Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars and Getting To Know Me.

I watched the last hour of the Oscars last night.  I have been in bed with a mind-bending migraine.  As in literally in bed for days.  I turned on the TV Sunday night just to break the monotony.  Did anyone else find Seth McFarlane not funny?  As in not funny at all?  I thought maybe it was just me and my migraine until Daniel Day-Lewis received Best Oscar for his role as Lincoln.  Now he was hilarious in his acceptance speech.  Maybe they should consider Daniel Day-Lewis as a host for next year's event?  I stumbled onto a recap of the event that was fairly enlightening about all things Oscar.

Alex J. Cavanaugh hit me up with an award. ::The Very Inspiring Blogger Award::  I must say I was shocked.  Alex's page is where I go to get all of the news for everything that is happening in the Blogoverse  He is very much In The Know about Blogfests, New Book Releases, Challenges, pretty much if it's happening Alex knows about it. So, it always surprises me when I see my name in the "content" part of his blog.  It is like getting a hard knock in the solar plexus.  Yep, that is me.  I am the person who was just reading at their computer who is suddenly gasping for air.

Now that I am back down to earth, I have to come up with seven things you don't know about me.  Alex cheated and only coughed up one.

1. I am allergic to shellfish, potatoes, beef, and I choose to eat pork in small quantities.
2. I also don't drink any alcohol because it makes my migraines worse.  I don't smoke either; it completely clogs up my sinuses.
3. I don't own a camera.  I never converted to digital.  It has been on my "must buy" list for a very long time.  I think it is getting close to a decade now... (Yes, it is tiresome always having to borrow my mom's camera.)
4.  For the most part, I heartily dislike Reality TV.  Where is the reality????
5. I had a difficult time mentally making the transition to the Kindle.  I love books.  However, once I did it, I discovered that I loved it.  I still have books, but e-book buying is so much easier, and they take up so much less space!
6. I just moved back to Florida with my mom.  I bought a house and it feels like our lives are caught up in the whirl of renovations.  By the time this is done, this house house should be energy efficient AND easier to cook in:)
7. I just had an appointment with a new Primary Care Doctor here.  She seems to have some new ideas about my migraine headaches AND some new ideas about how to get rid of them.  I am very excited to start working with her.  She meets all of my qualities for a good doctor: she actually listens, she thinks outside of the box, and she doesn't think a prescription is a one-stop solution for everything.  In other words, she actually believes in correcting the imbalance in the body and getting the person WELL.  It is innovative thinking.  I can actually see myself getting better under her care.  Yay!!!!

I get to pass this award on to three Very Inspiring Bloggers...

Jasmine at A Yellow Rose of Texas
Manzanita at Wanna Buy a Duck
Liza at Middle Passages


  1. Yes, I only posted one thing. We Ninjas are rebels.
    Sorry your head has hurt for days. Sounds like you have a good doctor now. There is so much that can be controlled through diet alone. Eating right and exercise helps in so many ways.
    Reality TV is awful. All right, I confess - I do watch Idol.
    McFarlane is a like him or hate him kind of guy. I thought he did all right.

    1. I am actually okay with you posting one thing. I am all for the person that take something and then does it "their way."

      My migraines have been out of control for a very long time. I am hoping that I have finally found someone who has the right "combo plate" of ideas to get me better.

      Some Reality TV is a bit more based in reality than others... I like Dog Whisperer.

      I think I landed on the Hate It side of the fence, but there ya go...

  2. I can't watch the Oscars anymore. I pull for the movies I saw and loved that have received nominations, but that's basically it. The hosts generally annoy me and then lame things like the First Lady showing up make me cranky.


    FYI: I had migraines for a really long time. The one thing that finally got rid of them was eliminating gluten from my diet. I haven't had one since. No matter what, I hope they subside. I know how much they totally suck.

    1. I wasn't planning to watch and I hate the "stunts." Yeah, they make me cranky, too. Why can't it just be about the movies and the acting????

      I will keep everyone posted on how this new treatment plan works out for me. I am glad you found something that worked for YOU.

  3. Hooray for your new doctor. Wishing you the best!

    1. Thank you, Liza. You are one of the few people who has been reading this blog long enough to know just how long this journey has been!!!

  4. I didn't watch the oscars..I read a 'snarking the oscars' blog..which was pretty funny..and going by your description, spot on. I'm sorry about your headache, glad you got a doctor who seems to be ready to help...and I couldn't imagine being allergic to potatoes. They are the only starch I find to be infinitely versatile.

    1. I don't think I could have taken all four hours, Chris. And I REALLY REALLY REALLY miss potatoes. 'Nuff said.

  5. I have a great idea, drink and don't watch the Oscars. I'm kidding, of course, Ms. Robin.

    1. I could totally give up The Oscars for drinking. That would be totally doable...hahahaha.

    2. Come for a visit - and bring your mom!

    3. I was joking about the drinking, but the visit sounds like FUN!!!

  6. Robin-

    I was once going to go an a medicinal killing spree to relieve stress.

    I was only going to eliminate the stupid people.

    Turns out, there are not enough bullets available for sale.

    So now I just don't let the idiocy get to me!


