Sunday, December 15, 2013


I've been on vacation.  Did you notice I was gone???



Well, I was, but I am back now.  Just got home.  Whew.  (I wrote this bit yesterday and planned to post this morning, but no internet... and here we are!)

Anyway, today is December 15 and that means it is Battle of The Bands.  This is the last installment of Christmas carols for this year.  If all goes according "To Plan" next year BOTB will still be going strong and I can choose another three for your listening pleasure.

Please take a moment after you leave here to visit other sites hosting Battle of  The Bands today.

What's up for today?

Winter Wonderland.  You wouldn't believe how many fabulous versions there are of this song.  I had a terrible time narrowing the field.  I even enlisted my mother's aid to knock out one of the options.  Yes... I needed HELP.

First up is a version that I grew up on.  My mom had this version on a record, so it has been a favorite for a long time.  Steve and Eydie sing so well together.  I particularly love the way that this one ends.

Versus The Andrews Sisters.  I love the harmony in this version.

Obviously, I really like BOTH versions for different reasons.  I won't say which one I like MOST.  However, I want you to tell me which one you like most and why.  Place your vote in the comments below.  Merry Christmas everyone!!!!


  1. I like the nod to Paris in the Andrews Sisters video, but like the sound better with Steve & Eydie for this particular song, so I'm going with the latter.

  2. Hi Robin,

    Oh, have you been away? :) Anyhow, lovely to note you are back and bringing such wonderful versions of that Christmas song. I do and it's close, prefer the Andrews Sisters version. Quite a boogie woogie feel to it.

    And yep, I shall do my best to visit those other fine bloggers. Even the roasted Bird :)

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Robin.


  3. Neither of these version are my favorite, but that's besides the point.

    Steve and Eydie do sing nicely together, but there version is kind of ho-hum for my tastes. Other than that 'big band finish, it's just another cute little tune teetering back and forth between them.

    The Andrews sisters on the other hand, have some sweet harmony going on. I know we're supposed to concentrate on the music and not be distracted by the video. BUT I can't pass up this comment. FIRST, what were they thinking with those outfits. At a distance I'm wondering what is on the top of those sweaters, thank goodness for the close up. BUT, then up close that platinum blonde hair with those eyebrows, save me from the 40's look. and I did spend my first time through the video trying to place that Ta-Neva-Ho building. Obviously, it's somewhere in my neighborhood, and it looks familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it. OK, enough of my silliness. The vote, FAE, the vote.

    I have to go with the Andrews Sister, it ain't no ' Boogey, Woogey, Bugle Boy', but it has more pizazz than Steve and Eydie.

  4. I like the more traditional sound of the first one.

  5. Count me as a Steve and Eydie fan. I grew up seeing them on so many TV shows and their own specials. I enjoyed their version of this song.

    In the Andrews version the whistling almost killed it for me. I'm not big on songs with whistling in them. But finally those vocals and that big band sound won me over. Great sound. Andrews Sisters for me in this match, but it's a close one.

    I also liked that vintage video for the Andrews Sisters. I'd love to be able to go back in time.

    Tossing It Out

  6. Andrew Sisters almost lost because of the whistling, but I liked their version better!

  7. Welcome back Robin! I hope you had a nice break. Though the Andrew Sisters came on like gangbusters, I got tired of it after a while. I've always liked Steve and Eydie, and remember them from the Carol Burnet Show. Sadly, Eydie passed away this year. Steve and Eydie have my vote.


  8. I'd say the first one for sure. I always liked the Bing Crosby version. Welcome back.

  9. Sorry I was out on Christmas-prep and away from the blogosphere yesterday, especially since it was my first BOTB post on my own blog! :)

    But I'm trying to catch up today.

    I also have to say that while they were both ok, neither version was really what I'd call outstanding. I liked the way Steve and Edyie's voices blended, but the strength of the Andrews Sisters was their harmonization also. But the effect of Steve and Edyie's was two lovers sharing a walk in the snow, and I think this is what the song is all about. The whistling really put me off on the Andrews Sisters version, and while the big band production was good, I don't know if it quite fitted the song. as well.

    So I'm going to give the edge here to Steve and Edyie.

  10. I agree on the harmony of the Andrews sisters butI like the first video of the song with Steve and Edyie singing. I think the song sounds better as a duet.

  11. Welcome back!!!

    And I like the Steve and Edyie version better too. It's what I grew up with.

  12. I have to vote the Andrews Sisters. It's the most nontraditional sounding to me. (for the time at least) Definitely got more of a pulse. Also I dig the meandering piano. :)

  13. I have had Christmas discs going all day, so these are the seventh and eight versions, respectively, that I have heard today.

    Of these two, I think I need to go with the Andrews Sisters.

    And welcome back!


  14. OK, I'm going with the Andrews Sisters just 'cause ... I don't really know why.

  15. I don't know why, but I'm not much of a BOTB's girl... funny cuz' I loves me some music as you know. Maybe that's it- I loves me ALL kinds of music! Who knows?!
    But I DO always miss you when you're gone! So, I'm glad you're back!

  16. I am a fan of harmonies, so I'm going for the Andrew sisters.

  17. ROBIN ~
    I'm late voting here, but that's OK because you were late posting here. (We should kick ya outta the BOTB club. Watch yer step, Vacationing Sistah!)

