Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Freedom of Speech

It being the 4th of July, I feel like I should post a Big Way To Go America post.

But I don't feel like that. In fact, the more time I spend on social networking sites, the more convinced I am that people are plain intolerant of other people's opinions. Period. More and more, it is their way or the highway on everything. I learned early on that Politics and Religion were Hot Water topics in real life. I often found my stomach churning when they came up. Usually, I could find something valid in the opinions of most everyone. But no one else could. They were right and everyone else had shit for brains. Uggghhh. Well, the world hasn't changed at all. People are just uglier about voicing their opinions on social networking sites because they don't have to look you in the eye when they do it. Honestly, it doesn't speak well for America. It doesn't really matter who wins, because we have already lost. Our decency. Our morality. Our good judgment. Our respect for others.

I feel a bit like Margaret Mitchell. Maybe it was Gone With The Wind a long time ago. It was just that we were so busy trying to get by that no one noticed.

I also just read that the TV Show Private Practice was only picked up for 13 episodes thus far next season. And Kate Walsh is thinking about opting out after the 13. If so, the series is definitely done. Tim Daly's option to return wasn't even offered. What is going on at ABC??? Actually, the better question is what is going on at Private Practice? That show is chock full of amazing actors, and the writers continue to eff it up.

One of the worst writing plot points has been with Taye Diggs' character. He was the only GP in their medical practice. First, every medical practice NEEDS a GP. But, all of a sudden, out of nowhere, he is a cardio surgeon even though he dropped out of the program in his residency... AND he's the best. WTF???? I wouldn't want a cardio dropout anywhere near my heart. And his residency was at least ten years ago. Who is writing this crap? Plus the practice no longer has a GP. They have a pediatrician, but no GP. So, what do they do with someone who comes in with a sinus infection? Sorry. Can't help ya. Dumb writers.

So, they bring in a new doctor this season. Is he a GP? Nope. Fertility specialist. Why? Because Addison is trying to get pregnant. Well, that is all well and good. But, this office NEEDS a GP. Desperately. On the plus side, Addison finally got a decent love interest. When the series started it looked like Pete, but that didn't work out. And then she was with this hot police guy. Didn't work out. And then she got involved with Sam (Taye Diggs), but he is adamant about not wanting more kids. Well, there is nowhere to go with that. She wants a baby more than anything, and he doesn't want kids. Dealbreaker. And then Jake Reilly arrives. And he is one hundred shades of fine and there is chemistry that they can probably feel over in Seattle. In other words, he is a much needed shot in the arm of interesting for this show.

Even so, Charlotte King, Cooper, and his newly found son carried the show this season. Add to that drama, the mother of the kid is dying of cancer. And there's all your good drama. Haul out the tissues. Every week. The previous year the show was carried by Charlotte King all by herself. Are you sensing a theme? I started thinking about the names. Addison Forbes Montgomery Shepherd. The shepherd is supposed to lead the flock. She was supposed to be the star. But she has been outshined the last two years by Charlotte King. I guess you just can't beat out royalty.

I digressed. Anyway, this is NOT the best scene of the season because the best scene featured the above-mentioned Charlotte King. However, this is my favorite Addison (and Jake) scene of the season. Private Practice needs to start doing more of what they do well (and stop writing the ridiculous) or all we will see next year are 13 more episodes. And, frankly, I will miss Charlotte King. And I really want this Addison-Jake romance to get off the ground.

Didn't you love that response? I could get ready. You bet your a$$. I am surprised she was able to move. I would have just been riding the elevator up and down because my legs deserted me and I couldn't get up off the floor.... LOL.

Now that's what I call Freedom of Speech.


  1. Nice posting! I love your take on freedom of speech. TFF on the ending and riding in the elevator. In real life it would have been my luck someone would have jumped on in between floors and tooted before they got off wrecking the whole mood thing. :)

  2. People are not only more "vocal" on social networking sites, but they're more obnoxious and vile because they hide behind pseudonyms and abuse their anonymity. Things they wouldn't dare to say to your face (one hopes, anyway) are things they will happily hurl in cyberspace, just a hit 'n' run. I've had people question my character and insult my intelligence over something as idiotic as a recipe ... really. If you don't like it, don't make it; you don't need to inflict wounds over it. And that's just a benign subject! It's appalling to see how some folks treat others, with seemingly no thought about what they say, how they say it, or what the consequences might be ....

  3. OOOOH, Loved this! Charlotte is definitely one of my favorite characters on the show. And well, what's not to love about Sam (Taye Diggs_? You are so right about the freedom of speech...seems to have gone out the window; too many people get confused with the difference between opinion and facts. Ah, such is life I suppose! Big hugs, xoxo

  4. Though I just can't get into much on TV these days I have been doing a lot of thinking about free speech as of late. As in, that is one side benefit I look forward to when we finally do move. Where I live there is just no room for anything other than completely liberal views. It makes my stomach lurch and my heart drop on a nearly daily basis.

  5. LOL You are so funny! And you make a good point- there are very few folks around here tolerant of anyone's opinion that differs from theirs. Hell, I'm married to someone like that.

  6. I watch very little television, and I am still riding my lifetime lift toward the top floor, but I do agree that people in general have lost respect for one another. I have not.

  7. I think the internet is helping along people's rudeness and intolerance of differences quite nicely. Were we all able to sit down and have actual dialogue with each other, I think we'd find some of our humanity restored.

    Of course, no one does that anymore. No time. *Sigh.


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