  7. Robin,
    Are you still doing those damn migrains?
    Maybe it's because I don't get out much but I found Seth M. funny and entertaining. Song, soft shoe, corny jokes and a handsome dude who is into politics..... That's what my life is all about. Especially the corny part.
    You don't drink. Me either. I hate any feeling in my body that competes with my mind and emotions. Those are the things that "I" control and I want it to stay that way.
    No camera...... yet you take great pictures, thanks to your Mom. I had a very hard time on the change to digital. Used to have fine precision German lenses and now my image maker is the cheapest point and shoot.
    Enjoy your life in Flor-ree-dah. I lived there 25 years and sent a bottle out. Maybe you can find it. Ha.
    Thanks for the A-ward.
    Love ya, Manzi

  8. It only took me how long to get to reading your post and see that you have awarded me. Thanks! I try to be something other than annoying- so inspiring is great!
    Maybe I should actually try posting at least one thing you don't know about me. I was shocked to see that you too are allergic to shellfish. I am so allergic I carry two epi-pens. Amazing what we don't know about the people we read. :)

  9. Hey Robin,

    I said to the lovely Manzanita that I would come and visit your blog and um leave you with one of my 'award winning' comments. Okay, maybe next time.

    I see my starstruck fan, Alex, has bestowed that very inspiring type blog award upon your good self. Thus congrats to you and thanks to Manzanita for making me aware of you :) You do realise that the award is worth a whole lot more than an Oscar? Be well, my friend. I'm thinking of setting up a 'reality' blog show. 'Blogger's Got Talent!' Whatcha' reckon to that? And congrats to those you forwarded the award onto. Such as the adorable Manzanita.

    In kindness,

    Gary :)

  10. Potoatoes are as nasty as can be and yeah pfft to stupid reality tv.

  11. Larry ~ Hahahaha. Especially these days. Have you tried to buy ammo these days? Lots of empty shelves my friend.

    Manzie ~ Yep, still riding shotgun with the migraines. I think one of the chief complaints about the Oscar host was that he was trying to make the Oscars like the Tonys. Those are two different Awards Shows. And I won't even get into the behind-the-scenes mean. If I find your bottle, I will let you know...

    Jasmine ~ All the things we DON'T know is why we keep coming back!

    Gary ~ I am just glad you stopped in. I have learned that not every comment I leave will be a gem. It just happens like that sometimes. And I am aware that an award from Alex is HUGE. It literally took my breath away. BLOGGERS GOT TALENT...I like it.

    Pat ~ Honestly I miss potatoes. I have discovered that if you "can't" have something than you "want" it. If I could eat taters, I wouldn't care much one way or the other. It's only that they are "forbidden fruit" that they are so darn attractive. I agree about Reality TV. That is totally mislabeled. There is no reality there.

  12. Poor you. I get migraines too, but fortunately wine doesn't make the situation worse. Thank goodness!

    And I don't like 'Reality' either. Neither do I like kindle. Can't beat an old-fashioned paperback in my opinion.

  13. Congratulations on your Inspiring Blogger Award! I usually watch the Oscars each year, or rather, it tends to at least play in the background, so I can know what's going on in hopes that I could maybe be there one day. This was a year, however, when I really wanted to see it and guess what...I fell asleep! Yeah, I didn't even know that I missed it until I woke up for a few seconds and heard Anne Hathaway's acceptance speech.

    At that time, I realized "Oh no! I'm missing the Oscars!" and tried to fight to stay awake but my body went back under. I was a little disappointed because I was wide awake when it came on but the last thing I remember seeing was those little dance and signing numbers that the host did at the beginning. All in all, I'm just so glad that Adele won for she has a Golden Globe AND an Oscar!!! That makes me so happy for her because she deserved it...a great song for a great movie :)


  14. Wendy ~ Thanks. I miss the occasional wine or beer. However, it really does aggravate my migraine. I think I must be allergic???? IDK... I just know it makes everything worse, so I don't partake. And I share your love for a real book. I don't think they will ever go out of style. However, it is nice to not "store" so many books. Storage is becoming a serious issue for me.

    Nicole ~ Many thanks on the congrats. As for the Oscars, I am sure you can watch the best parts on YouTube. The worst parts, too, for that matter!!! I love YouTube:)

  15. Sorry to be a.w.o.l. - catching up after being sick and losing power for 2 days thanks to the snow. Seth was fairly amusing; but I'm sort of used to him, 'cause Jeremy is his target audience and watches Seth's shows all the time. I can't remember the last time Jeremy laughed so hard - he LOVED the show!

    I was leery when you noted that you'd seen the new doctor, and can hardly believe I read that it went well! Here's hoping ... :)

    1. No worries, Mary. I know that you have SO MUCH on your plate. hahahaha. I crack myself up.

      I will write more about the doctor visit soon. It really was a bit mind-blowing. I actually think we are going to make progress here...wheeeeeee!

  16. The transition to Kindle? Say it ain't so ;) What I love about books is that they take up so much space. But when I say books I don't mean cheap pockets, of course. I mean hard cover luxury editions that you buy to keep until the day you kick the bucket. I know, I'm a snob.... but I can't imagine a life without b.o.o.k.s. Just built a 9 foot book case. Need I say more? :)


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