point that the two main characters finally got together. Then I only watched it because I had always been a fan, but really it was ruined at that point. Up until then though, ooohwhooo- it was some hot stuff!

  20. Arlee ~ Maybe next BOTB will be better for you...here, that is...

    Liza ~ I am doing it to me, too. So, you aren't the only one. There are seven seasons to that show. We are talking more than days. The loss would be weeks. So... I won't do it, but I am tempted!!!

    Jasmine ~ The first Love Is In The Air clip I posted was from Moonlighting. It was called Getting Serious. I agree. Fantastic chemistry!


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