Wednesday, December 19, 2012

I'll take the sunshine.

It has been a little bit chaotic here in Robin Land.

You might not have noticed, but I haven't really posted a blog in a while.  It has just been too overwhelming.  We moved again.  I know.  That is crazy, isn't it?  Moving sucks.

However, things happened with my mom and stepdad and they decided to separate and my mom and I really wanted to move back to Florida.  So, we did.  And, after several trips down and looking at a LOT of houses.  And I do mean a LOT.  There were several trips back home when we found nothing and I felt so discouraged by the entire process.   Can anyone relate here???  Anyway, when we finally found THE HOUSE, it was such a relief.  We closed and moved on Nov. 30.  So, we it feels like we have been doing nothing but packing and unpacking for a very long time.

In fact, we are still unpacking.  It does feel a bit endless.

Anyway, I have been trying to read and comment on blogs.  I try to read.  I don't always comment.  Sometimes I do.  Sometimes I don't.  Sometimes I miss a day of reading.  It has been a bit of hit and miss.

There is other stuff going on (isn't there always???), but I will save it for my next blog.  I want to have something to write about!

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  1. We have moved so many times that it doesn't phase us. My sister moved once and it took her five years to get settled. I hope you both enjoy the process. We will definitely visit when you are settled in. Enjoy!

  2. That will be lovely. So look forward to seeing you and your lovely Carol again. I think that mom had an easier time of it when she was your age. Definitely when she was my age. And I know I had an easier time of it when I felt better. However, we are both hanging in and hanging on, and just doing some every day. It will get done. It will just take a little bit longer than it did before. But all will be well.

  3. Is there a worse job in the world than moving? I think not. Hopefully you are settled soon. I know you feel the same way. Take care.

  4. Moving sucks no matter what. It seems stuff multiplies in closets as well. Glad you finally found a place though. Guess you'll be having a warm Christmas. Hope you and your mother enjoy the time together.

  5. How fabulous! I've been wondering whether it was time to check up on your health again, but knew the move was an option so decided to wait for an update. And I've spent the last God-knows-how-many days choking with bronchitis; who needs to do sit-ups when you can get washboard abs this way ... :( Mazal tov on the new home, and all the prospects for a new start with Mom! Sending a virtual loaf of bread and salt, traditional gifts for bestowing blessings. Have a lovely and happy happy happy holiday!!!

  6. Ugh on the moving. :/ Hoping you can relax soon and hoping you had a Merry Christmas

  7. Moving is always a pain, but I like the unpacking and creating new spaces for all of my things - it feels like a fresh start every time :)

    Hugs and happy holidays to you. I am hoping you are taking it easy and not trying to unpack on Christmas Day :)

  8. Ah yes, your move. I know it was a good one for you and your Mom. Getting settled is always good. I tend to try to rush that moment, but it will come one way or the other.


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