Monday, November 26, 2012

Is That A TV on Your Head or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

I really have too much going on right now to actively write this blog.  I will get back to it once things settle down.  However... that doesn't mean I am not trying to read YOUR blogs.  I don't always have time to comment like I should.... I am in a time *crunch* here, but I do comment when I can.

However, I would like to take a moment to let you in on my friend JJ's new blog.  It is a political blog.  Yeah, it is NOT for everyone.  If you are currently eating up what all of the current media is selling, this blog will probably not be for you.  However, if you watch the news and alarm bells sound, something seems off, the numbers don't add up, it all just really doesn't make sense, you don't see how they keep adding things up and getting numbers that don't actually crunch...  Well, then you are ready to get down to it, take a closer look at what is actually going on, discuss the issues like adults.  Yes, this blog is for adults who are interested in intellectual discourse.  There is no name calling here.  There really is no blaming one party or another here.  There is simply an acknowledgment that the government that was created by our Founding Fathers is failing.

We can pretend that it isn't happening.  Or can we talk about what is really going on in order to arrive at solutions to save YOU and ME.  If you are interested in THAT, go visit Politics for the Average American.

image found on facebook... shocking!


  1. Robin - this is classic -

    1. I actually feel a bit sorry for Phil Donahue in this clip. You know those times when you hear THE TRUTH so loud and so crystal clear, but it is a truth that you really don't want to know, but it still knocks you on your butt? It leaves you feeling shell shocked. That is what it must look like. I always wondered what my face looks like when it happens to me. Now I kinda know...

  2. I will check out that blog!
    And thanks for your comment at Gossip Girl's site. I'm sorry I don't stop by more often, but I really appreciate you!

  3. Hi there, Robin... I trust all is going well for you... :o)


  4. Great post Robin. OMgosh how very true and I agree it is like watching the book 1984 unfold. :/ Definitely going to check out the blog suggestion. Def enjoyed reading your posting!

  5. Robin: I'm back from my travels. I am so sorry I was gone and could not help you with your move. Let me know where you stand and I will help you this week. As for my blog, thanks for the kind words.


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