    My Ma was a HUGE Steve and Eydie Gorme fan. I never really paid any attention because I thought it was "Old People's Music". Listening to their version of 'Winter Wonderland', I'm surprised to find myself saying that I REALLY ENJOYED IT! ('SOMEWHERE IN HEAVEN' my Ma is saying, "See? I told you! Why didn't you ever listen to me?")

    Actually, my Parents turned out to be right about a lot of things, particularly when it comes to music. Decades ago I realized that THEIRS was better than MINE. Glenn Miller beats the shit out of Styx!

    I absolutely HATED the whistling in the Andrews Sister's version! It might have had a chance in this BOTB but the whistling ruined any chance they had. And, interestingly enough, I HATE the whistling in Bing Crosby's version of 'White Christmas', too.

    That might lead you to think I dislike whistling in all songs. But not so! In fact, I like to think I'm a pretty good whistler myself, and in my opinion 'The Andy Griffith Show' had one of the Top Ten best TV theme songs of all time, and it was all whistled. But whistling needs to fit the musical piece, and in this case (and in Bing's 'White Christmas' case) it didn't - in my op.

    So... I vote resoundingly for S&E. (I'd vote for S&M but that wasn't an option.)

    ~ D-FensDogg
    'Loyal American Underground'

  18. mail4rosey ~ Steve and Eydie. Got you down.

    Gary ~ Let me just say how thrilled I am that you actually liked both versions of this song. Neither wanted to make you throw things, so it is all good!!! Andrews Sisters. Gotcha.

    FAE ~ Isn't it frustrating when you watch a clip loaded with random sites and you see one you SHOULD know??? I hope you figure yours out. Andrews Sisters takes the win for pizazz. Got it.

    Alex ~ Steve and Eydie.

    Arlee ~ Yeah, I grew up on them, too. My mom was a fan. You are the first person to mention not liking the whistling, but you won't be the last... Steve and Eydie it is.

    Yolanda ~ Almost lost because of the whistling... but pulled it out. Andrews Sisters it is.

    Julie ~ I think we tend to like what we've grown up on. Of course, that isn't to say that music surprises us sometimes. Got you down for Steve and Eydie.

    Brandon ~ Steve and Eydie. And thank you. It's always nice to go away and equally nice to come home.

    Chris ~ Yes I do get more of a couples walking through the snow and enjoying it with the Steve and Eydie version. Thanks for voting and your thoughts.

    GG ~ This song does lend itself to a duet. S&E for you.

    Jay ~ We love what we grew up on, don't we???? S&E for you.

    David ~ I like harmonies a lot, too. I totally understand voting for The Andrews Sisters.

    LC ~ Wow. Isn't that amazing???? So many versions of every song. Got you down for The Andrews Sisters. And thanks!

    Steve ~ You don't have to know why. Got you down for TAS.

    Jasmine ~ That is funny. I thought you would really like this idea. And thanks for the welcome home!

    Liza ~ Harmonies is a good reason to vote for TAS. Got you down.

    Stephen ~ It's like Mark Twain said about kids and parents. When you're young you think they don't know anything and by the time you hit your mid-20s they got pretty darn smart. Ah well. Yes, the music of that generation had so much to offer that generations today might never appreciate. As you read in my blog post, Steve and Eydie Christmas was another record that got a lot of play during the holidays. My mom (too) was a big fan. And you are not the only person who is not a fan of the whistling. It has been mentioned a couple of times as the reason for voting against. I love the Andy Griffith Theme Song. I can't whistle a lick. Got you down for S&E.

  19. Man, this is tough. I like them both a lot. But there's something more pure and aligned with the Christmas spirit in the first version. That gets my vote.

    Be well, my friend.

  20. Wow, this is a tough one. I like both versions, but I'm gonna go with Steve and Eydie, only because I think the song is better suited as a male & female duet.

  21. I'm a Steve and Eydie! Huge fan! And yes I noticed. :)

  22. Robyn ~ The best battles are the ones when the choice is difficult because you LIKE them both. I suppose equally difficult is when you don't care for either choice. Ha! This battle has turned out well in that most people have had a hard time deciding (I think).

    Susan ~ It really does lend itself to a duet, doesn't it?

    Yvonne ~ They are wonderful, no??? And you are a dear!


  23. I've always been interressato from what is old .. and this "Winter Wonderland" is no exception, (I'm not a fan "is not my kind of music"), but .. I like to analyze the historical context in previous generations.

    "Steve Lawrence & Eydie Gorme," a very nice vocal duet, a musical genre that is the tradition of our current music, which today we hear frequently but with "arrangement" different.

    "The Andrews Sisters", very nice, but it's different, "exciting", not only music, but .. it's also a show, theater, singers, dancers, and even the people present were involved in the show, and whistles are going very well (I read a few comments).

    Robin .. for this christmas, Steve & Eydie .... okay.

  24. I'm going with Steve nad Eydie. I like the gentler, easy feel of their version for this song.

  25. I prefer the Andrews Sisters version, it's more upbeat and catchy, but neither of those is the one i remember and like best. The trouble is, I can't remember who sings my favourite version so I'm having trouble finding it. I may have to listen to every single youtube version......


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