Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Movie Quote Wednesday

I wasn't paying attention last week and completely missed it.  What did I miss?

Movie Quote Wednesday.  Alex J. Cavanaugh posts the theme each week, so you have a whole week to decide on a quote.  Two weeks ago, I totally bailed on the theme and just did my own thing.  Yeah, I know... it was a totally "Me" thing to do.  Additionally, I planted it in front of another post.  I had a LOT to say that day.  Moving on...

The following Wednesday, I totally forgot it was Wednesday.  Missed the entire Event.  This is my life.

So, this week the theme is Crime Thriller.  Next week it is Romantic Comedy.  I do keep up... contrary to popular opinion.

If you are wondering why the name sounds familiar, Alex J. Cavanaugh is the same fellow hosting the 10 Top Movie Blogfest in March.  And he is also a person helping out with the A to Z Challenge.  He also runs the Insecure Writers Support Group.  That happened today for all of those people throwing out their work.  That isn't me.  Do I need to work on my novel?  Yes.  Have I worked on it at all?  Not even remotely for over a year.  It is like the inspiration juice drained out of me.  I find even thinking about it annoying.  Reading what I write on this blog annoys me.  When I can put words together in such a fashion that they sound like music, even if it sometimes sounds off-key, then there will be something worth reading.  Until then, not so much.  However, I love the things that Alex does on his blog.  If you are a writer, it is an excellent place to go.

For the record, I did sign up for the A to Z Challenge.  Please note the badge in my sidebar.  I will talk about this more in a later blog.  I also signed up for the Top 10 Movie Challenge.  I committed.  My list of movies just gets longer and longer.  I am beginning to think that maybe a decade is the way to go here.  80s maybe?  I don't know yet.  I have yet to figure out how I am going to pull out 10 of Anything out of this list.  However, here is one of my Favorites for Movie Quote Wednesday.  It could still end up on my Top 10 Movie List, depending on how they get weeded out.

"You went down thirty years ago, pal, you just don't know it yet."   ~Frequency

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  1. Been a few years since I've seen that film, but it was excellent.
    Wow, I sound really busy. No wonder I'm not writing at the moment! Thanks for mentioning all of those events.
    When the time is right for you to write again, you will know it.

    1. Yes.
      Ah, no problem.
      That is what I think, too. At least it is what I have been telling myself...

  2. I'm embarrassed to admit that I haven't worked on either of my short stories in months. I make excuses, but really, it's me keeping me, from writing. -More on that later. As for your movie, I've never seen it. lol Live ever. I guess I know what movie I'm watching this weekend.

    1. Well, I am in NO position to judge someone for not writing. I think Alex is right. When you feel inspired, you will start writing again.

      If/when you watch the movie, come back and let me know what you think!!!


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